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Found 72 results

  1. Hi all, I've just bought my first Skoda. My previous car, a 530d e60 with 300bhp, I sadly lost to the weather in the Yorkshire moores last weekend during a snow storm. Hit a 30 degree decline road which was ice and couldn't control the car. Anyway, this is my new car. I am new to Skoda's but my heart has always been with VAG cars. I have owned various Golfs/Boras/Polos etc including a G40 which was tremendous fun. Heres an overview: 2012 Octavia vRS Blackline Estate 42k miles Full skoda history Some pics from when I picked it up (oop North, i'm located in Basingstoke) on Friday evening: And then some from Saturday morning: I don't tend to hang about with cars, so got straight to it. On Saturday I removed various window stickers, gave her a proper interior clean and checked it over properly. I also fitted some LED number plate lights I had hanging around. On Sunday I took the car for window tinting: Rears 20% and a black sunstrip added Sunstrip/parked up next to one of my good friends Porkas: The car is going into Skoda tomorrow for a major service as it is due (I got the money off the sale to pay for it). I have insisted they replace everything they can do as part of a major service (even if it "passes" visual inspection) First impressions are good. It is not as quick as my 530d (unsuprisingly) but I have been impressed by how well it moves and the handling for an estate. I have also ordered a microphone, and once fitted I will enable bluetooth via VCDS. Let me know what you guys think Cheers Matt
  2. As it says on the tin, I'm looking for a reasonable condition rear door in black for my 03 Octavia estate. Regards, Mike
  3. Hey guys, looking for a Rear drivers door for an 08 VRS Hatch, in 9910 Black Magic to replace a scratched and dented one. Ancillaries (window mech, door card, locks etc) not important, just the door body would be fine. Prefer somewhere around the midlands.
  4. Hi all! I’ve been lurking in these forums for a few months, but this is my first post here. I’ve ordered a vRS 230 in Candy White with KESSY and heated front seats (no black pack), which currently has a build week in Jan (excited is an understatement). Whilst out Christmas shopping with the Mrs, we parked next to a pre-FL version (Candy White also) without the black pack and I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Admittedly it was dark, but now I’m unsure I made the right decision. I pretty quickly dismissed the option when speccing the car because I thought it looked a bit tacky, but i’ve since realised that all of the photos I’ve been drooling over for the past month or so all have the black pack selected. I could change my order now to include it, but it would likely push the build week back. Without having both side by side to compare (in person), I’m struggling to make a decision. What’s people’s opinion/experiences with the black pack on the FL version?
  5. Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo

    Afternoon all. Details below of my Skoda fabia for sale. Sad to part with it, although company car forces me to get rid of it. I really like the car, its great on fuel (60mpg easy) and has a smooth engine that is great on the motorway and looks great when cleaned up too. Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2014 - First Registered May 2014. HPI Clear. Meteor Grey with black roof Interior is also black and grey with black roof lining. It looks really nice. Whole car matches which is why I bought it. 1.6tdi CR 105bhp 35.3k miles Upgraded headlights - nightbreaker - and tinted rear lights. I have a skoda grey touch up stick that it comes with also. MOT due 25/04/2018 and Tax of £20 at the same time. Based in Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan - 15 mins outside Cardiff. £7200 ono. Tel: 07590645935 Many thanks Ash
  6. Black Mirror Caps

    Hi, my yeti has is white with silver mirrors, but I saw one today with black mirrors and I think it looks better. Can you buy black mirror caps for facelift model, and are they easy to fit. I saw Painted Black Mirror Caps and Decorative Black Mirror caps in Skoda Shop one says up to 2015, and the other up to 2016. are the mirrors actually different on original and facelift models. Any advise gratefully received.
  7. Morning all, Im new to this site so not even sure im asking in the right place so im sorry if im not. Please let me expain my situation.. Im currently serving in the Army over in Germany and one of the pearks is that we get tax free cars with a discount.. Im looking at buying a new Octavia 245 but i cant decided on colour. I know it will cause debate but its between Black and Meteor grey. I will only be keeping the car for a year and selling it on or trading it in. What would be the best colour to do that? Even though its a great colout im not sure if the meteor grey is a little boy racery without trying to offend anyone and could effect sell on. Any help would be great.
  8. Reluctantly I am selling my modified Mk2 Octavia vRS, which I have owned from new. The car is a heavily modified 2006 '56' Silver Mk2 Pre-FL Octavia vRS TFSI with approximately 94,000 miles. MOT'd until January 2018. It is currently on a private plate, which is not included in the sale. I'm haven't got folders full of receipts to document the work, but as it's a well known car on the forum I'm sure several users will be able to backup my claims that this is very special, and well looked after example. I have owned the car since I was 19 from new and it has been my pride and joy ever since, so it is a reluctant, but necessary, sale. Engine: Revo Stage 3 remap - On the last dyno run it made 340bhp / 330lb/ft Golf Edition 30 engine block (engine has done 65,000 miles - swap was done in 2010) Audi S3 K04 turbo Audi S3 intercooler Audi S3 injectors Autotech HPFP Audi RS4 FPRV EVOMS cold air intake Pipewerx 3" TBE with custom dual 6"x4" oval tailpipes (reasonably loud, but sounds immense!) Forge PCV delete Transmission/Suspension/Braking Quaife LSD Forge short shifter Full set of BSH engine mounts AP coilovers Eibach ARB Golf R32 345mm front brakes (Painted in Hammerite Smooth Green to match the rears). Wheels 18" Team Dynamics Pro-Race 1.2 (Gloss black, in great condition). Cosmetics Full matte black vinyl wrap (installed by myself in 2012 - still looks awesome but the vinyl is reaching the later stages of its lifespan). It still turns heads. Gloss black vinyl wrapped front grille Latest Skoda and vRS badges front and rear WRC rear wing (not for everyone, but then again I am a massive chav). Matte black vinyl wrapped interior trim Photos: Negatives: The car was reversed into by a colleague at work around 2 years ago which lead to the damage to the bonnet, front bumper and nearside headlight. I have since replaced the bonnet but sadly there is still a scuff in the bumper and to the nearside headlight. I have a pair of replacement headlight units sat in my garage which will I will include with the sale. There is a very small car park inflicted dent in the rear nearside door. I am asking for £4950 ONO which I think is very fair for the calibre and age of the car. I have absolutely no intention of breaking it for parts so please don't ask me if I plan to do so. Thank you for reading the advert. Harry
  9. I've ordered black Skoda and Octavia badges (not the round centre badge) to replace the silver ones it came with. Do they just pop on and off or is it more complex than that?
  10. VRS 230

  11. VRS 230

  12. Hi all, Popped into a dealer last week to order the new F & R black badges and was told that there's a difference in size to the existing ones, so left it until I get more info. Is this true? When fitted will there be a noticeable gap around the outside? They're going on a 62 plate VRS Estate. Thanks.
  13. Had my VRS 230 for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it!! Had the spoiler and lip under the grill wrapped in black today and thought I'd share the pictures. Darker windows and remap next!
  14. Wheels and Brakes

    As mentioned in a previous post, I have just bought a pre-FL 140 Elegance in Steel Grey. Will be looking to modify my Yeti to personal preference and very much welcome any advice/tips along the way. My first question is this... I'll be looking to replace the standard Spitzberg wheels with a new set of alloys. I would like the new wheels to be (1) black/smoked/dark grey in colour, (2) official Skoda wheels ideally and (3) able to accommodate large brakes than standard. Anybody know any that I should take a look at? Leads me to my next question... What would be the simplest but most effective upgrade for the brakes? Presumably the larger discs from the 170 model would be a fairly straightforward fit. Any other good options? I think I saw a post about an owner who had fitted larger discs and callipers from an Audi TT. Will probably also be looking to add a decent anti-roll bar in due course, as well as a Shark remap. But will save those questions for another day! Thanks!
  15. Good evening everyone! New to the forum and have found it really useful so far looking back through various posts. I've had a bit of a search and can't seem to find an answer to this, but apologies if it's been done before... It's company car time again and one of the more attractive options is the Octavia SE Sport. I've spent a bit of time on the configurator and noticed that if I pick the Estate version, I can add 18" Turini wheels and the Black Styling Package, but if I pick the Hatch neither of these options are available. Anyone have an idea if this is an error/missing from the configurator, or are they just not available at all on the hatch? Cheers in advance for any replies ILJ
  16. Having recently bought an Octavia tdi ... went to check the oil ....hmmm why do they make it black ... the oils pretty much black ....my eyesight is generally good but seing the oil level on a black dipstick pffft ....is there an aftermarket one out there in say ...yellow or white ....eBay's are all black to
  17. 2016 05 25 13.17.55

    From the album Korvus's Octavia

    Here it is finished (more or less) :D
  18. Hi there, After a recent collision with a white van ripped off my entire front bumper I'm on the hunt for a replacement! I'm located in Buckinghamshire but can travel to collect. Thanks
  19. Hello from Czechia! I've been eyeing this S3 L&K sitting in the showroom. I noticed that the L&K logo is not embossed on the leather of the two front seats and the rear arm rest. I asked the dealer about it and he said that the embossing is only done on the brown and beige leathers, not black. Not really a deal breaker for me, but can anyone confirm this? Thanks! Awesome forum by the way!
  20. Alloy Paint Code

    Hiya, New here, but have an issue. I have a Monte Carlo black edition 64 plate skoda fabia. I have scuffed a rim quite badly and really want it repaired but I am having a really terrible time trying to find out the colour of the paint. The repair men say they need a RAL code for it. I cannot find it, I have called the parts guys at Skoda they say it's not on file. It is black but seems to have a bit of grey in there it's not a normal colour. Any help would be greatly appreiciated, it's really doing my head in :(. If required, can upload some photos. Has anyone else had the same issue and what was your soloution it looks terrible and skoda really have left me hanging on this one. It's on finance so really needs to be spot on colour wise as I plan to part exchange. Thanks, Kieran.
  21. Black octavia vrs

    Private plate W4---, seen you coming up from ynysygwas hill, then you turn towards bryn.
  22. Just saying hi

    hi guys, just joined up today as i get my fabia estate monte carlo on monday going with the black pearl, 17" black twist wheels and sports suspension, 1.2 110 TSI. will be interesting to see how it drives as i only demoed the standard 1.2 110 and the ride is supposed to be much firmer on the 17s feel like a kid waiting for xmas. never bought a brand new car before! and like a kid playing a racing game, i fancy pimping it a little. nothing too much, im buying under their payment plan thing. as the car will be all black outside and red inside im thinking of either debadging, replacing with black/carbon fibre or maybe doing them red (since the monte carlo has a red interior) maybe even a pinstripe somehow, ive seen some grill pinstriping that looks cool. also maybe look at getting it tuned but not sure how that will affect warranty etc never tuned a car before so this is all new to me! btw, anyone got any pics of this model? i cant find a monte carlo estate in black, especially with 17" rims and sports suspension. can anyone recommend a website or something where i can have a play modding my car? a bit like in the old gran turismo games? or is it just old photoshop cheers guys
  23. Dave's Black VRS

    Hello All, Last friday I went and picked up my new car - Skoda Fabia VRS from RevItUpUK. Just thought I would say hello and start one of these project journals, I will be keeping it mostly standard however I have changed out the symphony headunit for my aftermarket alpine unit, simply for the bluetooth features, seems a shame to let the CD changer go to waste. Any subtle mod suggestions would be appreciated, especially any that improve performance/mpg Many Thanks Dave

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