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Found 28 results

  1. Genuine unmolested skoda octavia vrs 1.8 180 bhp for sale. Full skoda history to 80,000 miles then a few independants followed by specilist independants during my ownership of 4 years. 157,000 miles fully documented and reciepts for work over 4 years. 2016 saw the dual mass flywheel and clutch replaced along with cambelt water pump power steering pump and some suspension parts by Audi specailist APS Brackley at a cost of just over £1,200.00 reciepts and photo eveidence to support work. Google these guys to see what they are all about !!! Amazing service and knowledge and come highly rated. MOT till July good condition for year (53 plate). Four good tyres all matching and washed weekly. Genuine, clean and usable daily driver. Past the last MOT with no advisories or issues. Current issues: 1. Requires full oil and filter change as service now due. I was looking to drop the sump and change the pick up pipe summer job! 2. Rear discs and pads will need replacing at some point and calipers overhauled. 3. Does have boost issue down on power with no turbo boosting. N75 changed, mass airflow, air filter, throttle body cleaned pcv valve and hoses checked and replaced where needed dump valve all genuine like for like parts from TPS etc.... all hoses checked for leaks although no pressure test or smoke test done. I suspect a stuck or faulty acuator. 4. Scanned with VAG Com and no fault codes. 5. Noisy secondary air pump did throw fault code but bolted up and carried out the repair for the faulty rivits common issue. No fault code but still a little noisy on start up but not everytime. 6. Main light switch needs replacing 7. Sticking micro switch in passenger rear door does not always lock on the remote all other doors fine. Kept working with wd40 or contact cleaner, periodically. 8. Radiator mounts broken, like it when I bought the car so the occasion squeak is heard. 9. Few minor bodywork issues trolly dinks etc.. and front a rear bumpers could do with a re spray if I was being picky. Washed and waxed weekly so kept very clean with no rust or paint issues. Generally age related marks. The car drives well, no smoke on start up or when driving. Climate contol air/con all works as does everything else cd changer in boot all ok stock stereo. This has been a fantastic car and has never let me down, very reluctant sale as this is genuine unmolested and origional car. I did think about putting it into storage and keeping it but decided it has to go. A new car makes this a very reluctant sale. Asking £600.00 as it stands. The car will be taken of the road next week SORN but run periodically to ensure its ready to drive away. Would like this to go to someone who will continue to look after the car and can perhaps invest some money and time into it something I dont have at the moment. Welcome any questions and happy to supply more info if needed. You can contact me on mexicocs74@gmail.com No test pilots or tyre kickers genuine enquiries only please and no silly offers.
  2. Race Blue mk3 Estate

    Hey guys, Thought I'd start a little topic on my car. I purchased her private last April 2017 mainly due to an incoming baby - Dad car time! 2013 Skoda Octavia vRS TSI with DSG in Race Blue with Black Turinis In 2017 I mainly just had the exhaust adjusted to smaller back boxes and mid resonator deleted. I also did various amounts of plastidipping to make her a bit different! Included pics of first petrol station visit then various changes:
  3. Hi, I own a 2010 model Skoda Octavia - diesel engine with manual transmission. The car has 2 radiator fans - big and small. The bigger fan keeps running even if I switch off the engine, take out keys etc. It stops only when the battery is unplugged else it keeps running. I realized when it drained my battery and the moment I connected another battery, the fan started running even without starting the engine. I am being told by a friend that the fan needs to get replaced because had it been the relay or the sensor - it wouldn't have been running when a fresh battery was re-connected. Has anyone else faced similar issue? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks, RG
  4. I have installed aftermarket amp and subwoofer to the boot but I have not found the right remote wire for the amp. My amp remote is connected to the boot 12v accessory socket but the amp power stays on after I turn the ignition off. Is there a known remote wire that turns my aftermarket amp on/off when the headunit is turned on/off? Thank you
  5. From petrol to deisel

    I am looking to swap mint 03 Ford Focus 1.4 petrol (a horrible car imo) for a 04 Skoda Octavia 1.9 deisel also mint. Both same mileage circa 170,000 .. test driven and I loved it .. is it a wise decision. Have owned 2 Octavias petrol old and wonderful. One was killed in NCT test (she was 17 yrs old) and the other was crashed into and airbags and bonnet destroyed (she was 8 yrs) advice welcome as the Ford was temporary and must go the pic below is just an Internet pic representing what the Skoda I speak of looks like.. might I get a swap?

    Hey guys! Sorry for my english It's not my native language, anyway I've own a Skoda Octavia A5 2008 Diesel 1.9 - automatic transmission... Days before the car start to flooded the passengers foot when the A/c was on I didn't give it much importance so I didn't use the A/C a lot. The thing is that some days after on a red light it suddenly turns off, I tried to turn it on but It fails. I bring it to the mechanic makes me change the battery, mesure the pressure of the back fuel bomb, but it was fine, and in conclusion he said it was an electrical problem. But he check the fuses and all were fine. And when he check the computer it brings this three codes, P1626, P1648, P1649. So before going to another mechanic I need some advice or clue if you know something about this codes?
  7. Skoda Octavia Mk II (2004 - 2013) BCA engine 1.4 found melted fuse 25A but not snapped the third insight. car stop working. fault code reading: I don't know what to look for ... please help 08482 ---008482 - Accelerator Position Sensor (G79) 08487 ---008487 - Accelerator Position Sensor 2 (G185) 01024- Rain Sensor(G213) 01592-Air Quality Sensor (G238) 00275-ABS Outlet Valve: Right Rear (N135) 00280-Differential Lock Valva 2(N126) 00835-Connection to Convertable Top Control Module
  8. Hello, Guys! We are Professional Dismantler Business and currently, we are breaking 2006 SKODA OCTAVIA 2.0 TDI BKD, BLACK 9910, AUTO GEARBOX HQL FAULTY, 5 DOOR most of the parts available and only front end sold. We have been dismantling Skoda, Audi, Seat, VW and Porsche cars for more than 4 years and we are VAT Registered company. Currently, we have more than 10k of items and most of the items can be delivered to your place in 48 Hours or collected in person. More Info For the Car you can Find Here!
  9. Hello, Guys! We are Professional Dismantler Business and currently, we are breaking 2002 SKODA OCTAVIA VRS 1.8 TURBO ENGINE AUQ, BLACK 9910, GEARBOX EHA most of the parts available and only front end sold. We have been dismantling Skoda, Audi, Seat, VW and Porsche cars for more than 4 years and we are VAT Registered company. Currently, we have more than 10k of items and most of the items can be delivered to your place in 48 Hours or collected in person. More Info For the Car you can Find Here!
  10. Skoda Octavia vRS

    The 2017 Skoda Octavia vRS has undergone quite a number of changes, both aesthetically and on the technically. However, the most prominent change can be pointed out as the refreshed exteriors. For more: https://autoportal.com/news/skoda-octavia-vrs-facelift-revealed-expected-to-launch-in-april-2017-9781.html
  11. Gear box problem skoda octavia

    My husbands skoda octavia has a problem with the gearbox, the gearstick seems very stiff, a mechanic mentioned it could be a problem with linkages rather then fly wheel, just wondering how much this sort of repair costs
  12. Hi My oil light came on this morning, topped up the oil its stayed on, have taken oil cap off and slightly revved engine not many oil spots coming back up. Loos like I will need to change oil pump would be grateful if anyone can direct me to a tutorial to view online before I attempt the job or any other suggestions as to what it might be before I change the pump. It is an ASV engine on a 2003 Skoda Octavia 1.9tdi model. Thanks
  13. Hello

    New member Location S. E. Wales
  14. Hi Guys! We offer 2006 Skoda Octavia for sale, please note that gearbox is faulty and need to be replaced. Engine: 2.0 TDI Transmission: Automatic Category: HPI Clear Millage: 127000 MOT: NO MOT Car Primary Damage: Gearbox faulty V5 Note: Included Price: £789
  15. Sainsbury Personal Loans.

    Hi all. I have put a deposit down on a nearly new Skoda Octavia SE. I was hoping to pay off the balance with a personal loan from Sainsburys Bank at 2.9%. It does state that that that APR is subject to status. Now I earn a regular good wage with a train operator, lived at my current address for over a decade with my partner and have shaved a decent amount towards my new car. So they email to state that in principal that the loan is approved and will post agreement. So agreement arrives and the APR is 6.7%! Anyone else had this kind of result?
  16. I am advised that there was a problem affecting the Dual Mass flywheel on older Skoda's/ Volkswagens that caused them to fail with alarming regularity resulting in a costly gearbox replacement and engine rebuild, but that this problem has been largely fixed on the newer models. I am thinking of buying a 2013 (new shape) Skoda Octavia with 92,000 miles on the clock, 6 speed manual 2.0l diesel (elegance spec). One owner form new, (Volkswagen finance rep), so I am guessing most of those miles are motorway driving. Went to see it yesterday and it sounds sound as a bell, no excessive vibration through the clutch pedal when idling or driving. Any comments?
  17. Hi everyone, my 2004 Skoda Octavia estate seems to have a water problem. When i first bought it used the condensation on the window was pretty bad and took ages to clear. Overnight the carpets would get damp, and after it rained (as it always does in Manchester) an inch or two of water would accumulate in the rear passenger footwell, and the windscreen always seemed to be wet on the inside. Anyway before i went away over Xmas i changed the air conditioning filter to see if that would help and took the car in to try and get all the damp steamed out and the carpets dry. Came back from holiday and there was a good couple inches of water collected on the passenger and rear passenger side of the car in the footwells. Had been like it for a few days obviously as mold had sprung up on the seats, steering wheel, seatbelts, etc. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Don't want my car to go to an early watery grave.
  18. Skoda Octavia II (2006), 350Nm/103kW 8V (BMM) Polar FIS Advanced RED FIRMWARE; that's the only firmware that's working on 2006 Octy and in the end you get white Maxidot 1. DISCONNECT BATTERY 2. locate blue connector above brake pedal housing/bracket 3. plug the cable with blue connector into Polar FIS+ 4. use included adapter cable for connecting Polar FIS back into car connector 5. secure Polar FIS on brake pedal housing with cable strap/tide (unsure about an english name) 6. reconnect battery 7. enter Maxidot menu and locate Polar FIS + Official guide
  19. I want to chenge on my Skoda Octavia 2 FL the beam bulb. Who can tell me how to do it ?
  20. Hi all I am sad to part with this fine motor that has served me well over the past few years. The only reason I am selling it is because I no longer require a second car anymore. Looking for someone to provide a new home to this great drive. 2nd Owner. The 1st owner kept the car in immaculate condition and I tried my best to do the same. Regular servicing and I have recently re-sprayed part of the cars bodywork to get rid of stone chips (motorway driving). ******UPDATE: SOLD Registered: Jan 2007 (56 plate) 99k miles Silver MOT till Jan 2016 Manual 2.0L Turbo FSi Petrol 200BHP ABS, Dual Climate control, Cruise control Part leather interior, custom carpet, 18 inch alloys, CD changer, MP3, AUX input, Bluetooth, Xenon headlights Few pics below: Thanks for your interest. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.
  21. Details Black Octavia vRS 53 Plate 76000 miles Mot till Nov 2 owners from new (I'm the second) Lots of service history with bills to prove mods New wishbones, track rod ends fitted (Feb 2015) and tracking. Nice and tidy, inside and out Mods Remapped stage one by Shark (June 2014 ~£300) Forge FMIC (as pictured below) (May 2014 ~£700) Width: ~300 mm Height: ~500 mm Depth: ~65 mm Jetex sports cat and exhaust (200 pcsi) (May 2014 ~£400) Uprated CRT turbo - rated for 250bhp (May 2014 ~£650) Uprated clutch (Sept 2014) by www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk Quaife Differential (Sept 2014) by www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk Lightened flywheel (Sept 2014) by www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk (~£1400 for mods by www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk) Sony stereo iPod / iPhone compatible, with usb slot. Free Extra's Big brake conversion to be fitted, with refurbished Porsche calipers, and full braided brake line kit, and brackets (~£500). PiperX air filter to fit (cone filter, in carbon fibre casing, with cold air feed ~£180). Spare AUQ engine with sale (1.8T 20V) - engine was originally for a 1.9 conversion. Original downpipe, and catalytic converter Located in North West. Open to offers in region of £2500 (just send me a pm). Couple of quick pics Thanks for looking Barry
  22. Hey, My sunroof recently ceased to work one day whilst open. The motor will not make any sounds so I suspect thats the problem but I was just wondering, without having to replace at this moment in time could it be shut maunally and if so how. Thanks for any replys in advance
  23. Looking for some roof bars for a skoda octavia 2011. I have the thule bike racks already thanks
  24. Front Shock help

    My car failed its MOT on front shocks so I brought some from GSF none having a drop link bracket on the back of the shocks. GSF phoned the dealers who where saying they where the right ones. Can anyone help or advise me where I can get some from? My car is a 52 plate vrs.
  25. Car Maintenance

    Hi all, I need some assistance. I had an oil leak with my 2004 skoda octavia wagon and I just kept putting oil in it until it was really bad...really needed the car!!! Anyhow, the mechanic replaced the oil cooler as it seemed to be pouring out oil whenever the engine was running. It somehow got cracked even though I did not hit or go under the bonnet for ages. I now have very loud engine knocking and the mechanic told me I need a new engine because I damaged it with the oil leak. He hasn't given me the option to rebuild my engine by replacing the damaged parts. He simply told me that I need a new engine. Are skoda engines hard to rebuild and do you recommend changing the parts, or is it better to buy a second hand engine? It is very hard to get skoda parts in Barbados and I am also having trouble sourcing a compatible engine. Mannie Fresh

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