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Apprentices build their dream car: Sporty Convertible Sko...

News and Announcements 15 Apr 2014
‘Skoda Apprentice Car’: Two-seater sports convertible based on Skoda Citigo Project undertaken by 16 apprentices from Skoda Vocational School in close partnership with Skoda design department Premiere at the 33rd GTI Fan Meet at Wörthersee at the end of May Skoda Vocational School of Mechan...
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Consultation into changes to the styling and car care forum

News and Announcements 12 Apr 2014
We're looking into changes to the styling and car care forum and would like to hear from members what's good or bad. Do you enjoy looking at what members can do or would you prefer the forum to show specific guides on methods you could follow yourself to resolve issues on your own car? Whilst w...
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Site not out of woods yet - Please read

News and Announcements 25 Mar 2014
Hi, Following a server failure earlier, the site is temporarily closed while I continue to build out the new servers and test. I hope to open the site shortly to test for load again. Colin.   There is still some risk on this new datacentre setup. It's new. Like anything thats new it's not h...
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Forum moving - Regional enhancements

News and Announcements 08 Feb 2014
All,   Part of my early 2014 plans are to enhance the local aspects of the site.    This mainly centres around meets & events and other local resources to the region.   In the coming hours there will be some forum moving happening.    On the other side you will f...
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What's with dual mass flywheels?

Skoda Superb II Today, 00:09
I have just been told that I should have my dual mass flywheel and possibly clutch replaced. I have a 2010 2.0TDI 170 bph. I have 118k Km's (73k miles) on the clock. I was not expecting this. The mechanic said it is making noise. I can't hear it but I trust him implicitly, I've used him for years...
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FMIC - Front Mount Intercooler - 1.8t MK1 vRS

Car Parts For Sale Yesterday, 23:40
Front mount intercooler.  Includes everything in the photos. I haven't actually fitted this but it was removed from a 1.8t Golf Mk4 and will fit a Mk1 vRS.    I don't think it's an eBay intercooler (although the pipes may be), as it seems heavier and very well made compared to the...
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Standard Exhaust System - 1.8t Octavia vRS

Car Parts For Sale Yesterday, 23:35
Standard exhaust system from the turbo back including cat etc £75 ono - Location Swindon.    
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Forge 007P with Yellow Spring

Car Parts For Sale Yesterday, 23:30
Forge 007p with yellow spring. Excellent condition - bought this but no longer needed. £85 ono  
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Black Carpet - From Golf but Fits MK1 Octavia

Car Parts For Sale Yesterday, 23:26
Black carpet - fits mk1 Octavia vRS. Excellent condition. Perfect upgrade for your grubby white carpet! £50ono. Location is Swindon  
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shouting PID unit

Skoda Citigo Yesterday, 23:26
Ok, so if I am driving along with music playing through my Iphone in through the bluetooth and I have the sat nav on it shouts the first couple of words everytime it speaks, I am on about speaker distortion levels, anybody else had this?
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18" Anthracite Gemini Alloy(s) Wanted

Items Wanted Yesterday, 23:08
So after the other half avoiding an ambulance by kerbing (slightly) the very outer lip of the front nearside rim I've decided it's time to start looking at summer / winter sets due to driving on the continent a lot.   Looking for 1-4 wheels, gemini anthracite 18s with or without tyres. Perha...
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Whining noise.

Skoda Octavia I Yesterday, 22:44
Hi just drove car (octy vrs mk1) home and noticed a strange whining noise. on idling it only does it when turning the wheel but if I apply some revs its really loud and changes tone if I move steering wheel side to side. I cant tell whether the feel of steering has changed at all just the loud wh...
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vrs smoking!

Skoda Octavia I Yesterday, 22:43
Hi peeps.my 03 plate vrs smoking has been getting mega worse recently and after much discussion with every tom **** and harry I decided to pull turbo off car 2day. I got turbo off and noticed in number 3 cylinder the valves or black/wet with oil. Only in that 1 cylinder the valves in the other cy...
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Dog Guard for Superb Estate

Items Wanted Yesterday, 22:26
As the title says,anybody got one for sale ?   My car is a 2012 model. Ta
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