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After using the car in standard form for a few months, I decided that I needed more power and better handling to go with the comfort, extras and space offered by this model.
I have been modifying my cars for the last 20 years, having purchased a variety of British, German and Japanese vehicles including some JDM special editions.
The modifications ranged from simple remaps to adding turbochargers or swapping engines from different models.
The Superb is our family car and, thus, I was looking at modifications that would not affect the way the car behaved, so hard or overly low suspension, extreme visual changes, loud exhausts or anything that would seriously compromise reliability was not an option.
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Hi all,
A small amount of discussion has taken place behind the scenes around a 2018 big meet. 
I'd like some brainstorming ideas on where people would potentially like to visit/meet/whatever. 
A selection of dates would be good too. Obviously we cannot cater for everyone's calender but if there is a big swing towards a particular time of year that would help! 
Nothing is out of the question, so feel free to post away. This is your forum, so let's see how this goes....
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We bought a Yeti in October 2013 following the birth of our son. Three and a half years on & we now had two children, along with an array of grandparents who we occasionally have to cart around & so a 7-seater made sense.

We seriously considered a Discovery, an entirely forgettable Kia (we hired one to do Highway 1 in the US, the thing reinforcing every single preconception I had about Korean vehicles. I suppose it was reliable – the united Departure lounge at LAX is less dull) and a VW T6 Caravelle.

The T6 ticked every box, apart from its stupendous price ticket – like £55k to get one with parking sensors and modern headlights!

The Kodiaq won out and we spec’d one up as follows... read more
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Already planning our end of year track day jolly.

After lessons learned at Brands we are using Snetterton this year.

Bigger track, more space, more varied track and no gravel.

This is a Brisky Racing day organised by me and is not open to the public, all bookings are through me.

So it will be a good day, with a social and track day fun without the uncertainty of public randoms turning up.

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Curtain up for the new ŠKODA KAROQ.

The ŠKODA KAROQ will be making its public debut at the ŠKODA stand in hall 3.

It's emotive and dynamic design with crystalline features characterises the brand's new SUV design language.

ŠKODA will be presenting the SUV alongside a host of new models in hall 3 from 14 to 24 September. ~ Mladá Boleslav/Frankfurt

First for ŠKODA: Customizable digital instrument panel

Always online with LTE module and ŠKODA Connect

Largest luggage capacity in its class

Compact SUV with modern design language continues brand’s SUV offensive

All new ŠKODA models on show at IAA in hall 3 from 14 to 24 September
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A build thread on my Estelle 1.8 20v turbo quattro, started it easter 2016, read more.
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Taking VCDS or looking for a few tweeks at the national meet, post your intentions here.



Members who will have VCDS with them:


superbtte - Superb L&K Business Grey

WayTooTall - Octavia vRS Estate Race Blue

Gizmo - Superb L&K Business Grey (L44 NDK)


Members requiring VCDS coding:

Kenrw8 - sorted


themanwithnoaim - Octavia MK3 FL vRS245

USSEnterprise - 2017 Superb  SportLine 220 TSI

Bignij - Kodiaq

lil7437 - 2016 Yeti SE

TTruckie - Superb SportLine 280

gav_is_con - MKII Superb 170 DSG estate

chrisw880 - MKI Fabia vRS

Vitas - Citigo Sport
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News from Mladá Boleslav – Oliver Stefani will be responsible for design at ŠKODA AUTO.

ŠKODA AUTO CEO Bernhard Maier said, “Oliver Stefani has great creative potential. He will allow us to instigate the next development stage.”

Where do you think SKODA's design will be heading, predict it now, angles or curves?
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Click the follow Topic button on the top right to keep up to date with developments and news. 


This year we’ll be mixing horsepower and airpower for a show and shine event in the grounds of Cosford RAF museum, Shropshire. A great opportunity to rub shoulders with fellow Briskodions , nose around Skoda's of all ages, and enjoy the sights of the museum.  


“Over 70 aircraft of international importance are housed in three Wartime Hangars and within the National Cold War Exhibition. See the world’s oldest Spitfire and a Lincoln Bomber, just two of the highlights in the War in the Air Collection. In Test Flight, there is the TSR2 and Bristol Type 188 constructed from stainless steel. The engine and missile collections in Hangar 1 total over 60 and are arguably one of the finest collections in the world.”



150 display places are available, this will be a strictly ticket only affair.

Please note the museum has requested no selling or trading of any kind on the day.


Display tickets are £4.00 per car including driver.

 Additional guests/passengers are free but will require a ticket to attend.

All tickets include free entry to the museum.




Closing date for tickets will be 3rd September or if all 150 places are filled. 


Additional parking is available for non-Skoda members in the main museum car park. (Additional Parking Area is £4.).


Voting competition on the day - Have a category suggestion?




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Imagine if you just wrote your car off, or your lease is coming to an end. You've been a happy; or not, Skoda owner for months or years, maybe even a decade or more.


Which marque/model brochure are you reaching for? 


I'm interested to see what peoples instinct is or what they see as a option to SKODA. 


So what do you see as the biggest threat, or the most likely to get you behind the wheel of a different marque?
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