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BRISKODA.net Community Guidelines

We want to make BRISKODA.net as enjoyable as possible for the majority of our members, Yet with thousands reading and hundreds posting every day, we of course need rules to help keep the place running smoothly and protect our broad range of users. So here are a few key pointers to take into account when using the forums. We have also adopted some simple posting guidelines to help you. Basically the most important thing to remember is: be kind and respectful to each other.
All information is the opinion of posters, not ours.

We have an amazing forum with a huge wealth of helpful information. Yet remember it's open to all, and sometimes messages are posted that are misleading or downright wrong; and while most users are helpful, there will always be a few bad apples. Don't rely on information being accurate or complete. If you do, it's at your own risk. Please do your own research before acting.
We can be liable for what you post.

This isn’t a ‘freedom of speech site’, as when you post something not only are you liable, but we can be liable too as the publisher once we have notice of it. So it's not a case of posting what you like; we can delete posts if needed,though of course our aim is to ensure legitimate information stays.
Posting is a privilege not a right.

This is a privately owned site. Posting is a privilege, not a right. Any inappropriate posts or any issues that take up a disproportionate amount of site resources or make it a worse place to be will be stopped at our discretion - with or without explanation. This site is free for everyone; when there are issues we pay to resolve them. And sometimes we need to prioritise spending money on the site, on other issues or on better resources.
Please be nice to all Briskodians.

Remember the prime aim is to help provide information and resources. If you don’t like someone, their situation, their question or feel they’re intruding on ‘your board’, then please bite the bullet and think of the bigger issue.
The guidelines listed below are expected to be followed by all members of the community. Please take the time to give them a read.

The rules listed above may be changed or amended at any time. These guidelines are here to give you a legitimate expectation of how the forum runs, but don't bind us.