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Freedom 24

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Renewal: £20.00 Every 2 years

In a nutshell Freedom Membership is a paid subscription to Briskoda.net that gives you extra membership benefits and helps to keep us online.

Freedom is free for some members, if you to find out if you qualify, scroll to the bottom.

What benefits do I get?
Other than the warm fuzzy feeling inside you get for helping the site out? Plenty!
  • Exclusive Freedom only discounts.
  • Briskoda.net Gallery.
  • Briskoda.net Chat.
  • Free Briskoda.net car sticker.
  • Unlimited classifieds adverts.
  • Extra PM storage (500 messages).
  • Freedom only forums.
  • Upload attachments and images.
  • Custom profile pictures.
  • No Google ads.
  • Manage own topics and posts.
  • Change username.
  • Custom titles.
We are also constantly looking for new features and benefits we can offer our freedom members.

Where does my money go?
Your membership subscription is spent on many things. The site itself has its own running costs in the form of web hosting, bandwidth, servers and software licenses, these are all essential to ensure the day to day running of the site. Your money helps to contribute towards these costs, so you are directly helping to keep the site online for you and for others. Some of your payment sadly goes to our payment provider and the royal mail.

Once all of the boring stuff is paid for, we usually have a bit left over. We use this money to organise national Skoda meets and events. Everyone is welcome to these events and they are a great opportunity to meet some great like minded people and put some faces to names.

One thing is for certain, all of the money is put back into the site in one form or another. In return we try to offer you the best online and offline Briskoda experience we can.

Free membership, do you qualify?
If you are currently employed or qualified as a VAG technician and have a few moments to contribute to our Ask a Tech forum / write a guide then it is my pleasure to give you a free membership to freedom.

If you are currently a volunteer with a mountain/cave/shore rescue team, then you also qualify for a free membership to Freedom.

You can obtain this by contacting us; email colin @ briskoda.net, before you purchase. Detail what and where you operate and I'll issue you with a code to redeem.

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* * * * * by R1DAVIE 11 Feb 2013 00:07

Only forum i pay to use, massive knowledge of cars and friendly folk.

13 out of 13 people found this review helpful.