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After 14 years of waiting, the Octavia vRS 4x4 is availab...

Motoring News and Announcements 02 Oct 2015
We've seen the rumours, we've seen the pictures, last night skoda uk confirmed the uk 4x4 Octavia vRS details. I recall back in 2001 many of us were torn between the Octavia vRS or the less powerful Octavia 4x4 estate. For those looking for the 4x4 in the vRS form, this has to be a good day, howe...
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VW UK Action plan for EA 189 EU5 engines

Motoring News and Announcements 01 Oct 2015
Tl;dr In summary, do not panic, there is no immediate danger or risk in using your vehicle, it is still safe and roadworthy. For the moment be patient wait for a physical action plan and contact / vin checker to come online ~ circa October. Dealers at the moment cannot fix your car, nor advise mu...
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September Shop Sale

Motoring News and Announcements 08 Sep 2015
September, another year passed for me, a year older and cheaper insurance, when you're 21 it will get cheaper right...   Well that myth aside, the site shop has got an indian summer promotion on.   For the whole month of September you can get 18% off all the stickers, plate surrounds, k...
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ŠKODA Gears up for the Tour of Britian

Motoring News and Announcements 07 Sep 2015
Cycling is a big part of ŠKODA's heritage, it's how it all began. So it's not surprising, this will be the fourth successive year, ŠKODA UK is the official car partner of the Tour of Britain. This means they are providing a fleet of vehicles to ensure the event’s seamless running.The race kicks o...
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Ibiza FR Seats - Fit Fabia etc. Need some work!

Free Stuff Yesterday, 18:47
I have a pair of Ibiza FR seats that have had the airbag deployed. With a little work (strip covers, wash, sow and refit) they will come out ok. No need to worry about the airbags aside removing them as the Fabia doesn't have the wiring for them   They are exactly like this:    ...
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Genuine BBS (Audi) Abitos winter wheels & Tyrone

Parts For Sale 16 Aug 2015
After much consideration I am selling my Genuine Audi (made by BBS) Abitos winter wheels and tyres, the specs are: 7x16” 5x112 PCD ET42 Part No. 4F0 071 496 666 Audi BBS Abitos So they are the perfect size for Yeti, Octavia MKII (inc vRS)& MKIII (non vRS), Superb MKI, & MKII Fitted with...
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vrs mk1

Parts For Sale Yesterday, 20:55
for sale mk1 vrs 2003 green front  calipers and mountin brackets £60 plus delivery    pm me  
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15" Winter Wheels wanted

Items Wanted 22 Sep 2015
15" winter wheels and good quality tyres with plenty of tread for a Fabia 2   Steels or alloys   Cheers
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Black Magic 54 Plate Fabia VRs. 220000 miles, yeah baby!

Cars For Sale 03 Oct 2015
As some of you might know, I had an incident last year which has now left me with a serious Allergy issue whereby my skin bubbles, cracks and literally falls off whenever I touch certain things. Over the last year it has got to the stage where I am permanently covered, although last night took th...
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Fabia 1.9 tdi estate with PAS and airbag fault.

Cars For Sale Yesterday, 18:08
I know, I know. I'm not really selling it well But beyond the faults and the colour and the fact that it's a 2001 green fabia it has one former owner full service history and 81000 miles only.
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Alloys 4 15inch VW Polo

Parts For Sale 20 Feb 2015
Complete with Conti eco contact 3 tyres. Tread ranges from 5-3mm    Alloys are in good nick,    Looking for £250 the set, may be able to deliver if in south east   Cheers   Paul
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Cheap Reliable Run around up to £ 1500

Items Wanted Yesterday, 14:57
Cheap run around for my eldest son Required   Must have Longish MOT, cheap tax, petrol of diesel. Distance no problem   What you got folks     Cheers   AG
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2 x Hornby gold plated trains forsale

Non Automotive Items Yesterday, 16:17
Hi, I have for sale 2 x gold plated model trains from Hornby. I am trying to get some cash together to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend. The first item is a mint in box Hornby Gold Plated Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train. The item number is R2301. It has only been out the box for the p...
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Wanted dodo juice wax

Items Wanted 29 Sep 2015
Anyone selling any dodo juice wax, ie creme egg, skull candy, glass jars of each, choc works ect Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
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