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Apprentices build their dream car: Sporty Convertible Sko...

News and Announcements 15 Apr 2014
‘Skoda Apprentice Car’: Two-seater sports convertible based on Skoda Citigo Project undertaken by 16 apprentices from Skoda Vocational School in close partnership with Skoda design department Premiere at the 33rd GTI Fan Meet at Wörthersee at the end of May Skoda Vocational School of Mechan...
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Consultation into changes to the styling and car care forum

News and Announcements 12 Apr 2014
We're looking into changes to the styling and car care forum and would like to hear from members what's good or bad. Do you enjoy looking at what members can do or would you prefer the forum to show specific guides on methods you could follow yourself to resolve issues on your own car? Whilst w...
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Site not out of woods yet - Please read

News and Announcements 25 Mar 2014
Hi, Following a server failure earlier, the site is temporarily closed while I continue to build out the new servers and test. I hope to open the site shortly to test for load again. Colin.   There is still some risk on this new datacentre setup. It's new. Like anything thats new it's not h...
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Forum moving - Regional enhancements

News and Announcements 08 Feb 2014
All,   Part of my early 2014 plans are to enhance the local aspects of the site.    This mainly centres around meets & events and other local resources to the region.   In the coming hours there will be some forum moving happening.    On the other side you will f...
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Front suspension color markings

Skoda Superb II Today, 12:54
I've noticed this color marking on the front suspension - both left and right. I have RED - WHITE - RED   i suspect that the manufacturer applies color dots pending on the type of suspension: regular, lowered by 1.5cm - sport, lowered by 1.5cm - greenline and hightened by 1.5cm - rough road...
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What is the max depth for mounting front speakers (Octy Mk1)

In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security Today, 12:51
I have 45mm depth speakers at the moment, and like a set of 57mm deep ones i have seen.   Will these fit in std holes without hitting window reg or other stuff?   cheers 
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Wanted - Fabia Vrs rear passenger side brake caliper

Items Wanted Today, 12:47
Good afternoon,   As stated in the above, looking for a rear passenger side brake caliper as mine decided it no longer wants to play - and at Easter as well, typical.   Or, alternatively any suggestions where to get a cheap one and fast.   I'm in West Yorks if that helps   Man...
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Fabia 1 Parcel Shelf in VGC with cargo net installed

Car Parts For Sale Today, 12:31
Can bring to Castle Combe, otherwise, courier around £7 to £8.   In good order. £20 for shelf outright.  One string has been knotted back together but you could swap with a ball/string from your current shelf.    
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VRS springs

Skoda Octavia II (2004 - 2013) Today, 11:30
Hi. Can I put vrs spring from Octy 2007 to my 2010 face lift 1.6tdi??? Thank you
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citigo pid/fun and go for sale

Car Parts For Sale Today, 10:59
Hi. I have a brand new unopened citigo pid/fun and go for sale. These are going for a fair penny on ebay at the moment. £150 please plus £10 P&P. PayPal gift of possible. Thanks.
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are there different Citigo PIDs?

Skoda Citigo Today, 10:55
Sorry if an obvious question, but just thought I would check since I've heard reference to both Garmin and Navigin PIDs. Also, it seems like there is a slot for the PID in the glovebox, but it won't close with it in? (She has a garmin) Cheers
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Stream MP3 with Bluetooth?

Skoda Octavia II (2004 - 2013) Today, 10:54
The car concerned is a 57 reg Octavia Scout TDi. It is fitted with its original Stream MP3 HU. I also have a VW 7P6 035 730L bluetooth unit that I purchased for use in a Fabia that I have since sold. This fitment was totally abortive because of issues between CANBus versions.   A few questio...
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Self car wash

Styling and Car Care Today, 10:29
Does anyone know of anywhere I can wash my car on a weekly basis in the Milton Keynes area? I've been trying to get more into detailing my car as I want to keep it looking it's best but I live on the 10th floor so cannot get water or electric to my garage. I've looked into water butts and genera...
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Annoying clicking sound?

Skoda Superb II Today, 10:13
Morning My car has started making an annoying clicking sound, sounds like its coming from the passenger front wheel. It gets quicker as i accelerate. The only way to explain the noise is it sounds like Spokey Dokeys, the little plastic bead-like things you could get on the spokes of childrens' p...
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