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Found 24 results

  1. TLDR: Dont buy a Kodiaq SE 1.4 125ps 7 Seater without a tow bar and assume you can fit one later. You can, but you have to pay thousands to upgrade the cooling system first!! OK, here is the full story. I bought a nearly new Skoda Kodiaq SE 1.4 125ps 7 Seater from Winchester Skoda http://www.winchestermotorgroup.co.uk/ on 30th September 2018. The model I was buying did not have a tow bar, but this was one of my key requirements. So I carefully reviewed the specs that Skoda release (http://www.skoda.co.uk/SiteCollectionDocuments/downloads/brochures/kodiaq_pricing_specs.pdf ) to ensure it was capable of towing. I also confirmed with the dealer that fitting an after market tow bar was possible. I did not get a firm quote at the time, as this was not possible, because the parts and details had not yet been released by Skoda (I checked that on forums to ensure this was correct). But the dealer thought that a price of around £1000 was a reasonable estimate. With that information, I decided to purchase the car from them. I then returned to the dealer around early November to get a confirmed quote for adding a tow bar. They initially gave us a cost over the phone of around £1200 (cant remember the exact figure) but then rang us back a few days later saying that he had got it wrong and that it was actually going to between 3 and 4K because they had found additional information Skoda had sent them about the cooling system requiring an upgrade which we complained about. After speaking to their manager, they then told us they could do it for around £3000 because they could reduce their hourly rate slightly. Unfortunately, this is still way too much money for a tow bar given the specs say that the car off-the-shelf should be able to tow the weight we wanted. We complained to the manager about how when we bought the car this information should have been given to us. The manager said that they received the information after they had sold us the car and therefore we had to complain to Skoda, so they were not liable. We did this and went through the very friendly and helpful Skoda customer care team. It took some time, but it turned out Skoda Winchester received information about the cooling upgrade a month BEFORE they sold us the car, so in fact Winchester Skoda did know this information and could have told us when we bought the car. Skoda said it was therefore up to the dealer to sort this out and there was nothing they could do. I actually dispute this, as I believe they should also have updated the specifications of the car online to be inline with this information as it was known (they have still not done this, so the will happen again unless they take action). Anyway, we then got back to Winchester Skoda to tell them the situation, they said it was Skoda's issue and therefore there is nothing they can do. They also said that because they didn’t make any money when they sold us the car, they didn’t want to do anything. Very unprofessional indeed, I don’t believe for a minute they would sell us a car without making money on it in some way. So now we are stuck between Skoda and Winchester Skoda both blaming each other. Both sides agree there is an issue, but no one is willing to take responsibility. We have therefore started a consumer rights complaint. As we were sold a car with specifications saying that it can do something (tow 1600KG), that it clearly cannot without an expensive cooing system upgrade. In addition to this, the dealer did not tell us at the time even though they had the information, they also told us that adding a tow bar would be easy. This misinformation led us to purchase the car. If we had been given the correct information at the time, we would NOT have bought that car, and would have looked to find the same model car but with a factory fitted tow bar. We have written two consumer rights letters to Winchester Skoda (based on this link which is very helpful should you have similar issues: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-to-complain-about-a-second-hand-car-to-a-dealer). We had no response to the first. To the second we had a letter saying there is nothing they can do (basically tough luck we mis-informed you). We are now sending a final letter saying that we will proceed to the Consumer Rights Ombudsman. I think we have a clear case. It is very disappointing that we have to go through this process just to ensure that large profitable companies such as this behave responsibly. The tow bar for us is very important. We are avid bike riders and want to use a bike rack that fits to the tow bar easily. In addition, we are looking to buy a (very small) caravan for family trips, as well as wanting to tow a trailer to haul building and garden materials from a house renovation project we starter in October. The lack of ability to tow a trailer has meant we have had to put building materials in the car which has now scuffed it (reduced its resale cost) as well as pay for skips to get rid of the waste (as well as spend hours bagging up building waste to take to the dump!). So the impact has now gone way beyond just having to spend extra money on a tow bar. I would normally be recommending this car, as I think it has the potential to be great. However, I would NOT currently recommend Skoda as a reputable company who take responsibility for the errors that they make, and I would especially not recomend Winchester Skoda as all they care about it making profit on individual sales and not long term customer relationships. If either company had waived the cost of the cooling system, I would be singing their praises., recommending them to all my friends and going back to buy another car from them in a few years when we want a newer model. Their short sightedness and lack of customer care will cost them more in the long run (as its mostly only labour costs they incur for the cooling system upgrade). I have already put off 2 of my friends who were looking to purchase a Kodiaq from Winchester Skoda, so they have already lost more money than they would have gained from sorting this out. What a shame that I have had to resort to public shaming of these companies, I hope that increasing the visibility of the issue will help others and maybe make them realise the seriousness of the issue. So, buyers of Skoda Kodiaqs beware, if you want a tow bar, there are bunch of issues with lots of models. Other issues with the diesel models can be found in this post: https://www.briskoda.net/forums/profile/151898-h1ubs/ Here is my twitter conversation with Skoda, Skoda got back to me, but they said they found my previous complaint in the system and that it clearly stated that I should contact Winchester Skoda. Winchester Skoda never replied to the tweet. Here is my Facebook review of Winchester Skoda, no letter so far (apart from those mentioned above): I will keep this thread updated. Just in case either company actually comes through and does the right thing, or if the Ombudsman has a recommendation. Will Crick (Not usually a person who complains on forums, but needs must)
  2. Hello, I have fitted a tow bar and 'vehicle specific' wiring to my 2014 Superb Elegance Estate, CR170. The connections are good as all lights work as expected on the trailer. I need to code this in to gain the full benefits. The instructions for the electrics state that they are 'not diagnostics compatible'. These are the instructions given for coding; my vehicle has 'Park Aid' but does not have 'Park Assist' and does not have front sensors fitted. Please effect coding as follows: • Vehicle self-diagnosis • self-diagnosis • 19 – diagnosis interface for data bus • 008-Coding (service 22) • 008.02 assembly list coding • 69 – trailer function (switch to coded!) • confirm with OK ! Vehicles with park assist systems: The automatic deactivation of the rear park assist system in trailer operation will be effected by means of the subsequent coding of the park assist control unit: • Vehicle self-diagnosis • 10 - park assist system II • 009 Coding • Master • 009.02 plain text coding • select trailer system • confirm with OK ! Vehicles with front sensors: On vehicles with front sensors, the control unit must be coded as follows: • Vehicle self-diagnosis • A5 front sensors • coding • Master • clear text encoding • trailer • with hitch • press "continue" NOTE: Systems such as power assisted steering, Lane Change Assistant and Side Assist must be de-activated during towing. Please consult your owner handbook or dealer for further information! Vehicles with start-stop system: • The start-stop system is deactivated in trailer mode! Towing vehicle and trailer stabilisation: In most vehicles as of model year 2009 the automatic activation the towing vehicle and trailer stabilisation can be checked as follows: • Connect trailer to vehicle electrically • After the ignition has been turned on the control lamp • comes on two seconds longer than control lamp • , (see also driver's manual)! or evaluation via vehicle diagnosis: • Connect trailer to vehicle electrically • Vehicle self-diagnosis • 03 Brake electronics • 011 Measured values • Enter "10" and "Q" • Trailer yes Alternative coding with ODIS The following control units MUST be re-coded after towing electrics have been installed • AHF 69_(Trailer Function) • PLA_10 / Parking Aid 2 (Parallel Park Assist) Can ignore the park assist and front sensor coding? How do I code the 69 -Trailer Function? I have VCDS. The module/controller 69 has appeared in the Gateway Installation List, but the entry is in red, I presume because it needs to be coded? Is that correct? I saved this log file. Log-paul.txt How do I proceed, please? Kind regards, Paul
  3. I thought I'd post this thread just to see what work loads the superb has had to endure by their boss! I was pleasantly surprised by how effortless it was to tow a trailer of turf today. I've gotten so used to the DSG gearbox and it just reminded me why I went for it. It was very relaxing not to be changing up and down through the low gears when towing. Have ye any photos of something similar or loads on roof bars etc...
  4. Can anyone give some advise on getting a towbar fitted to my Octavia VRS. ideally i would like the type thats removable and can't be seen. I have been given a Bike Rack that mounts towbar mounting so ideally needs to be suitable for mounting a bike rack. The towbar that the bike rack was formerly in use with was a Whitter. A quick look on the website shows these as being circa £500 Which is a bit more than i wanted to pay. Any help would be apreciated.
  5. Hi I've just bought a Octavia VRS estate and love it! It's got a tow ball mounting bracket, but no tow ball... the wiring socket is also cable tied up above the bumper. Does anybody know what sort of tow hitch will fit this, or who it's manufactured by? It doesn't look like the standard Skoda part... (Hopefully the link the photo will work...) Cheers John https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0jxLl2Vf8oUN1JITlBUMmxtVGs
  6. Ad Blue tank and a tow bar

    Does anyone have a Yeti with an Ad Blue tank and a tow bar? SUK will only allow the tow bar to be ordered if the spare wheel option is added. Maybe they relocate the Ad Bluetank into the extra space with the spare wheel if they factory fit a tow bar?? Anyway, I seem to have ordered my 2nd Yeti (as you do), but decided I wanted more boot space this time around so I wasn't keen on paying an extra £150 for a spare wheel I didn't want just so that I can have a tow bar. My dealer has a local guy who fits all their 'dealer fitted' tow bars and he's confident that he can fit a detachable tow bar on a Yeti with an Ad Blue tank so I've ordered it on a dealer fit basis (and then it's the dealer's problem if it all goes pear shaped...) I've no reason to think that the tow bar chappie can't do it, but I was just wondering if anyone has any experience themselves? I'm paying the dealer to provide this service so if it doesn't work out it's his problem not mine cos I won't accept the car without it.
  7. Hi I'm looking to buy a tow bar for my fabia but don't want to spend 200 gbp on it, any chances to get a decent one under 100 gbp ? If there is someone here from Aberdeen any recommendations where to go for fixing this on my car but with a decent price ? I may consider to buy a second hand one as well if anyone of you have one Second thing is a pair of roof bars, but don't have railings on my car so looking for something around 100 max or even less, any ideas will be more than welcomed thank you in advance for your support wish you all a nice day
  8. I am looking to have a towbar fitted to my 2015 Octavia Scout. I have read that to fit a towbar to a Scout might mean that the rear rear valance ( silver on my car) needs to have a cutout to accommodate the tow bar. I am not keen on this, is there another way to have the towbar fitted without a cut out?
  9. Hi, I'm looking to replace the roof bars on my mk2 Octavia VRS (2011) with a detachable tow bar but i'm a little stumped with what i will need... all i will be using it for is to "tow" a Thule cycle carrier, what do people make of this: http://www.pfjones.co.uk/octavia-hatchback-2004-detachable-tow-bar.html would the "single electrics + bypass" be all i require? Leigh
  10. Mk2 Octavia VRS Wanted List

    Hi all Just purchased my Mk2 Octavia VRS Estate (62reg Blackline) and want to start buying bits for it. Below I have created a short list, that will grow over time, so if you have any of the parts I seek, please get in touch. - New style front Badge (for grille) - New style rear badge - Roof Bars - Tow Bar and Electrics (must be detachable) - Front Grille (Gloss Black or standard so I can get it painted) - Winter Wheels and Tyres - LED Interior bulbs - LED Numberplate bulbs - Lowering Springs or Coilovers - Bluetooth Module and wiring harness - Estate plastic Boot liner Also, some advice on the following - Advice on HID's as I've not got Xenons - Advice on best engine mods for my VRS to break the 200bhp mark but still be reliable and a good MPG producer Thanks in advance Karlos
  11. Hi, I thought I'd share my findings after reading all the fear mongering on the forum. It appears to be a common misconception that no towing limits in a V5 means no towing. This is wrong, it simply means the manufacturer hasn't shared that information with the DVLA. After phone calls with both the DVLA and Skoda I have identified it is legal to fit a tow bar to the VRS and tow up to 800kg (http://www.uktow.com/towing%20capacity.asp). Skoda say they will not fit it themselves as the rear bumper needs adapting to fit the tow bar, but If you are happy to cut the bumper to fit one yourself, there are no reasons you cannot tow (provided you meet all the appropriate trailer laws: lights, buzzers, weights etc.) Hope this helps, and saves others the hassle of ringing round.
  12. Help please if possible I recently had a towbar fitted to my car and after fitting have had an error with the lane assist on the dash. The chap who fitted advised he had tried all he could with his coding machine but didn't know why it had come on. The car was due for a service soon so he suggested it may need the dealers computer system to clear the codes or reset something. It has been today and the dealer has advised they have tried 'everything' but cannot get it to clear and advise they only resolution to the fault is to have the towbar removed. Is this likely to be true or are they just bluffing because I didnt spend the £1200 they wanted to fit one? Has anyone come across this before and if so how did you resolve it? Is this fixable by vcds? I will be speaking to the company that intsalled the towbar but don't think there going to have the answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi I wonder if anyone has an answer to the following: In the fabia 2015 brochure (Hatch and estate) downloaded from the web, in page 32, under title "Factory Fitted Optional Equipment" it is mention as an option the "Tow bar (removeable) currently only available for hatch" Why not available for hatch?
  14. Hi, I am looking to gauge interest in my 2012/12 Black Skoda Superb Twindoor 4x4 Elegance 2.0tdi with a manual gearbox. This is an extremely reluctant sale, not least because I only bought the car a few months ago, having spent the previous 6 months looking for exactly the car I wanted :'( Before I go on to summarise the car, let me explain why I am potentially looking to sell it. I started a new role around 6 months ago which entailed around 400 miles per week of driving. So, I was looking for a comfortable but relatively fuel efficient car (compared to my old Subaru) with 4wd in which to enjoy my journey. Having finally bought the Superb a month ago, I was looking forward to enjoying it for many years, however fate intervened! I have had to unfortunately change jobs, and it now looks like my new role will be in central London. So, from covering 400 miles per week, the Superb will now be consigned to spending 5 days a week in a station car park, and be covering only around 15-20 miles per week. The Superb is many things, but it is not best suited to being a station car! So I'm trying to see what interest there is in the car as I will then keep my old Subaru to serve as my station wheels. The car was registered in March 2012. I bought the car from a franchise dealer (albeit a Mazda/Suzuki/Hyundai main dealer who took the car in PX) and added on an RAC Platinum 1 year warranty on top of the manufacturers warranty, so the car is covered until March 2016. I paid £14,500 from TW White & Sons in Surrey in November 2014 and I'm hoping to recover as much of that as possible as I have only done 3k miles in it since I've had it. Most price guides put it at around £13-£13.5k in perfect condition (which it is) for a private sale. Mine also has the warranty that can be transferred for £25 to the new owner. In terms of its history, the car's first owner had it until April 2013, so just over a year (may have been a demonstrator, but not sure). The second keeper had it until they PX'd it for a new car a couple of months ago, and I am now the third owner of the car. In addition to the standard Elegance spec it also has clip in rear sun blinds. It has an unmarked black exterior, the standard (also unmarked) 18" alloys and a black leather interior which again looks as good as new. I can also confirm that the Columbus system accepts 7 digit postcodes, and pairs with an iPhone 4, 5 & 6. It also has a detachable tow bar (with full electrics) which was fitted by Colbornes Skoda in 2013 for £760, I have the invoice. The car's service history is as follows: 1) The car was supplied new Paragon Automotive Limited in Grimsby who did the PDI in March 2012 2) Colbornes Skoda, Guildford did an oil service on 10/10/12 at 6,385 miles 3) Colbornes Skoda, Guildford also saw the car again on 31/1/13 at 6,411 miles with a reference "re MPC" 4) Garland Motors, Aldershot did the next service on 25/10/13 at 14,637 miles 5) TW White & Sons (who I bought the car from) did a service on 5/11/14 at 26,722 miles Photos of the car can be found here: http://www.photobox.co.uk/my/album?album_id=3377889263 Feel free to PM me for further information, although I've tried to include everything that I can in the info above. You can also call me on 07748 961755 if you'd like to discuss further. The car is located in Woking, Surrey. I have really enjoyed the car in the very short time I've had it, but it really does seem a waste to leave a £12k car that needs to be driven in a station car park 5 days a week! Z I have just dropped the price to a fixed £12k as I've found my next car.
  15. Hi.I'm looking to get a rear mounted cycle rack for my Octavia. I'm not a fan of the purely strap connected ones, and my previous strap only connected one I used on my previous car (Fabia) doesn't connect as 'happily' to my Octavia. I'm therefore looking to get a tow bar connected so that I can get a bike rack that clips solidly onto a tow bar. I'm just wondiering if anyone can recommend any particular cycle racks for this car that they've had experience of? I'd also be interested to know whether there's any tow bars that can be got that do not confuse the parking sensors given it's a permanent fixture and I really don't want to have to turn off my sensors when I'm not using my rack. Thanks in advance
  16. I have just taken delivery of my new octavia and after parting with the cash, the dealer dropped the bombshell that there was an issue with the tow bar electrics. (A tow bar on the octavia is by any third part tow bar fitters a very expensive option to have) They said the dealer fit tow bar module they ordered is not compatible with the wiring loom that is fitted to the vehicle! The explanation was the tow bar module has been upgraded and will physically not fit the plug on the end of the tow bar loom. An new loom and module are available but that would require removing the existing one and fitting the new one and that involves removing the majority of the panels down the LHS of the car to route the new cable loom to the engine bay. First. This is a brand new car that I have waited nearly ten weeks for and the QC seems to have failed drastically. If Skoda know the supplier for the tow bar module has changed, along with the interface connections, why are they still fitting old looms? Second. If I agree to the dealership retrofitting the new loom, which is looking like the only solution as they can't obtain an older tow bar module, will the car remain as good as new with all the disruption to the interior. How do I stand about rejecting the car on the basis that it is currently not fit for purpose because without tow bar electrics I cannot drive legally whilst towing my trailer or use the tow bar mounted cycle rack. The tow bar prep was specified when my order was placed. I am still waiting for a resolution from the dealer as how this will progress as they are waiting on Skoda tech support. I phoned Skoda UK customer services and they said the issues is with the dealer. What should be a great experience of owning a new Skoda has now been marred forever!
  17. I have an Elegance Estate to which I need to fit a tow bar. It has tow bar prep, so the electrics are straightforward and the bumper has been pre-cut. The hardest part will be removing the rear bumper. Has anyone any experience of this?
  18. Picked up today

    Picked our up this afternoon. Very very pleased so far. S/o really liked to look of the adventure, but she wanted heated seats, I wanted something quicker so we've basically built a 170 elegance spec adventure: candy white, black roof, silver roof rails.. I went with the Erebus alloys having become pig sick of cleaning the 10 spokes on the abarth and diamond cut alloys always look broken after a couple of years of British weather. As expected the tow bar is turning into a bit of a debacle: first it was that we'd missed the cut off for a factory fit, then westfalia apparently have a 6 week backlog in the uk and now witter failed to deliver this morning. Apparently they're coming out to our home tomorrow to sort it. I like having low expectations. Means you can never be too disappointed. Other than that it's all great, really comfy and indecently quick when you wind it up. Piccies to follow when it's stopped chucking it down outside.
  19. Hi My new roomster SE is on its way, and I want to use a tow bar cycle carrier, anybody used a tiltable cycle carrier for direct access to the boot. Any advice on the pros & cons of using them would be welcome. Roger Sutherden dartford kent roomster se 1.2 tsi 85bhp shark blue (one of the £10000 batch)
  20. Hi Guys Can anybody suggest a reasonably priced tow bar fitted in the South East. I have a 6 month old 1.6D SE Connect and I just called the dealership and they quoted me just shy of £900!! they say its because the engine management system needs tuning otherwise it will invalidate my warranty. With a quote like this I will have a nice trailer for sale soon. Any Suggestions gratefully received Thanks Blubs
  21. Tow bar on GLII estate

    ok, I am looking to get a towbar fitted to my GLII I want it like factory with it disabling the rear parking sensors and fog when I am towing (so properly coded) I did not have the towbar prep factory fitted is this a dealer only job? what exactly do I need to ask for I only tow a small 300kg max un-braked trailer for a few runs of garden rubbish to the local tip, or camping so the little 1.2tdi shouldn't have any issues
  22. Removing Rear Tow Bar

    I am interested in buying a used Superb II but it has a tow bar fitted. I would have no use for a tow bar and I think it detracts from the elegant looks of the car. Is it easy and cheap to remove it or should I just learn to live with it ?
  23. tow bar and electrics

    Hello fellow Skoda owners, i was looking at fitting a tow bar and electrics to my 2012 Fabia 1.2 . i know its not a big car for towing but its just a small trailer. i was looking at this - http://www.pfjones.co.uk/fabia-all-models-7-pin-dedicated-wiring-kit-may-2010-192205.html and http://www.pfjones.co.uk/skoda-fabia-hatchback-2007-flange-tow-bar.html do any of you know if it is simple as plug in to the tail light cluster or do i also have to take to a garage and get it "plugged in"? thank you, snake-eye
  24. Right I've worked out what the code '1D7 Trailer Hitch Preparation' means (you might have this on the sticker in the boot/service manual with all your vehicle option codes). It is (as people have guessed previously) all the trailer wiring to a plug in the boot (left hand side behind the panel). Here's some photo's: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8753947@N06/with/6971837758/ (top four photo's) There is a red plug behind the fabric panel in the boot, left side. It's covered in a grey foam 'sock' - that is the T12s plug for trailer wiring. It plugs into the J345 VW Trailer Detector Control Unit, which then has wiring going to the external socket next to the tow bar (neither that wiring, or the J345 are part of 1D7). So if you have the 1D7 code all you need is the Trailer Detector Control Unit and the wiring to the socket, and the socket near the tow bar. There is no need to do any wiring to the front of the car. Install that then you need to get the car coded at the dealer (or do it with VCDS if you have one). T12s plug Pinout. pin 1 brown (earth, luggage compartment, left) pin 2 Black/purple (from fuse 19, 5A, in the fuse panel right side of dash - which comes from a permanent, positive connection in dash panel wiring harness). I gather this would be used for things that require a permanent 12 volt power source like fridges. pin 3 Black/red (Stop) pin 7 Orange/green (CAN H) pin 8 Orange/brown (CAN L) pin 9 Red/yellow (from dash fuse 43) pin 11 Red/blue (from dash fuse 44) pin 12 Red/green (from dash fuse 45) (from Elsawin Skoda manual) You can get compatible wiring kits here (if you don't get one from the dealer). These kits presume you don't have 1D7 though. All you would need is the female version of the T12s plug, or chop it off and do your own type of connection. (not sure how good the prices are): http://www.pfjones.co.uk/towbar-wiring-kits/skoda-towbar-wiring-kits/skoda-octavia-towbar-wiring-kits.html

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