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Found 115 results

  1. Well Hi everyone I’m usually found on the Citigo page but after a short 12 months it appears my Citigo may no longer be fit for my needs. Fear not, for it will replace my partners car. I am looking for a bigger car and as a former Volvo owner I am drawn to a V60 but I’m also drawn to an Octavia Estate. I’ve narrowed down a few that I like and I’ve found one in particular that stands out to me. I guess what I’m after is some thoughts from existing owners; what are these cars really like? From experience of my Citigo I am concerned about interior quality long term and the media interface is a minefield I’m struggling to get my head around. I’m only considering Elegance/SE-L spec cars and on my wish list is cruise control, heated seats and iPod integration. Those are must haves and it is so hard to find a used car with those (I’d have imagined easy to find but I am wrong) options! I’d like the ACC and other nice bits but I’m not really bothered, passive cruise and seat heaters are on the must have list (I miss them both massively in the Citigo). Most cars I’m looking at I believe from my searching have the MIB1 infotainment, is it really that bad? Most of the cars have the bigger screen but even the smaller screen ones seem to have sat nav, is one better to have than the other? What’s the crack with iPod? Is it true that the Colombus will do iPod but the other one won’t unless it has the MDI thingy? Is the sliding drawer cubbby big enough for a large phone like an iPhone 7 Plus as that’s what I’d be trying to fit in there and also what mods can be done with VCDS for these cars? Do the folding mirrors fold on locking for example. Is KESSY full keyless or just keyless start? Dealers are most unhelpful with this stuff so I thought I’d ask here. Any thoughts on the 2.0 150 TDi engine? I’m not a diesel person really but I just can’t find a petrol one to buy so pretty much the default choice, not interested in a 1.6 TDi. When your other car has 400 bhp, 100 odd isn’t enough!! Ideally I’d like a DSG box but I’m struggling to find one in budget, which is about £11000. Thanks very much
  2. Hi Everyone, I am expecting my Citigo to arrive sometime in the next 2 weeks so I thought I would make a start on my project thread. I ordered the following spec (Citigo Elegance Greentech 5 Door 60hp + All Options) on 12th October 2013; My aim with this car is to create a replica of the Skoda Citigo Motorsport and will hopefully end up with something like below; My Current list of Mods / Items to Purchase are; Door Sill Protectors Bulbs (MTEC DRLS, MTEC HEADLIGHTS H4, MTEC FOGS HB4, MTEC NUMBER PLATE W5W, XTEC CHROME PY21W) Citigo Sport Key Cover White Front Bumper Lip Cover Black (1ST071004CFL8) Vinyl Wrap (As Above)(Mirrors, Roof, Lower Front and Rear Bumper) Custom Vinyl Stickers (As Above)(Bonnet, Side and Tailgate) Window Decals (As Above)(Skoda Motorsport) 16" Skoda Serpens White Wheels + 185/50/16 Tyres Depending on how the car looks with the above mods I may purchase the following, but would prefer not to (expensive); Front Spoiler Roof Spoiler Side Skirts Rear Diffuser
  3. Edit: now sold. I have a new Superb Mk3 arriving next week so my Mk2 is up for sale. It’s a 1.8 TSI estate with the 7-speed DSG gearbox. Cappuccino Beige outside and black leather inside. It’s a 61-plate registered November 2011 and it’s done 71,000 miles. I live in Bridgend in South Wales, or could meet at work on the east side of Cardiff. To make things easy I’ve attached a Parkers price guide valuation. Their ‘private good’ price is £7,794. My car has a lot of options they don’t list so I’m asking £8,500 but open to sensible offers. The car drives perfectly, bodywork and interior are in excellent condition. Two owners from new. Full Skoda main dealer service history. Had a new DSG clutch pack under warranty at 38k miles (just after I bought the car). Just had a fresh MOT and due a service in 1,000 miles. Rear tyres are half worn and the fronts are nearly new. Elegance spec which gets you: · Electric memory seats · Xenon lights · 18" alloys · Columbus satnav · Auto lights and wipers · Bluetooth · Dual zone climate control Comes with £5k of options from new, including: · Panoramic sunroof · KESSY keyless entry · Powered bootlid · Self-parking with front and rear sensors · Heated front and rear seats · Ventilated front seats · Heated windscreen · Factory upgraded ‘Sound System’ stereo · Gearshift paddles · Window blinds in rear doors · CD changer · Spare wheel · Load rails and fixings in boot · Tyre pressure monitoring In the interests of full disclosure: · One wheel has a scuff on one of the spokes and another is slightly kerbed on the rim. · The top half of the rev counter illumination doesn’t work. Its’ probably just a loose connection but I haven’t tried to fix it. · The front end has the usual stone chips for a 70k mile car 170722 Parkers car valuation.pdf
  4. Hola gents and ladies

    I hope you're all well and this is my second Skoda, first was a company car and she went on through to 240k miles!! So, when recently searching for a towing car, while looking at a X5 we spotted a 4x4 Skoda Superb Elegance, but it was out of our price range until my Mrs decided she wanted it and beat this salesman up! So, here I am!!! Looking forward to picking your brains and offering solutions I have found, if there is any you are not aware of!! ha ha Take care, drive fast but safe! Pete
  5. Hello Question: When do i need to change the cambelt and water pump? I've done 58 000 miles. Normally it says on the service book, at least it did on any other car i owned (not VW). Cheers
  6. Hello, This is my first post, I was trying to find some tips on how to style my Octavia, and I came across an Instagram profile who led me here. Anyways, I have a Black Octavia 2016 (Pictures are uploaded with this post), And I want to style it a little bit and apply some nice touches. 1- I want to change my ordinary rear lamp into Glowing LED lights like this picture: Click here I want exactly it look like this: Click here .. So please is this transition possible? I mean are these LED rear lights compatible with my Octavia. 2- I want to change also the headlights, I want to add the LED bars, the yellow one and the white one, my headlights contain no LED bars and they are completely ordinary. See this video Click here (0:45). I want to know if these changes can be applied or not! P.S: You'll find below two pictures (back and front) of my Octavia. Thank you in advance Any help is highly appreciated.
  7. Hi I am hoping for some advice on the performance of my car on towing a caravan I have recently purchased. Car: 1.4 TSI Estate Elegance (2011) Caravan: 800Kg unladen I deliberately bought an older caravan as I knew my car was light; older caravans were built lighter so it seems and actually worked for us in terms of the design & price :-) for the current car - probably looking to change to a Superb Sportline/Technology Estate Diesel in a couple of years. I've been informed that 150kg would be a reasonable amount to add on for fully laden i.e. 950kg and the car can tow 1200/1250kg so 79% ratio seems OK but I would like to know if anyone has had anyone experience in towing using similar car model with similar caravan weight or heavier and what performance on pulling is likely and mpg (obv not as good as a diesel). I am concerned that towing might well put pressure on the turbo and the bearings........... Thanks Mark
  8. Dear All, i would like to buy a 2007 octavia (elegance) i have 2 on offer now - a 1.6 FSI that has 69000 miles and 2.0 TDI that has 79000 both for same price i am no expert so i would like to know which one to get ?
  9. My cruise control recently stopped working on my Mk1 Fabia 1.9tdi 2004 and I had read that the one reason for this is that the contacts can get dirty inside the stalk causing it to stop working. I decided that I would try to take the the stalk apart to clean them up to avoid buying a replacement stalk. I apologise for not taking pictures of the process but will try to explain the procedure! 1. Disconnect the battery! 2. With the stalk left in situ, use a very thin blade to carefully tease out the thin strip on the rear of the arm, starting at the inboard end nearest to the steering column. Don't go too deep with the blade as you may damage the ribbon cable which is just inside. Two blades will make this easier as you work along to the tip of the stalk, taking care not to snag the ribbon cable. The back is slightly harder to come off at the larger end behind the ON/RES switch. Just take your time and eventually the back will release immediately behind the button on the end of the stalk 3. Gently remove the ON/RES slider switch by putting a blade under it and levering (If it hasn't popped off already!) 4. You can now access the switch. In order to clean the contacts, you could try just using an electrical contact cleaner but mine was so caked up, I decided to strip the black slider part of the switch by very carefully lifting the tabs that hold it to the switch track. There is a spring behind here so go careful and note where it goes, and also note the slider part position (with the sprung contacts). This allows you to clean the small brass square contacts and also the sprung brass contacts on the slider part. Re-assembly is the reverse procedure but be sure that the spring goes back in! 5. The end button contacts can also be cleaned by carefully squeezing the 2 small triangle shaped plastic sprung 'tangs' together that hold this to the main part of the switch, and you will then be able to pull it off the end. Again, there is a spring to note the position of. Clean the small brass contact squares and also the brass sprung contacts of the end button. To reassemble, push end button back in (don't forget the spring!) until the two triangle tangs locate. 6. Reassemble the arm by pushing the switch and rear backing strip back into place until the tabs click into place, ensuring that the ribbon cable does not get trapped. Replace the slider switch on the front of the arm (make sure it locates into the mounting hole correctly) 7. Reconnect car battery. Hopefully this will work for yours as it did for mine, if your cruise control is not working due to dirty contacts.
  10. I had been experiencing a scuffing/low grinding noise from the gearbox (audible from the passenger footwell) on my late 2004 Fabia Mk1 1.9tdi Elegance (56000 miles) on acceleration and deceleration, especially at low speeds and in all gears. I had the gearbox rebuilt with a complete set of new bearings (including the diff bearings) and complete new clutch and thrust bearing. The gearbox was put back in......... and much to my annoyance and reduced bank balance, the noise was still there! I then jacked the car up and checked all the other components such as wheel bearings, budget tyre noise, driveshafts, exhaust, exhaust tunnel shroud, rusty brake discs, brake disc guards any other loose parts that may vibrate or create noise. All of these were found to be Ok/secure using the usual methods for checking. The noise was starting to annoy, and I was sure it was the gearbox despite the fact that it had been rebuilt with all new bearings, so I had the gearbox rebuilt again under the warranty given by the gearbox rebuilder. This time the complete gearbox casing was changed and also the differential from another sourced box. The result? A very quiet and smooth gearbox that has now made the car a pleasure to drive!!! Although I'm not entirely sure, I believe the gearbox had this fault from new, possibly in the casing itself or the differential- Maybe it was a 'Friday Box'?!! Thought I would share this as I couldn't find anything on the internet relating to a scuffing noise from gearbox. The gearbox was a 5 speed VW type 'GGU'
  11. A few problems

    Hey all, i'm new here. Ok so today I picked up a 2002 Octavia tdi 110 Elegance and there are a few small problems with it, the main one being the rear door lock on the passenger side rear door appears to be faulty. It doesn't respond to any inputs I make in the central locking (I.e. if I lock the car and this door will remain unlocked whereas all the others will lock). Anyone got any idea as to whats wrong with it and, more importantly, how much it will cost to fix? The other Fault is that the CD autochanger in the boot doesn't appear to be working, whenever I try to make it play the CD it just comes up on the radio with 'Chk Cassette' or something like that. Anyone got any idea how much this'll be to fix or how to do it? Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated Regards Joe
  12. Hi All Currently own a 2005 1.9 Octy looking to replace with a FL Octy If you are thinking of selling in the next 6 months or part exchanging please PM me with details Ideally FL Elegance 2.0 CR TDI DSG 140 bhp Estate or Hatch 2012/13 old shape not mark 3 SE plus considered depending on spec 1 Owner FSH Fixed servicing Around 30-40k more or less considered depending on age etc All colours considered except white Extras over standard Elegance spec if fitted Columbus MFSW Maxidot Bluetooth Not required Leather seats Electric seats Towbar Thanks in advance Gav
  13. Citigo LPG Part3 - Levelling the boot floor For the conversion of the Citigo to LPG I had always planned to use a larger gas tank to match or slightly exceed the capacity of the petrol tank of 35 litres. I used a 600mm x 220mm tolroid tank of 47 litres gross which gave me 37.5 litres useable LPG. The 220mm height meant that the tank slightly protruded above the floorlevel of the boot. I had planned to build my own false floor but information elsewhere on this site led me in the direction of fitting an accessory, made for the VW Up!, to level the floor with the folded rear seats . From my local VW dealer I ordered the following; 1 x 1S0858831F82V Mounting £6.95 1 X 1S0858832F82V Mounting £6.95 1 X 1S0858855E1BS Platform £58.31 6 X N91026802 Zyl. Schrau £3.00 Add VAT and the whole lot came to £90.26. Note you will need to get hold of a star drive T140 bit to screw the mounting bolts into place. The installation was simple as all the mounting points already exist in the Skoda and the molded mounts fall easily into place, a 10 minute job. The whole arrangement is very clever and the platform folds down or can be removed quickly. The VW carpet was an exact match for my Skoda. So here are a series of photos showing the installation; The left hand mounting fitted neatly into place, the attachment points matching exactly. The right hand mounting in place. You are looking at this from inside the car facing the rear. Looking from inside the car to the rear. In this image the new platform is in to folded position. Looking at the original boot floor with the new platform raised up. New platform in place. The finished result a "a level playing field" Note the carpet colour match. In the next posting I will examine how to download UK LPG filling stations into your Skoda Navigator for free,
  14. Oil Pan troubles.

    Hey there fellow Super(b)verts! I had the unfortunate accident of going to fast onto a speed bump yesterday and now the oil pan, or "sump" as it's apparently called, has this brand new opening on it. On my first car, a '98 VW Golf, this was a major problem as there was no protective plating under the sump. To much relief, I didn't have to spend as much on car repairs for my Octavia, my second car, since it had this protective plating. I just assumed that the Superb would be the same when viewing it at the dealership and simply forgot to ask. Now I must ask, is it possible to get one of those protective plates under the sump on the Superb Elegance 2.8 V6 2004? Is a protective plate meant to be under the car? Or do I need to retrofit it with such plating? And of course; Since the oil pan is called a "sump", what is this protective plating called? Cause I cant find anything if I try to search for it online. I also see that eBay has some nice sumps for around $45, while the official Skoda/VW/Audi dealership here has me paying $300 for just the brand new sump and no work... and that for a 1998 VW Golf. The work hour here costing $130. That makes the total of 430 bucks, just for supplying me with and installing a new sump. That right there's what's breaking my balls. Is the sump I linked to worth the trouble of ordering internationally? Will it hold? Because if I can get it to my door for third of the price a dealership sump costs, I'm sold! What can I say? Money is tight, especially after buying a "new" car and I'd like to handle this myself. I'm 22, turning 23, years old and getting one's parents to bail one out of trouble every time that trouble starts brewing is just getting old. I'd like to be able to pay for everything in this car myself. Because it's my car and I'm the only one who's gonna be driving it. Thanks in advance for your great answers and please let me know if I need to clarify anything for you guys as cars is not my thing hahaha
  15. Rapid Spaceback style elegance´s

    Got 4 Spacebacks with ´the best interior in my neighborhood - my black one, two white ones and a dark grey. Also a few metallic "basic" models running around.

    © Alfa-ville

  16. Hi. I'm looking at purchasing 04/05 Skoda Superb Elegance 2.5 TDI V6. I really like it as I've seen it in a local garage. I don't know much about cars, especially Skodas. I've read mixed views about this engine and car etc. I'm so confused. It's got full service history, I believe and an Auto gearbox. It's done 115k miles. A mechanic mentioned if the double cam let had been done. I don't have a clue what that is and the guy from the garage doesn't know if it's been done as there's no receipts. Also, it's had some electric issues that has led to it losing power. The garage is repairing that as apparently it's not a major issue. Please advise me this vehicle. Should I go for it or not? Are they good cars/engines? If I do, then what should I make sure of or watch out for? Thanks
  17. This car has had one private female owner; my wife, after purchasing the car new in November 2004 and has done 95% of its 172,000 mileage on motorways and has been totally reliable. It has a full service history and since the warranty expired has always been treated to long life 50700 oil which has been changed at every 10,000 mile. It is on its third cam belt / water pump, the last one being at 154,000 mile and has just had two new front tyres and an air con service. It was serviced last week and the MOT expires 24th October 2016. The car comes complete with tow bar with dual electrics, Parrot hands free system, 6 changer CD and reversing sensors. The car has some surface corrosion to the wheel arches as photographed and has the usual age related marks. We will be sorry to see this go, it really has been a great car and the only reason for selling is the imminent arrival of a Octavia VRS 2.0 diesel. The car is located in the North Lincolnshire area and is available for any trial / inspection any evening or weekend. Looking for now £995.
  18. Hi all, This may end up being a long one, so I'll apologise for my length immediately. I'm looking for reassurance really that I'm going the right way. Money is tight (isn't it always?) and I have no car mechanical knowledge. I will try to explain this as best I can. Any responses would be gratefully appreciated. Bear in mind, that apart from throttle body cleaning (mentioned later) my mechanic will be doing the work (when money allows) and I need to have things explained to me as if I were a 5 year old. I have a stock 53 plate Octavia Elegance 4x4 1.8T which I'm in need of some assistance with. I bought the car about two years ago (two previous owners) with 33k on the clock. Previous owners kept the car garaged and due to mobility issues didn't use it that much. FSH on the car and in almost mint condition. I've been very pleased with it up until recently. Although still a pleasure to drive, it had since I bought it, want to give it the beans (and the turbo would kick in for a second) when I was accelerating out of a corner/junction, it would then jolt as the acceleration returned to normal. Not too much of an issue I thought and lived with it. At its next service I got my mechanic to check the codes and they came back with: 17705 Pressure drop between turbo and throttle valve P1297 - Intermittent (I've read the sticky) 17545 Fuel Trim bank 1 (Add) System too rich P1137 _ On 5th April 2016 on its latest full service the car had its Cam Belt replaced. On 12th April 2016 I was driving to work and instructed the cruise control to accelerate to its previously set speed. When it got to the required speed, the engine jolted, went into limp mode and I had to pull over at the side of the road. The engine would not respond to depressing the accelerator pedal. After turning the engine off and on again it was a bit lumpy but more or less fine. That afternoon I managed to get Mr Mechanic to pull some codes (this is not using VAGCom kit). The codes were as follows: 17705 Pressure drop between turbo and throttle valve P1297 - Intermittent 17545 Fuel Trim bank 1 (Add) System too rich P1137 _ 17743 Engine Torque Monitor 2 Control limit exceeded P1335 - Intermittent On 18th April 2016 the MAF sensor was replaced. This was something that I'd been meaning to do to address the first 2 fault codes (but didn't have the money for) and hoped that it had something to do with my breakdown on the 12th.. The fuel economy improved by about 3mpg on a 14 mile round trip and the instances of the turbo kicking in when not wanted/required was resolved. A few days later after naively thinking that all was good in the world I was accelerating to overtake; revs were high (5K RPM) and the engine became very "laggy" as if the boost was kicking in and fading out. The car misfired and ran like a bag of smashed crabs for a couple of days. After reading more of the forum entries on Briskoda I established that my car may qualify for the recall and replacement of the coil packs under 28F7. On 21st April 2016 I took it to a different garage than my usual mechanic's and they replaced coils 1, 2, & 4. I was told that coil pack 3 had already been replaced (by a previous owner) and was a non genuine part and so did not qualify for replacement under warranty. Since then, the car is drive-able 75% of the time, but when it runs like a dog, it really runs like a (three legged) dog; It misfires, lumpy idle, turbo kicking in and out on acceleration at high revs. When the idle has been lumpy there has been a smell of fuel. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it and it may be coincidence, but it seems that the car runs worse when the air conditioning is on full blast, cold. The hoses have been checked by Mr Mechanic and he can't find anything wrong with them. He took my car to a fellow mechanic who has "better kit than mine and should be able to dig deeper to find more codes if they're there" (see what I mean about needing to be spoken to like a 5 year old?!) I'm guessing that he means the other guy has VAGCom kit. Sods law, the car was running absolutely fine when connected to the kit. He did say that (one of?) the Lambda sensors was taking its time to close (or something like that) but wasn't so far out that he thought it could be problematic. When I picked up the car from regular Mr Mechanic, as soon as I got in it, started it up it and it was running like a chewed up cassette tape. It seems that I can reproduce the symptoms some of the time by flooring it and giving it some beans. Other times it will run fine for a few days even if I drive it like a 17 year old wearing a baseball cap backwards. Getting the symptoms to appear and coinciding with getting other mechanic guy to be available to do live diagnostics on it is proving difficult. Next step (unless advised otherwise): I have ordered some carb cleaner and a replacement throttle body gasket and am hoping to attempt cleaning that out in the next week by following the guide found on this site. After that, I'm not really sure what to do - N75 valve perhaps but don't want to keep chucking money at it. Likelihood of it being a cambelt timing issue after it was replaced? Any thoughts would be gratefully received. Apologies again for my length and thanks in advance.
  19. Hello From Edgware,London

    Hi,, Just bought a (used) Skoda Octavia III,2014, 2.0L Diesel, DSG, Elegance, 5dr, 47k miles Had it as a company car and loved it. Had a Audi A4 and love the set up on the Octavia Elegance trim. Well spent car allowance. Lucky to have so many options. Start stop, DSG, Cruise control, Steering Paddles, Heated Seats, Heated front windscreens, Kessy (keyless entry and start), Park assist, COLUMBUS system, Spare Wheel, Only thing I like but BEIGE interior, (NEED CAR SEAT COVERS ) but with all the gadgets I got this instead of so many others in the same spec price range, It was slightly cheaper than some models with more miles and same age/mileage. IT is ASLO very Efficient, driving to work on the A406, Edgware to barking i get 55-60mpg!!!! or close to it when I get a bit Raceyyyy. Looking forward to many miles of comfortable, and exciting driving. Please let me know of your experiences of any of the options,,
  20. I just bought a used Octavia Elegance 1.6 TDi CR on 2014 plate. The infotainment screen has physical buttons which say "Setup" and "Sound" in the positions I think there should be "Nav" and "Traffic". Is this normal because it seems I have Bolero on the dashboard when elegance should be Amundsen ? In the glove box is the CD player which has two SD card slots but there is no SD card in either slot, so it seems I have Amundsen in the glove box. When I press the "Setup" or Sound" button I get a message telling me to "Please insert a data medium with valid navigation data". When I look at the System Information I see : - Device Part Number : 5E0035874A (which I think is Amundsen - but why not "Nav and "Traffic" next to the screen ?) - Hardware: 040 - Software: 0435 - Navigation Database: (Nothing) - Media Codec: N/A I initially thought I may just need to buy a replacement SD Nav Card but now I'm not so sure given the dashboard screen looks like a Bolero which shouldn't know about navigation but does. Does anyone know what is going on or point ot to a website that can explain what all this means ? Thanks, Chris Note: I held down the "Menu" button and got the following information if it is helpful : MHI Software: 13.41.19_H15.10.138_STDNav_EU Model: GuideModel_15.10.141 Software Base: H15.10.138-201310072107 CGRun Number: H15.10.138- Skin Editor: 15.9BF2/HY15.10.130_Skinner Skin Model: MSH15.10.130 Skin Build: BH15.10.138-201310072107 Skin Short: STD_Skoda-3HT8L6T Skin SPF Filename: MIB_HMI_SKODA_STD_SKIN_A_H15.10.138_with_lang.spf Speller: (GuideModel_11.10.4) Text Translation Number: SK_Texts_51.05_H15.10.101
  21. Hi, 2 new Skodas!

    Hello, Just signed up to this forum as looks like a great place for Skoda owners to share info and help each other. My wife has a brand new Citigo Monte Carlo, which I love. She got it about 3 months ago, and so I have just got a new car and had to choose Skoda ! I got a 2014 Yeti 2.0TDI Elegance. Loving it. Cheers Paul, UK.
  22. S2 2011

    From the album S2 Combi 2011

    © ssc

  23. Full Frontal

    Full Frontal view. Note the way the ground clearance has increased!

    © Shankar

  24. My Yeti Again!

    © Shankar

  25. My Yeti!

    © Shankar