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Found 21 results

  1. Hi folks, I have picked up a Swing headunit and code to replace the faulty Dance unit in the missus' Fabia 2. I have successfully removed the old unit and got the new one connected up (Pending aerial adaptions as the Dance has a single plug whereas the Swing has a double.) but I cannot get the unit to progress past the SAFE screen. The manual suggests it should display SAFE for a few seconds before 0000 for code entry however mine does not progress this far. I turned the stereo on AFTER the ignition and have tried taking the car for a 10 minute run as I read this may help, but still SAFE. It is also showing no strikes for incorrect code entry. Any support appreciated. Garreth
  2. Tailgate rust

    Hi hope it's okay starting a new thread. The older ones were a couple of years old and quite specific. I've a few patches of rust on my 9 year old Fabia 2 Estate (2008) Took it into my local dealer and they just brushed it off immediately as not covered by the warranty as not coming from the inside. You can see pictures via this album - any opinions? https://www.flickr.com/gp/needlestone/0rQ5o2 There is a patch under the boot release handle, some patches by the mid left side and some bubbling (hard to see in the pics) to the bottom left of the numberplate. Any opinions? It seems to be reasonably common on some skodas/VWs but I've no idea what the definition of rust coming from the inside is and I guess it's going to cost a lot to fix! Is it worth trying to push it further or do I save the hassle and give up?
  3. VCDS /Vag Com request

    Hi guys, MOT is up on the Fabia, car is a 2008 1.2 I had to change a few bulbs the other night, and also the fuse for the rear offside tail lights. Anyway I couldn't figure out the diagram on the fuse box and turns out I pulled out the fuse for the instrument cluster ( I think).... the lights when off anyway, and since then the airbag light has been on. I have a handheld code reader which came back with "instrument cluster" - i forget the exact code number now... I tried taking battery off, moving connectors under the seats (incase) but to no avail, when key is turned to P2, the light goes out briefly, then re illuminates. If someone local to Worcester / Birmingham / Redditch is available with vagcom / vcds / or the knowhow, either Friday (tomorrow) night or Sunday and fancies helping out, I can provide beer / wine / for your time? Any help hugely appreciated. MOT is in exactly 1 week and every year something happens like this, Regards Rob
  4. Fabia II - 1.8t ?

    I was wondering if is it possible to swap 1.8t engine to Fabia mkII, I know there are a lot of projects with 1.8t and Fabia mkI but what about Fabia II? I don't know that much about Skoda's and engine swap solutions, and if is it possible what gearbox(maybe from polo gti?) and other main parts could be used?
  5. A few days into ownership of my Scout and the standard 'Dance' stereo is beginning to bug me. I have been looking to see what OEM navigation/media unit is available ie RNS310/5 or RNS510 We have a Columbus RNS510 unit in our Golf Plus, which I prefer because I have 30Gb of mp3 files loaded on the HDD, that doesn't appear possible on RNS315. I've done some searching on here but have further questions; If I fit RNS510; 1) Will directions appear on maxi-dot? 2) Will track names from HDD appear on maxi-dot? If neither of the above are possible, will it work as an entirely stand-alone unit without battery drain issues etc?
  6. Fabia 2 Tailgate complete

    Fabia 2 tailgate, complete. £90. Collect from south Manchester/north Cheshire. Candy white. On the high level brake lamp housing, one of the retaining clips is damaged. Glass, wiper, lock, loom, trim all present and correct. I'm not braking a car, I have no other items, just this tailgate!
  7. Headlight adjustment

    Hi there, Does anyone know how to adjust the headlights beam from left to right or vice versa on the projector lights ? I have searched all the web and this forum and still didn't managed to find the answer. Thank you!
  8. Full Winter tyre and wheel set for Fabia 2 (2007 onwards). They are from a Fabia Elegance 110 TDI CR that I sold last autumn. The wheels were bought new in Nov 11 from a Skoda Dealership as were the genuine 15 inch wheel covers and 20 wheel bolts. They have covered approximately 9,000 miles over the three previous winters and are for sale as I have sold the car. The wheels and tyres have been stored horizontally on shelves in my garage when not in use. The tyres are Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 195/55R15 85H TL and the tread depths are as follows; two have 7 mm, the other two 6 mm. All are in good condition, the tyres are pristine. Wheels are in good condition also, though there are small patches of surface corrosion as is normal on steel wheels. There are a couple of very small scuffs on the wheel covers (see photos). They are balanced and ready to fit. The benefits of winter tyres are well documented and you don't need me to reiterate them here. I would prefer collection from Exeter due to the time taken to wrap wheels. Freight will otherwise be at your expense. Wheel part numbers are: S6QQ 0601027M03C x 4 Wheel bolts are: SWHT002437 x 20 RG5 B5S6 I'm looking for £225 for everything that's tyres ,wheels ,wheel covers and bolts. Many thanks for looking ​Any questions and just ask. Ian ps I've also got a set of brand new and unused Thule snow chains CS10 -065 that also fit the above. £65 to inc postage
  9. Just a quick wash + wax of the furby compliments of some Mer wax i bought the other day, turned out quite nicely , also bought some new trims and fitted those, think they set the car off quite well.
  10. P046C & P0407 Faults

    Hi, I keep getting these fault codes when my 2010 Fabia 1.6.TDI 90hp is scanned on VCDS. These look like EGR codes and it looks like a need a new valve. This is expensive and I would obviously prepare a cheaper option, does anyone think it could be something else or is there something I could do short of replacing the EGR? Also my DPF has 28grams ash, does this look OK? For information, the car has done 69,000. I would be grateful for any advice.
  11. Hello from England

    Hello, I am the proud owner of a brand new Fabia 2, in SE spec and with the 85hp 1.2 TSI engine. One day on, and I am in love with the car already! Looking forwar to participating in the forum.
  12. Hello, my name is Alex and I'm from Timisoara,Romania. I have been around ever since I discovered this great community filled up with Skoda lovers and want to share with you my Fabia project. It all started when I turned 18 and got her as a gift from my parents: Skoda Fabia Mk2 2011 with an 1.2 TSI engine. I soon discovered that the little 1.2 TSI engine made the car actually fun to drive and quickly felt in love. With no big plans in mind, I never tought that my Fabia could look as good or even close to the others that I saw.... Being afraid of getting my hands on a brand new car and doing something wrong was the main reason that keept me away from doing any major changes. But then, I actually did something wrong... With my driver license suspended for the next 3 months, and another 3 long months until my car was repaired, dreams and ideas started rolling in. After seeing my loved Fabia wrecked and choosing to repair it at a friends Garage, to reduce some of the costs, I lost my warranty and my fears of getting my hands on the car and doing something wrong... So I replaced the stock bumper with a VRS one After a long winter it was time to get lower and ready for the summer... So the next step was an FK Coilover Kit And the proof that low is a lifestyle.... Now this is where it gets interesting With some money saved and big plans in mind, my car was soon under construction again. With the custom built US Trunk, I think my Fabia is the only one in the game... After nearly 2 months, my Fabia was allmost done... I wanted to have the perfect fitment, so sacrifices had to be made... And here some fresh pics, saving what's best until now: XXR 527, 17" Gold, 8.25J all around Falken ZIEX 195/40/17 stretch for a nice fitment Monte Carlo Headlights Pedobear More pictures soon!! Future plans: -Custom Leather and Alcantara interior -G.A.S Airride system -Camber -Revo Technik Software Upgrade -Downpipe

    Had a nasty experience down a country lane the other night. Steering felt all wrong. Stopped & found a puncture in front passenger side wheel. I've never examined the jack before nor familiarised myself with the "changing wheel procedure" in the handbook. End result it slipped off the jack & put a nasty dent in the sill! My fault - I'm not blaming anybody else, - I should have wised up. But it was dark and I'm on the edge of an unlit road. I don't know whether I didn't locate the jack properly on the underside of the sill, or whether the ground under the jack was too soft. But the jack does seem a flimsy thing, & I wondered if something more substantial was available. (I don't want to haul a trolley jack about). Any way it could have been worse, luckily the wheel was still in place, otherwise I would have been the ****, with the hub resting on the ground, miles from anywhere with no mobile signal. If anybody has replaced the feeble jack with something better, please say with what. DEREK

    Does any body know how to remove the vRS badge from the rear of a Fabia? Will it cause any damage? Will I need a new paint job? The reason I ask? I'm getting a little bit fed up of being "taken on" by boy racers in their rusty Fiestas or Golf Gti's. It's also embarrassing to see them in your rear view mirror as you you pull away. Can you imagine when they tell their mates & they reply "You got beat away from the lights BY A WHAT??!!" Seriously though it nearly got me into trouble recently. After beating one head banger away several times, he caught me up at the next red set & got out of his Fiesta with its full bore exhaust & Bass Boom boxes & came over. There's me frantically looking for the autolock button when I realised he was only about 5'3 in his designer Nike's, & I'm 6ft & 17stone. He effed & blinded at me a few times, & then when the lights changed I left him standing in the middle of the road still cursing. I've come to the conclusion it's the vRS badge that's attracting them, so if I can remove it - then maybe they wont want to take me on in the first place, or if they do it will add to their embarrassment by being beaten away by a bog standard Fabia.
  15. Hello there, I own a Fabia II 1.2 TSI from 2010 with FK-40mm lowering springs, OEM front ARB with a diameter of 18mm and 17 "Borbet Exor with 205/40 Pirelli Pzero Nero tires. It handles OK, but I want to reduce the leaning of the car during cornering. My next (obvious) step is to upgrade the rear by adding a rear ARB ... but I've been reading in the forum and over the internet, and I can´t get my mind straight about two things: First: Should I buy a RARB from Whiteline with 20mm diameter, and only that? Or should I go to the Jabba Sport 24mm? (At the moment I can feel the car does not (At the moment I can feel the car does not understand, I have the feeling that it has the tendency to oversteer when provoked, for example in a sharp turn during a roundabout, the rear tends to slide a little... but with the car always tend to lean..). Second: If I go for the 24mm RARB, would an updated front ARB (with 22mm diameter) be a wise choice? Thanks, João (From Portugal) Ps. I´m sorry in advance for my English writing...
  16. Hi Guys, I have a 2011 facelift Fabia and the models down here do not come with projector lamps and the the lighting of the car is really inadequate along with the fog lamps. So i am planning to upgrade to projector can anyone direct me if this upgrade is : 1) Really worth or should i upgrade the bulbs with a cut out for 100/90 2) Will this Increase the lighting on the road? 3) Can i use the old bulbs or is there an upgrade for the bulbs also. 4) Has anyone upgraded and the price for the upgrade. - Any currency is fine as the prices worldwide are the same for skoda 5) Are there any tweaks to be done on the Fabia to accommodate this change? 6) Does anyone know the part number for the Normal Projector lamps and the price. I did manage to get the price of the projector, but the ones i got are smoked projector lamps(Needs to be imported) which i am not a fan and i have CBeige colour fabia, i am looking for the normal projector lamps. I would appreciate everyone contribution as i am in a fix as to if i have to go with this upgrade which i know is pretty costly and need some one to guide me with this. Thank you for your ŠkodaParts.Com Enquiry. Please click on the links below for price on items required http://www.skodaparts.com/product/fabia-facelift-headlamp-black-o-s-2011-2013-50080 http://www.skodaparts.com/product/fabia-headlamp-n-s-black-2011-2013-50079 There will be additional postage charge if you decide to buy it. Thanks
  17. I am thinking of styling my Fabia II Estate with these door handles in Chrome: http://www.superskoda.com/fabia-ii/exterior/skoda-fabia-ii-stainless-steel-door-handle-cover-10pcs-set-full-design Can any of you say somthing about the quality of this product? I don't want them to fell cheap. Do they scratch easily? Is it possible to remove them if I don't like them - they are glued on. Can you recommend a better product? Thanks.
  18. Does anyone in Northwest England offer fitting of cruise control or know anyone who you could recommend for the job? Martin
  19. Available due to change of plans Brand new Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs for Mk2 Fabia estates (not vRS) Part number:- E10-79-006-06-22 Provides 20mm lowering at rear, 30mm at front £140 collected
  20. Help I have done 90,000 miles in my Fabia 2 1.9 Estate 1.9 TDI and notice that the glow plug light on the dash comes on before starting even in the very hot weather we have had in the last few weeks. Are the glow plugs beginning to age and need replacing? Question: How do I replace the glow plugs or is it a dealer job? Thanks. Brian

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