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    classical languages and ancient history (weird or what?) deep thinking, jazz classical music, folk, engineering and all the other usual right-wing stuff.
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    Nottingham, England

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    fabia vrs

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  1. ordered a new fabia vrs - white, black roof and wheels.! Am I mad or am I mad?

    1. Allams Skoda

      Allams Skoda

      That will look nice, is it hatch or estate?

    2. BossFox


      Hatch I'd guess, estate can't have a coloured roof can it?

    3. odysseus


      Got it! Brand spanking new! Can't believe it. Sits on the driveway gleaming. Sat up with it first night, no not really but you know what I mean. Treating it so gently, like a new born, want to get it nicely run-in, mature slowly, and then . . . . OMG, daren't think about it. All I want to do is get behind the wheel, love it, seems just right, like motoring was in the old days when men were men and a chap could enthuse about his wheels.


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