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Apprentices build their dream car: Sporty Convertible Sko...

News and Announcements 15 Apr 2014
‘Skoda Apprentice Car’: Two-seater sports convertible based on Skoda Citigo Project undertaken by 16 apprentices from Skoda Vocational School in close partnership with Skoda design department Premiere at the 33rd GTI Fan Meet at Wörthersee at the end of May Skoda Vocational School of Mechan...
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Consultation into changes to the styling and car care forum

News and Announcements 12 Apr 2014
We're looking into changes to the styling and car care forum and would like to hear from members what's good or bad. Do you enjoy looking at what members can do or would you prefer the forum to show specific guides on methods you could follow yourself to resolve issues on your own car? Whilst w...
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Site not out of woods yet - Please read

News and Announcements 25 Mar 2014
Hi, Following a server failure earlier, the site is temporarily closed while I continue to build out the new servers and test. I hope to open the site shortly to test for load again. Colin.   There is still some risk on this new datacentre setup. It's new. Like anything thats new it's not h...
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Forum moving - Regional enhancements

News and Announcements 08 Feb 2014
All,   Part of my early 2014 plans are to enhance the local aspects of the site.    This mainly centres around meets & events and other local resources to the region.   In the coming hours there will be some forum moving happening.    On the other side you will f...
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help new warning light

Skoda Superb II Today, 01:51
when i was on the motorway today i glanced at the dash and the glow plug light was flashing in and out? anyone could give any possible diagnosis and its booked into skoda tomorrow to get checked, when ever its under load its making a small noise i cant really tell what it is but if i had to take...
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Gear box oil change

Skoda Octavia I Yesterday, 22:09
Anyone got any idea how often the gear oil needs changing and is it expensive?  cheers guys.
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17" Zenith offset & width

Skoda Octavia II (2004 - 2013) Yesterday, 22:04
Honestly, I've tried looking everywhere on the web and here for ages now!! Can't find the answer and I should've gone to bed ages ago! I'm trying to establish exactly what size and dimensions my 17" Zeniths are... I've established (I hope!) they are 112x5, but what is the offset?! Am I right in t...
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DPF question

Skoda Octavia II (2004 - 2013) Yesterday, 22:03
Right, so having got a Scout, I've also got a DPF. No particularly upsetting as I do 45 miles each way (40 of which are motorway) every day, so I'm assuming that I really should never see the DPF light come one.   How will I know when the car is doing a regen?
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just bought a 51 plate fabia ( my first car ), need a lit...

Skoda Fabia I Yesterday, 21:35
hello,  i have just bought my first car i took my dad along with me as he is a vehicle driver and he checked the car over with me,    i have noticed a few issues with the car i will list them here:   1. the radio has no power to it, but illuminates with the headlamp/sidelights...
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Mk2 Octavia VRS - Rear Bumper & Light

Items Wanted Yesterday, 21:32
I'm hoping someone has a spare rear left light for a Mk2 Skoda Octavia VRS, and a complete blue (the common blue, not sure on the exact name) rear bumper.    I caught my neighbours wall (tight driveway!)    I'm based in Coventry, and quite frequently visit Warwickshire. 
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north east remap,

Skoda Fabia I Yesterday, 21:32
Hi all,  Not sure if this is the right place to but this but anyway I'm looking at getting mk1 fab vrs remapped shortly, have looked at getting it done at falcon performance. Has anyone had any experiences with them? Or can anyone recommenced anywhere else in the north east that have go...
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Spam mail

Adrian Flux Insurance Yesterday, 21:19
I'm a happy AF customer with Flux Rescue, but not happy with spam emails asking if I'd like rescue cover at a higher price than I paid. Perhaps AF blokes on here might ask marketing if they wish to upset, happy customers and get a bad PR. Perhaps time for AF to rein in marketing, as customers lik...
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Yeti number one again.

Skoda Yeti Yesterday, 21:19
Just seen the news on Facebook, The Yeti is number one again. Well done Skoda.
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Middlesbrough remap

Performance Upgrades Yesterday, 21:06
Hi all, So I'm looking at getting mk1 fab vrs remapped shortly, Has anyone had any experiences with falcon performance in middlesbrough? Or can anyone recommenced anywhere else in the north east that have good reviews and can map my car? Many thanks, Callum
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