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Classifieds 30 Day Pass MK II


In a nutshell this is a 30 day pass in order to post in the Classifieds area.

This 30day pass is aimed at those just wishing to advertise something in the short term.

We also offer a premium, membership upgrade, known as Freedom. This is a gives you all the extra membership benefits and helps to keep us online.

Classifieds 30d ~> What benefits do I get?

Other than the warm fuzzy feeling inside you get for helping the site out? Plenty!
Please note this is a shortened list, as you are only purchasing access to the marketplace.
  • Unlimited classifieds adverts.
  • Extra PM storage (500 messages).
  • Upload attachments and images.
We are also constantly looking for new features and benefits we can offer our freedom members.

Where does my money go?

Your money is spent on many things, holidays to Barbados and our own race track isn't on the list!

The site itself has its own running costs in the form of web hosting, bandwidth, servers, software licenses, IT consultants and lots more. These are all essential to ensure the day to day running of the site.

Your money helps to contribute towards these costs, so you are directly helping to keep the site online for you and for others.

Once all of the boring stuff is paid for, we usually have a bit left over. We use this money to organise national Skoda meets and events. Everyone is welcome to these events and they are a great opportunity to meet some great like minded people and put some faces to names.

One thing is for certain, all of the money is put back into the site in one form or another. In return, we try to offer you the best online and offline Briskoda experience we can.

How much does Classifieds 30d Pass Cost?

This access pass costs just £5.00. A full year would cost you £12.

Important Footnote
This pass is for 30days. At the end of 30days the system will send you an invoice to renew.
  • You can ignore this, or cancel it.
  • You will NOT be automatically charged.
  • You can renew, or upgrade to FREEDOM.
To cancel an invoice or to upgrade, please visit your client area. you can do this from your username menu in the top right and clicking Client Area.

Then follow this trail
Client Area |> Purchases |> View Purchase in question.

You can now cancel or upgrade.