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  • scan0001
    OMG I had one of those, exactly the same age, model and colour.  I loved that car.  
  • Variable or Fixed Service ?
    Variable or Fixed Service ?
    Hi Keith, Yes - that's my understanding too. With variable, the car starts with a considerably large mileage & time period to next service (~18k miles & 2 years worth of days I think)...
  • Variable or Fixed Service ?
    Variable or Fixed Service ?
    I have been told by my dealer, that if on variable, as I am on, then these figures will vary according to type of driving and driving conditions. If on fixed, then these figures will just count do...
  • Citigo
    Thank you.tried to make it look good without going over the top
  • 20160625 183710 zpsbfgvfgig
    20160625 183710 zpsbfgvfgig
    Jesus is my airbag

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