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      Site Upgrade - Post issues   22/07/17

      We've completed the initial phase of the upgrade.   There are considerable changes and due to the update, we're going to release it as is, then enhance. This we have to do to ensure support during this phase. Too many mods, just like on your car and the vendors say no to support!   The most obvious change is the theme this will improve. Please track and view all issues, comments here:   


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    F1, Target Shooting, Good Ales, Great Whisky & Superb Cigars.
    Many forms of music, but Zeppelin & Maiden rule, especially on vinyl. My login naim (!) comes from my love of high-end British audio equipment, which I spend my working life, and a fair chunk of my downtime, listening to.
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    11 Fabia vRS, 1.4TSi, Black Magic Pearl

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  1. beer, cigars, scrumpy. Result!