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Found 614 results

  1. Coolant warning alert

    High there, i have owned my Skoda fabia II VRS Estate, for about a month now, and I’m loving it. However, the (loud) coolant warning alert has come on twice in the last 2weeks. And the coolant levels are to low. So I topped it up with coolant. This keeps happening! Why? Also 3 times now, the orange engine light has come up & stayed on for a few days at a time & then disappears again? why?
  2. Could anyone perhaps recommend a quiet 19" tyre for a Superb Sportline Estate TDI 150 DSG? The current Pirelli Cinturato P7's are so NOISY - on just about every surface. I rate strongly the Avon ZV7 for quietness but it doesn't come in 19". With thanks MM
  3. Hi, I recently got my Skoda Octavia, Noticed over the last few weeks a judder when decelerating from relative high speeds. It's getting annoying and was wondering if anyone has such an experience and how it was fixed. Many Thanks
  4. Dear Fellow Skoda Enthusiasts I am breaking my MK1 2002 Octavia L&K 1.9 TDI 110 BHP 5 Speed Manual. Exterior Colour and Colour Code: Nature Green / F8C Interior Colour: L&K Beige Engine Code: ASV Milage: 119650 Miles I have to with regret break my Octavia due to severe damage to the front nearside (Left) Alloy Wheel, Wishbone, Wheel Bearing, Wheel Hub, Tie Rod, Tie Rod End and Drive Shaft. This is due to a freak, unlucky accident that happend due to the recent snow through no fault of my own. The engine is in very good condition with full Skoda Service History and the use of Original Volkswagen/Skoda Parts. Even in the recent Snow and with temperatures as low as -5 degrees, the engine started instantly with the first turn of the key. In May 2017 I fitted a brand new original Volkswagen Turbo. The only part that needs attention is the alternator pulley which is very noisy. The interior is in Good/Very Good Condition. The drivers seat has a tear on the normal side bolster location and the rear passenger side door trim leather has a slight tear but it is nice condition overall. All body panels are rust and dent free and in good to very good condition depending on the panel, please ask about the panel or panels that you require. Mechanically in terms of the suspension ( a part from nearside front), brakes, engine, and steering the Octavia is very good. In addition all of the electrics work perfectly, including the heated seats. Please email, respond on here or call me, then I can give you more detailed information, more specific answers and we can talk about the price. Location: London Email: mjanjua96@gmail.com Mobile Number: 07587240100 ( please do not call 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday because I am at work) You can leave a message.
  5. hetty1

    This is further to my piece on poor Skoda dealer warranties The dealer in question is Mitchell Skoda near Chester. I have spent a good part of today in email contact with Richard Macklin, Skoda brand manager. I was given incorrect and downright contradictory information by one of the sales team, Ben Walker by name on Friday evening last. I was told that the warranty process had to be authorised by Skoda and a positive result could not be guaranteed. No time spans were given at all, Mitchell did not make the decision, the warranty company did. Less than 24 hours later the same member of staff emailed to say that I could bypass the whole claims process by phoning the service department and it could all be arranged and the fault sorted at no cost to me at all. "The process" could now be completely bypassed. This was a direct contradiction of course. That may sound like good news but it wasnt.. Acting on what I was initially told I needed the fault fixing speedily and the claims process could have dragged on for ages due to no information on time taken to authorisation and the job completed very so I was forced to contact my usual independent garage. I do mean forced. I only had one speed working on the fan and the weather here has been atrocious and is still very bad and I needed a fully working fan to give me good visibility as I have several medical appointments this week and needed a car; the bus service is very poor here. It would be downright dangerous as it is and if the one remaining speed failed I couldnt have got out by car at all. I got a booking at very short notice and they were great, even juggling appointments around to fit me in. You might think that being given such contradictory advice ( as proven by the emails) by a company representative would mean something to Mitchell: wrong.! They had the gall to suggest cancelling the appointment at the indie and to hell with any loss the garage might have incurred even though they had pulled out all the stops to help me, including ordering special parts. I tried getting the other person involved, Ben Walker to acknowledge what his actions had caused but he apparently thinks he has been insulted. You couldnt make it up! There is no way I would cancel, they have been great to me over 13 years and Richard Macklin has flatly refused to reimburse me for tormorrow`s bill even though their contradictory advice had directly caused this foul up. All he can go on and on about is " the process" and he has ignored all the evidence. I suspect they believe I cannot afford to hire a good solicitor to sue them and they are riding roughshod over all my requests for fair treatment. This is from a company that makes a huge deal out of not opening on Sundays due to religious convictions and poses as a moral company with a high regard for customer service and satisfaction! My advice would be NOT TO GO NEAR THIS COMPANY. They will be bad for your financial health! They will treat you like I have been treated, all style but no substance!
  6. quick question for anyone that might know would the boot lid on my 2011 fabia is corroding around the number plate screw holes... would that be covered by the skoda paint warranty?
  7. Hello, im sam. I have skoda Octavia mk2 TDI,PD,MANUAL transmission. Few days ago, my son washing my car engine. But unfortunately water entered at turbo hose pipe . Then we tried to start the car. It's crappy and vibration and bad noises. Next day we try to start it started again with alot of white-blue smoke from exhaust. Local mechanic said that injector number.4 clogged. So he said to fill injector cleaner. Within few hours i fill my tank with 10$ fuel but unfortunately at fuel station filler man put whole bottle in tank. It was horrible, but we cant do anything, till now we are using car with that mixture fuel. Now car smokes alot and misfires littles after to start. After When temperature get normal smoke stops. There is any reason? Does full bottle of injector cleaner cause any problem on not much fuel?
  8. Hello. I'm wondering can I fit seats from Škoda Superb MKIII in my Škoda Superb MKII? I finded these nice seats but from newer version.
  9. Skoda, the Mladá Boleslav-based Czech automaker, has digitally revealed the new top variant of the Kodiaq SUV ahead of its public premiere at the International Motor Show 2018 in Geneva. Being christened as Skoda Kodiaq L&K, it is named after the company's founders Laurin and Klement. The L&K variant boasts of individual design and extensive comfort features, while introducing a new petrol engine. Skoda Kodiaq went on sale in the Indian market in October last year at an introductory price of Rs. 34.49 Lakhs (Ex. Showroom). Source: Skoda Kodiaq L&K Revealed Ahead of Geneva Debut Next Month
  10. Skoda Fabia mk2 08 plate

    When my car is stationary I put the wheel in full lock and there’s a clunk more on the passengers side , I have recently had a new bearing on driver side and a new springs on both sides also had new drop links on passengers side so quite a bit of work on the front When I go over a bump it squeaks car is going to be booked into a VW specialist in 2 weeks. I have read some posts about different problems has anyone else had this problem I hope The problem is not too costly any reply’s would be appreciated
  11. I have an 08 plate Skoda Fabia and my drivers side window sometimes doesn’t work at all and have always had problems with it. I have replaced the switch at drivers side and problem still there m i have read previous about this being a wiering problem ?? Any suggestions
  12. So here I am back again after owning a mk1 Octy vrs black 1.8 turbo, mk2 pfl octy vrs red 2.0 tfsi and now I have put a deposit down on this mk3 petrol black edition VRS. Its a 15 plate with only 13k on the clock with the bigger wheels and seems a very good spec! Gotta wait until Saturday to get her though! I'm sure all my mates will slate me for buying what looks like a 'taxi' or an 'undercover police car' but I absolutely love it! And im sure it'll put theres to shame! Im unsure of doing any mods as yet, maybe stage 1, wind deflectors, wheel spacers and a small suspension drop, de resonated exhaust to maybe. Anyway I hope you all like
  13. Advice on wheel spacers

    Hi guys, I’m looking to get some wheel spacers on my 2005 Octavia VRS. She’s on standard 18inch VRS alloys. I I would like 15mm spacers on the rear and 10mm on the front. Has anybody got any experience of having them fitted and would you recommend a specific supplier?
  14. Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can find the colour code for Skoda Superb Mk1? I know that there should be a sticker in the boot (under the carpet by the spare wheel well) with the code, however, this sticker has worn off and it's impossible to read the colour code from it. Is there any other way of checking the colour code of the car?
  15. Hello Everyone, Im looking a set of lowering springs for my 2015 skoda fabia, i want to lower it a bit but nothing crazy so that it looks better when i get it wrapped. I will be taking the car to a garage to get them properly installed. 1. any good suggestions for springs, brands/size etc. 2. will the springs fail MOT? heard a lot of mixed answers for this one. I appreciate all answers. thanks!!
  16. Greetings from Ireland

    Hi. I've liked the shape of the Mk2 Skoda Superb since it was first launched and last August I traded in my Volvo estate to buy a nice second hand 1.6d with lots of bells and whistles. In the interim I have done 11,000 very enjoyable miles, the most amount of miles in six months I have ever done before. I love my Skoda. I call him Yoda.
  17. Hello Britskoda fans, Hopefully someone can help with this annoying noise: I'm experiencing a knocking noise in the interior. It's looks like the knocking noise is coming from a dashboard but I can hear it from the car's underneath on driver' side if I'm outside. I can hear it in only if car is running on neutral in iddle.
  18. Saying hi to all on here

    Hello there to all here on Briskoda.net. We are Dave and Jan Weaver from Kidderminster in Worcestershire. Although our new Skoda Octavi VRS Estate hasn't arrived yet, it was put together in the Czech republic during week 4 of this year (last week of January), and is currently waiting to cross the channel. We are looking to collect it on 11th March. It's is a Motability car, as I am partially disabled, due to a spinal injury. A few additions I'm looking at, so I'll discuss those on the Octavia forum. Safe driving all
  19. Hello, noticed one of my bump stops has partly disintergrated. I looked for replacements on eBay and found a lot of choice! Are all bump stops pretty much the same? Are they one size fits all? Oh yeah, gonna get some MAD helper springs too if that will make a difference? Many Thanks Phill
  20. Hi all, I have a 2007 1.6 FSI Elegant. I noticed yesterday that the wing mirror indicator on the passenger side is not working (but the puddle light is working). I also noticed that the indicator is working on the drivers side, but the puddle light is NOT working! I have been reading up on what part I need and it looks like 1Z0949101D (which is the one that includes the puddle light). However, I am not that bothered about having the puddle light as it is twice the price! A part without the puddle light can be found for around £15, which one with the puddle light is around £33. Is there any reason I cannot fit a non puddle light version? Also, when I just went out in the daylight I couldn't get the puddle light on the working side (passenger) to switch on It was working last night for sure. Is it light sensitive? Ot is it just being temperamental? Thanks
  21. Hi I have this error message,(U112100 - Databus missing message static) It looks like Headlight working fine they do that dance on start up. Automatic high beams working as well. I'm not sure if my Smart light assist works/ (dynamic light assist) i cant see light beams are changing/ moving when cornering, only fog lights. Do i need to set up something else. Thank you for help OBDeleven data log Car: Skoda Superb L&K One more error is on Year: 2016 Body type: Saloon 17 Dash Board Engine: DFCA 140 kW (190 HP) 2 l Mileage: 32124 KM System description: Skoda Superb L&K Saloon --------------------------------------------------------------- Software number: 3V0920911 55 Headlight Regulation Software version: 6421 Hardware number: 3V0920911 System description: AFS-ECU Hardware version: 305 Software number: 7P6907357D ODX name: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB Software version: 0090 ODX version: 009046 Hardware number: 7P6907357A Long coding: 27E4011A7F9C060001837B2B5000002000000000 Hardware version: H07 Trouble codes: Serial number: -------------- U101400 - Control module incorrectly coded static ODX name: EV_HeadlRegulVWAFSMQB U112100 - Databus missing message static ODX version: 001120 U112100 - Databus missing message Long coding: 06960200FF010000 Traffic Sign recognition was coded on. Subsystems: Tire pressure monitor what should be original setting for that and others please. System description: LeiMo links Software version: 0013 Hardware version: H02 Long coding: B30000 System description: LeiMo rechts Software version: 0013 Hardware version: H02 Long coding: B30000 Trouble codes:c U112100 - Databus missing message stati Date: 2018-01-25 08:47:57 Mileage: 32124 km Priority: 6 Malfunction frequency counter: 1 Unlearning counter: 116 Traffic Sign recognition was coded on.
  22. Hello everyone! I’m currently having an issue with my locking system. When I try to open or lock the system for some reason is responding whenever it feels like it... and when I open passengers doors the alarm sets off...!!?! Any ideas what it might be? Thank you in advance!
  23. Hi all. I just need some confirmation on what services are needed on a 1.8 L 118 kW petrol 7 speed Skoda. Mine is at 60,000 km. 1. Is it true the fuel filter does NOT need servicing ever? Handbook states only for diesels. 2. The 7 sp DSG gear box oil and filter does NOT need servicing ever? Handbook states only for 6 speed. 3. Ribbed/toothed V-belt (is this the timing belt?) - does not need servicing ever? Handbook states inspect only and change at 150,000 km: "Replace toothed belt (diesel engines PD)." What does PD mean? Does this mean it is only for diesel engines? 4. Spark plugs change at 90,000 km as handbook states (it says "in addition every 90,000km"). 5. Oil & filter change every 15,000 km. 6. Dust and pollen filters?? Are these the same thing? Are there one or two? The handbook states every 60,000 km. I'm guessing these are relating to the cabin only. 7. As it then states to change air filter "in addition every 90,000 km" ... is this the long one in the engine bay? 8. Change oil in Haldex coupling every three years - what is this? My mechanic didn't know anything about it. 9. Brake fluid every 3 years first then every 2 years. and finally... 10. Lambda probe - when do you change this? The handbook only has a tick box for it to say if it was done or not every service. Cheers!
  24. Relay location

    I have a 2004 fabia vrs and Im trying to find relay 109 but had no luck yet. Anyone on here able to point me in the right direction? Cheers in advance
  25. Hi guys, Not long ago I've purchased my first car, it's a 2004 (2005) Skoda Fabia with a 1.9 TDI ATD (74 kW, 99 HP) engine with 400k km. And I am not that much of a driver, one of my friends, recommended that I **** the gears at around 2k no more than 2.5k RPM, cause as he said if I go more than 2.5k RPM it will start (include) the turbo, and he said that I don't really want that. Now...I mostly drive in the city, I am not a speeder or smth, as it is my first car and I don't have that much experience in driving, I try to drive as safe and by the rules as I can. And for 3-4 months, I was doing so everything good, and I was reading some posts on how to improve my driving skills, from the shifting gear point of view, and some people with the same 1.9 TDI engine, were saying that I must never shift under 2.5k RPM and that the most recommended would be 3k - 3.5k RPM. For me, at 3.5k the engine sounds a little too loud, and kind of struggles, but as I am a newbie I don't really trust myself. But I kind of trust this forum as it helped me with all the issues that I have had until now. So guys what are your recommendations, how do you do?

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