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    The Volvo 445/210 produced between 1953 and 1969. A standard-sized bicycle could just be thrown in through the rear doors, without having to fold down the rear seat. Not many left now - spotted this beauty today on my way to lunch.
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    OK It's arrived! I collect it on Friday 25/10/16. Just have to get used to a petrol engine again. :clap: Fred
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    A few Pix ... Galley-Sink. Space for 2 water bottles and a small amount of kit or 1x waste water bottle and more kit - Fresh water tank (16L) in the wheel well. Bed Box. Storage for sleeping bag and blankets + kit. Room for plenty of soft/hard storage eg. Fridge box etc. Seats 3 or 3.5/4 with middle seat. Fit 2 Bed Boxes for twin beds (but no Galley) Pete
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    Just back from Tuner, 183bhp, from 141bhp standard and torque up to 420nm from 320nm, very happy overall, was told without dpf it would see upwards of 195bhp, but as previously stated i kept dpf intact. Car is insured as modified with all mods declared so no laws broken or bent with this car. Thanks for all the input.
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    I picked up my new Octavia last Wednesday, so had it a week. It's not a VRS or anything exceptionally special, but i am very happy with it, and happy with the drive and response from the 2 litre diesel engine! Love the configurable options, spent a fair bit of time fiddling with it to get it just how i want it :-) I did take an idea from another member about putting a QI charger in the phone box bit in the centre console, so now when i put my phone in there, it charges :-)
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    Hi all, I was lucky enough to be in the RAF as aircrew (not a pilot), and flew on the Vulcan, including a season as display crew. Now that was something else. The acceleration when taking off with a light fuel load was unbelievable, then straight into a very steep climb and into a 90 degree wingover. I was also lucky enough to get a trip in a Buccaneer, which was like a 2 hour 10 minute orgasm! Fantastic. The rest of my time was flying on the Nimrod, a more sedate gentleman's machine, flying as low as 200 feet over the sea By the way I should get my SIII L&K 2.0TSI Estate next week. I cant wait Regards Pilkers
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    So I took my new ride out for a bit of a late night drive with a friend and I have to say I was ugly-laughing most of the way. This is an insane car, even with just restricting the power for the first 1k miles.
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    I know, but all trade deals are politically generated and controlled by definition. The requirements you have to meet are decided by politicians based on their political ideology. We may end up getting a crappy deal with EU that is bad for the EU for completely political reasons.
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    Cheese means cheese but that doesn't tell you anything about cheese. If we trade with the EU we will have to accept their rules and regulations on the things we sell them. So if their politicians set rules saying we can only sell them cars if we wear blue socks then blue sock salesman will have field day. If they say we can only sell them cars if we use paint that's environmentally friendly then that's what we have to do. At that point foreign politicians are dictating what we can and can't do. We can dictate things back just the same and then our politicians are telling EU citizens what we can do. Now take somewhere like the US, in my old job the US did not recognise British qualifications for certain kinds of work involving US companies, so I couldn't legally do stuff for US based clients. So we have US politicians telling us what we can and can't do. We don't have a trade deal or political union with them.
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    All I want is the least damaging option for me and my family, friends etc. Some are already struggling, and their employers are struggling due to the uncertainty and rise in day to day costs. Leaving may tip them over the edge. Too much us interwoven with the EU including jobs. It's 2 years of squeaky bum for a lot of people I know. Immigration doesn't concern me as the majority is for low paid jobs no one here wants to do (picking veg, cleaning toilets etc) or highly skilled stuff which can be hard to fill too or a huge shortage of UK people (software engineering, bioscience engineering, medical staff etc). EU regulations do not bother me. I see very few as ridiculous, and most reported by eurosceptics and the media are proven nonsense. Most of the regulations will still apply to companies trading with the EU and even if you don't, but the other company largely does these UK companies will almost certainly still need to follow eu legislation and regulations (especially manufacturing companies). Certainly you have to be pretty brave or completely insane starting a business in the current climate unless its a debt collection business.
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    The deal that the government agrees with the EU on leaving the EU is likely to be voted on in Parliament. Brexit will start when article 50 is triggered.
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    Good to see this thread active and useful guys. Be sure and update/share info on low cost solutions that may appeal to others.
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    Oh and I joined the 0 miles club the other day. :peek: Dotted yellow line on the right shows power is limited to around 200kW to preserve what's left in the battery Arrived at the Supercharger with not a lot left! Fill me up please!
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    I've put down a deposit on a MKV at a VW dealer in Ipswich - full VW service history (at supplying dealer) and the last owner had it since 2009 (he was the second owner).
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    Time for another update, three and a half months into ownership. I've finally just about adjusted to the size of the thing, feeling more comfortable with its huge width. 6ft6 width restrictions are still uncomfortably tight, but manageable, I haven't kerbed an alloy yet! Not being able to charge at home is still an inconvenience. I'm working around it, it just means popping into the Supercharger at M4 J11 around Reading or the IKEA at M4 J12 and use the CHAdeMO adapter. Over the last few months, Ecotricity who manage "Electric Highway" charging network along the UK's motorways has started charging (money) for charging (electricity). It's caused a massive uproar in the EV community, a lot of people complaining that the new pricing structure - fixed now at £6 for a 30 minute charge is disproportionately expensive compared to cheap rates at home. Whilst I agree with this, it has had the positive effect of removing Mitsubishi Outlanders who would occupy the charging bays often leaving their cars to get the pathetic 20mile charge. I've yet to use one of these motorway chargers and try to avoid if possible. Fortunately, the IKEA chargers also run by Electric Highway remain free (at least for now). Using the CHAdeMO adapter hasn't been without issues though. I've had big issues charging on DBT (manufacturer) chargers used by EH and also abroad when I was in France. Charging would start then after anything from a few seconds to a minute or two, would abort saying there was a CAN bus communication error. Thanks to the awesome Tesla community on facebook (similar to Brisky, but for Teslae), we narrowed the problem down to it being an issue with my car more than my adapter. And we then realised other people also with the newer facelift cars had issues. Speaking to Tesla, they took my car in for a couple of weeks to do some extensive testing whilst I was working away in Paris. The issue was narrowed down to bad quality chargers and the workaround has been the design of a new CHAdeMO adapter with additional filtering circuitry to manage the noise generated by the DBT charger which affects CAN communication. I now have this new adapter and the same pump 1301 now seems to charge my car OK One big change over the last week has been the upgrade to v8 of the software. This has brought on a completely redesigned user interface with many visual tweaks and updated Autopilot behaviour. Some people have complained that the Autopilot changes are now rather restrictive and the car will complain a lot quicker if you take your hands off the wheel and doing so repeatedly will disable Autopilot until you can stop and put the car in park to "reset" it. I've not had the problem as I keep my hands on the wheel - most of the time Visual changes are, in my books, for the better. When going round bends with Autopilot, cars tracked ahead are now shown rotated, following the curve of the road. Autopilot now also relies less on the front facing camera and more on radar and can now pick up two vehicles ahead of you, so the car directly in front of you and the car in front of that one, by having the radar bounce on the road under the car's body. It certainly makes for an improved, smoother ride. It feels less "robotic" and more human-like. I've done a few hundred miles so far and it's been great. Just one false alert when it thought there was a car in front and beeped when it wasn't. There's been a lot of bad press regarding Autopilot and so I guess Tesla have had to firm up its usage to protect itself. Just a few days ago, Germany have now banned the usage of the term "autopilot" as it infers a level of automous driving that isn't true. All I'd say is if you RTFM and agree on the beta status of the software, then you're fully aware of what it's currently designed to do and where the limits are. I don't have a problem with this and wish people actually read and researched things before coming out with a load of bull online. This goes as much for press and journalism as it does for personal haters and doubters of the tech... Anyway, rant over I also have a feeling the newer software gives a bit more oomph when really giving it some beans. I can't categorically deny it being placebo, but there's more a sense of urgency with launch control and it seems even more visceral than before. It makes me giggle uncontrollably and makes passengers either giggle too or scream as their internal organs and eyeballs are displaced when they least expect it. As the weather has cooled down, range does appear to be affected a little bit, but it's more noticable on short journeys where the battery doesn't get a chance to fully warm up. On a long run, and once warmed up, I haven't noticed a massive difference, taking into account I'm also using the cabin heating which draws a few kW of power. Being able to turn the car's heating on remotely whilst sat at home sipping a coffee before heading of brings a level of comfort and smugness that can't be ignored! I was already benefitting from it in the summer turning on the AC, but somehow appreciate the heating when its cold even more. It's a shame you can't turn on the heated seats or window defrosting remotely though. I'm still loving the amount of information available through teslalog.com it's really great being able to track all kinds of variables, like having a permanent VCDS log available online. Currently at 8,211.7 miles and counting. Running cost so far, probably around £2 to £3 for when I charged in France. Pretty much nill running cost, massive amount of fun, zero emissions, going into London tomorrow with no congestion charge, free parking / charging in Westminster. Yep, I'm still in love! :love: People local to Reading are welcome to come and meet up for a ride if you want, just let me know. I'm planning on going to the JKM RR day on 29th October so will see some of you there.
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    When we leave the EU and we are charging more import duties than in the single market we get to keep all of the taxes! Bonus!Is the customs software so antiquated that it can't handle some more inputs?
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    The member "Bonelorrys" on here has one & he seems to change his cars every few months if i was to buy a car privately it would be from him as his cars are clearly looked after,i doubt he is selling it but have a look at it in the non skoda project section,its one of the best examples ive seen. If you buy one & need a haynes manual then let me know as i have one for sale.
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    Obviously it depends on your country's laws, but generally the altering of kilometres/miles is not in itself illegal, but fraudulently stating that the altered distance is correct is. But as said above, there are few genuinely moral or acceptable reasons to alter the distance. If you replace an engine you simply record when this happened in the service record, but leave the odometer alone. After all, the rest of the vehicle has still covered the original distance.
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    Rumour has it that we're also getting a special guest star appearance from the owner of a newly acquired 230 who has a Golden image!
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    After reading in the handbook that it was not advisable to use the micro SD card i have been using the full size card for the last 18 months with no problems Joe
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    The European Court of Human Rights is not an EU body, it is made of the 47 nations of the European Council. This is a common misconception and just highlights how little people know what the EU actually is. This also highlights a deception of the Remain campaign, that we would lose Human Rights legislation if we left the EU. Britain was actually at the forefront of the creation of Human Rights in Europe long before it joined the EEC.
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    Only problem i see with the book idea is book shops will only let it stocked in the fiction section- noone would believe its all true
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    Deerjohn/martinib. Have you had an independent engineering assessment of your car (s)? if not I suggest you do so. I dont think anyone else on here has the issues that you are constantly reporting. I am not denying that you have an issue with Skoda but just because Skoda say 'it is not a problem' doesn't mean it isn't !! Lets not forget they have a vested interest. VW emissions anyone? (p.s. I see today that the UK government is starting to make noises about compensation for VW owners affected by that issue.) Secondly, there wasn't a 'fight' over the rear suspension here in the UK. The condition was recognised and accepted very quickly; what took the time was identifying, supplying and fitting of proper replacement parts. Since those were fitted I have had no problems. So again no complaint about Skoda on the issue from me (and I think many others?) So if you go ahead with an independent report and that does agree that there is an issue then that might help all of us if this issue does start to manifest itself here in the UK. That would be far more helpful than just coming on here at every opportunity to moan about Skoda. thank you in anticipation.
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    Hello there, (WARNING: Lengthy post follows!!) So, I ordered my Citigo SE ASG in white, at the end of August, and was very pleased with the specs and options etc. I ordered it with sunset glass, sporty stripe and black, 15 inch Auriga Alloy wheels - looked terrific on the skoda configuator! Everything went well, my local dealer ticked all the relevant boxes for my options, and I paid my deposit, and all was well. (I knew this would be a factory build, since due to disability issues, I need the ASG version, and there were none available with the trim I wanted) A few days later, however, I was contacted by the dealer, who told me that the specs have changed, and they no longer offer the SE spec with the 15 inch black Auriga Alloys! Only the 15 inch silver alloys! I drove down to the dealers later that afternoon to discuss the issue - I had my heart set on these wheels, and didn't want to change them for the 15 inch silver ones! After a brief discussion in the dealership, the salesman reassured me that they would get me the black 15 inch wheels that I have paid for. I left satisfied. So, fast forward to today, I drove to the dealership to hand over the DVLA authorisation papers (my car is in transit, somewhere in the UK) and thought I'd just check on whether the wheels issue has been sorted - they had previously told me that my car would ship with standard wheels, and I assumed they would perhaps exchange them with the black alloys from a vehicle that they had in their inventory. I was shocked to hear that they had ordered my car with the 15 inch silver alloys, which they then intend to remove, send to a local wheel specialist in order to paint them black!! I am very disappointed that they did not make this clear at the time, otherwise I would have reconsidered - maybe even negotiated purchasing the black alloys from Skoda Spares, as they are available for delivery. The Skoda configurator still offers these wheels as a cost option (£550) on the Citigo SE. I had thought earlier about buying some after market black alloys online - some good deals out there - but I've paid for factory fitted black 15 inch Auriga alloys, so I don't want to throw away a chunk of money on wheels that I won't see/have! There's nothing I can do about the vehicle that is on it's way to me - it has the 15 inch silver alloys fitted - but I certainly do not want them to re-paint them black - I want/paid for the factory fitted black alloys! I know it seems like a relatively minor issue, but it seems that I will not be getting what I have paid for, and I'm unhappy about this. What does everyone here think? Am I making a big deal out of this? Is the dealer being unfair? Is it reasonable to for them to 'honour' the agreement by painting my silver alloys black? I know very little about alloy wheel re-finishers....what will the quality of the finish be like? Will they paint the entire wheel, or just the face? Will the paint chip when they replace my tyres, or will I have to wait for another few weeks for the paint to harden before replacing the tyres? Could I demand that they order the 15 inch black Auriga alloys from Skoda spares? Or should I just accept the standard 15 inch silver alloys, adjust my finance accordingly, and source them myself....at an extra cost!? I'm sorry for the rambling post - this has been a worrying moment for me! Please could anyone offer some advice on what to do. Many thanks Bongo.
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    My Superb L&K has done over 18,500 miles now. I booked it in for its first service and requested several issues be dealt with under warranty at the same time. I'll post up a list of the problems I am having, plus the fix for them, if any: Knocking noise on rear suspension at low speeds: Fault confirmed as faulty bushes on rear suspension - parts on order. I'm sure this one was mentioned once or twice elsewhere Metallic clicking/cracking from front wheels, most obvious when pulling away on a lock: ​Fault lies with the front wheel bearings, they need to be removed and re-packed with grease. Whether this is just the bearings or also the CV joints, I wasn't told. Sounded more like CVs to me...... Failed stitching on rear seat base, around 1 inch long: Confirmed as a defect, new seat base to be ordered (£1500! ) Repeated low coolant warnings: ​Engine coolant system pressure tested - no problems found. Maybe air trapped somewhere or evaporation? Apple CarPlay crashes on occasions, forcing a hard restart of the HU: No update available, technical are aware of this and it's a known issue Smart Light Assist odd behaviour on dual carriageways (doesn't like the amber road studs on the central reservation white line, steers O/S beam away from them all the time, and won't raise to main beam position) No fault codes found, system checked out during diag. tests. Maybe mine has a funny quirk? Rattle and buzzing from central dash area. ​Apparently more common on Canton equipped cars, the central speaker can rattle and buzz. Wasn't given too much information, just told it had to be 'packed out'. Rattling/creaking side air vents on dash: No obvious fix, technical aware of the issue. Tech noticed dynamic variation in gap between dash and door card when driving. Awaiting technical's answer to this. Excessive buzzing, vibration and droning noise from the engine bay when the engine is under load at around 1800-2500rpm: ​Told it is a characteristic of the DSG box. I am not at all convinced as the CR150 DSG superb loaner didn't do it at all! It sounds like something rattling against the bulkhead. We are going away shortly so the car is booked in for 2 weeks time. We'll see how many of the problems can be sorted out, as they are having it for another 2 days.
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    Hello all, Being a while since I last did a thread, but to be brutally honest with you all, the vRS hasn't had much time spent on it since the wedding. Work has being extremely busy, especially since my missus decided to book quite a few holidays & I happen to be going to new york in 4 weeks.... I wish money grew on trees but don't we all LOL! Anyhow, I've managed to get hold of some ingredients from a friend in the detailing trade which allows me to play around making some Quick detail sprays. Only tiny portions mind allowing me to make around 3 bottles of 250ml of QD per bottle. As i've being interested in playing around with mixtures for while I:E - KKD Mist-X Purity mixes, a few Sonax BSD mixes and so forth, i was interested to play around with the formula and if successful make a QD I really like and go from there. First up was my favorite style of QD - An out & out show QD - Not much in the way of protection, but seeing as the vRS is waxed quite often, well protected & washed twice a week, ultimate gloss is what I aim for in Quick Detailing Sprays. After an initial test, An absolute doddle to use. 3 sprays per panel & buffed off with an ultra plush microfibre towel. No initial buff needed what so ever. The slickness was incredible, as was the gloss! Onto testing QD-1 - QD-1 has the slightly the same properties of QD-0 but with added durability. Again, 3 sprays per panel and buffed with a microfibre cloth. I Found this one quite interesting as its a little thicker viscosity of the out & out show QD but still managed to buff off extremely easy, with no streaking what so ever. Also tested as a drying aid along side the Definitive Concourse Drying Towel - Made Very light work drying the car, even on glass, no streaking, water spotting or smearing. Still yet to test durability to the full but after a week, but only 60 miles (Driving the works van now) it still repelled water & was beading well. so, What else can i do from the little kit i was given - Well, i have just a tiny amount left of what i was given so hopefully will be able to put together another bottle of QD, around 75/100ml judging calculations - Quite impressed with what I found and its great being able to test and make up QD's based on what your given.. There is a few kits on the market to be able to do this on your own accord, something i will be looking into in the near future - This was just a detailing friend who managed to get some ingredients to be able to make this happen - I also have a test panel in the garage to test first before using on my paint for obvious reasons - There are plenty of QD's on the market that can be mixed with other QD's and also spray sealants such as Sonax BSD & the likes! If you have mixed any yourself and being impressed, please feel free to share on this thread as i'm sure myself & others will be interested! Thanks for reading all, Karl.
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    If they want to cut their noses to spite their faces then let them, the other point, which Remainers often seem to ignore, is why would you want to be blackmailed like that? it's a bit of a clue as to the type of organisation we're dealing with here.
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    The bit we find out what it actually means. None of the leave champions know, no one in government knows what it means. We know the BS promises Leave told us though. But not what is actually deliverable and what was complete fantasy. Clearly you believe it's all possible without any negatives at all.
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    Thanks for the responses everyone - quick update....I'll try not to ramble on for (p)ages!! So, I went in to the dealership on Saturday morning, and asked to see my build order sheet - sure enough it has the 15" silver alloys. It had previously occurred to me that they had planned this all along - to re-paint these, and they had perhaps let it slip out (accidentally?), or indeed didn't think it was going to be a problem, since the black 15" alloys are £10 less than the style pack 2 (15" silver alloys and space-saver) which is priced at £560. (I had ordered the space-saver wheel right at the beginning anyway) Had I have known this right back in the beginning, I would have surely chosen the no-cost option of the 14" silver alloys and ordered the 15" black alloys some other way - through the parts department - but they never gave me that option, which would suggest that they had planned to do this right from the start! Anyway, I was getting ready to say that I wasn't willing to accept having my wheels re-painted, and that I wanted my paid for factory black alloys. Before I could get a word out, the sales manager said that the sales person who was dealing with the issue was on holiday and wouldn't be back until Monday (I had known this earlier, but wanted to get my concerns in early) - he said there was nothing more he could do, and we had to wait - I felt kind of 'fobbed off' but didn't leave before making my point that I was politely rejecting the re-paint remedy. As I said this, I could see he was getting agitated, and he even said "....so we get stuck with £500 quids worth of wheels that we can't do anything with!?" I felt quite uncomfortable and disheartened since this was the sales manager I was speaking to, and he didn't seem willing to make any decisions, and made me feel like I was being disruptive and uncooperative - I had been polite and courteous all along, and never raised my voice or became argumentative. I understand the situation occurred as a result of the MY17 spec change and not the fault of my local dealer - they had to cobble something together once my original order was sent through and then rejected by the Skoda build plant - but in my opinion, they 'cobbled' something that was going to be a cheap fix (for them), and not what I ordered. So there was nothing more to do other than have a worrying weekend wondering what was going to happen. (I can't help it - I'm a worrier!!) :S Monday arrives, and I drive down at lunchtime, both the sales person and the sales manager greet me, and the sales person says that they have remedied the situation - by way of obtaining an inventory, brand new vehicle with the factory 15" black alloys, which they will then swap with the silver ones on mine. This was fine with me, so I left feeling a lot happier - although I don't know why they couldn't have told me this earlier. Years ago, I had worked in retail for a number of years (not car retail) so I understand how franchised retail outlets work - it's all about the bottom line - but I also understand that one should never mislead paying customers. Anyway, as it is today, everything is fine - my car will be arriving some time this week - no fixed date yet, but I'm hoping it isn't going to be much longer! (**Ramble mode disabled**) @ MrsVivsOH Interesting, did they change the order before the build was scheduled? I assume they did. My lowly SE no longer has those options available post MY17 change. Comes standard with 14" silver alloys, or cost options for 14" black/white alloys - no option for 15" black/white alloys - and yet the style pack 2 is for 15" silver alloys....which is still an option....confusing and illogical!! :S @Citigouk Nice pics there, and I see what you mean - from a distance your winter wheels do indeed look similar - do you not have the trims for those? I can understand why you wouldn't want trims on them however - they always look slightly cheesy....no offence/disrespect to those who have them! I had considered suggesting some kind of deal/reimbursement - never got the chance since they stepped up and got me the factory wheels I wanted. @VRS Mike Had I have been stuck with the wheel re-paint option, I would have definitely opted for a complete wheel powder coating - not sure about the green flex though - I'm sure it lends a certain classy individual look - personally I prefer the glossy all-black finish....what can I say?...I have no class!! Once again, thanks to all who took the time out to respond - much appreciated. When mine arrives, I'll probably clutter this thread further, with some average quality pics!
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    Have you checked the vcds map/location thread? Also sometimes people have it at the shows.
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    The built-in discrepancy only applies to the speedometer. The odometer is set to read true (give or take a bit for variation in tyre pressure). From the brief look I gave at the setup in the cluster it doesn't seem as simple to change as on older cars but I haven't bothered to research it in detail yet.
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    Nice. I nearly read that code incorrectly though! :P
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    I'll fill the gap in !! 9:00 andsoutham - Fabia vRS 9:15 Hyphons - Citigo 9:30 Niceyellow vrs - mk1 Octavia vrs 9:45 mk4gtiturbo - mk3 Octavia vRS TDI DSG 10:00 HardcoreHobbit - Mk1 Octavia vRS 10:15 Mushtafa - MK1 Octavia vRS 10:30 Updown789 10:45 BJB540 - Mk1 Octavia vRS 11:00 V6TDI MkIII Octavia vRS TSI DSG 11:15 Drewman99 - Audi A3 11:30 Drewman99+1 - Clio 182 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 13:00 13:15 13:30 13:45 14:00 14:15 14:30
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    Or rustynuts on here. I bought one from him for the Fabia. Excellent service and very friendly.
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    Not sure this should be tolerated...
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    I was just interested as to why only a single reversing light would be a deal breaker.
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    Thanks, I've now found it!
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    May just do that as a validation of my super-expensive (conductivity?) meter. Always found it scale-full in all the addresses I've lived at in the county. Cheers.
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    4,549 signatures since Friday... top 3 among 3,293 open petitions after having received 62 signatures during the last hour. (most Britons are, of course, highly intelligent and have a well-developed sense of humour )
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    Yes a shame they're not on them now :(
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    I have 3-years free servicing with my PCP deal. Skoda do not include aircon within the servicing plan so it is certainly not mandatory. If mine fails (extremely unlikely), and they refuse to fix it under warranty then they will get the car back with faulty aircon at the end of term. If however my aircon starts to smell or becomes inefficient before end of PCP-term, I will have it serviced - but only then.
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    How did leaving the Kessy key in the car with windows open run the battery down overnight? What would have been running? Lights, rear window demister, fans? Had the car been locked then how would the bonnet be opened? (passenger side bonnet release/no manual key option on passenger side) I believe that the sophisticated lead/acid batteries in cars with stop/start are very pricey to replace but have not heard any VW/Skoda related prices though. In the past Lead acid car batteries never like to be run flat, and its life expectancy would suffer as a consequence. Is this still true are they more like the deep cycle versions these days? I have a very simple basic Octavia version sold her in Australia in 2014, just normal key start, no stop/start, manual, and even normal (non climate controlled) air conditioner. I like gadgets, but I like to keep my cars basic and cheap, with less fitted, less to go wrong, sort of attitude. Especially as I intend to keep it for a few years. Anyway, it is hard to conceive how you could leave a car with any sort of electrical load active without it screaming at you or automatically turning off something after a period of time in my car. You have to turn off the engine with the key, so it is less likely to be forgotten or left behind.
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    This is so very true. People rarely post the good news, or congratulate others in preference to giving them a roasting.
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    Also added some carbon mirror covers, got them from SuperSkoda, really easy install was just a case of bonding them on
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    That's really not right. Let's put it this way if I was looking at a car with that in the coolant I would walk away from it.
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    16.8.3 seems to have had the bugs ironed out of it. Good old ROSS TECH
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    fitted front ops bloody big project i have to say,took me a full day.

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