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steering angle sensor

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I have the yellow steering wheel light on the dash, ross tech gives the following:


1 Fault Found

00816 - Power Steering sensor (G250)

37-00 Faulty


if i reset it it comes straight back up. also in measuring blocks the steering angle velocity stays at 0 when i turn the wheel.


the steering is working but when i turn quickly it feels stiff. i think the sensor should pick up the rate of turn and increase the pump pressure as needed and this is not happening.


i've replaced the sensor for an identical used one from a Polo, when it came to refitting i realised it can go in either way, it looks like my sensor might have been in upside-down.


there are some used racks for sale on ebay and they all show the plug on the right with the clip facing up, this the opposite way to how mine was.


but the pics in this thread shows it the other way (same as mine):




i've tried the new one both ways up and so far no improvement. no fuses are blown and the cable looks ok. with it disconnected comes up open or short to plus so it knows it's there.


is there a way to calibrate the sensor?


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i'm still struggling with this.

i think the sensor can go in either way.

but i still get 0 in angular velocity with both sensors either way up






should it move from 0 when i turn the wheel or does the car have to learn it has a working sensor?

all the wiring is good. everything else seems to check out ok.




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both my sensors are working, i found a way to test them, with 12v on the left pin and 0v on the middle as you turn the wheel it gives a reading on the right pin, it goes from 1v to 9v in steps and back to 1v. also i tested them off the car with a 12v psu and just a screwdriver to simulate the rotor in the steering rack. they are both exactly the same so pretty sure they are working as intended. when testing in the car there is a yellow wire in the cable from the sensor to the pump which carries the reading. this is getting back to the pump on my car but it still not giving a reading in VCDS. i will give it time to pick up as i read it can take time for the pump to learn the sensor voltages, not sure if this is true. if not i think i am looking at a replacement pump.

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Update: the light didn't go off on its own so i replaced the pump with a £50 one from a braker, as soon as the new pump was in the light went off it didn't even need resetting in vcds. so the pump stores the fault codes and even though it said steering angle sensor, it was the pump itself.


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Just adding a "me too" to this post - in my case a MKI Fabia, but had exactly the same symptoms (PAS that ran out quickly,  and 00816 37-00 "Faulty" fault code and zero angular velocity reading in VCDS).


Same as the original poster, replacing the sensor didn't help, but replacing the pump did.


I guess because the sensor connects to the pump, which then connects onwards to the rest of the car there must be a fault in the pump that causes the signal to get lost. Once the replacement pump was in I didn't need to do any re-coding, it was just a straight swap.


I know others have had problems where the code was 00816 but the sub code was different to 37-00 (e.g. "37-10 - Faulty - Intermittent" or "30-00 - Open or Short to Plus"), in those cases the sensor was genuinely at fault, but it looks like maybe if you get the "37-00 Faulty" code it's more likely the pump.


Maybe this will help someone. Obviously check all the obvious things first like battery etc. as listed in http://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/186217-fabia-power-steering-problems/

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Hello guys ! I was following your post and I have a similar issue:


Skoda octavia MKII tdi 1,9 4x4 from 2005. It works fantastic, no problem. My only issue is that i have a yellow wheel lamp on the dashboard but the steering works perfect. I have to go through the car yearly control and I want to reset the lamp otherwise the control will not be approved. (The lamp normally takes 1 or 2 days to come back ON since I have the car plug to the VAG on a dealer and the lamp went off for some days). Is it possible to turn off this lamp with a vag-com i can buy from internet, just to pass the car control ?   I have zero experience using this tool so is there any cheap easy to use vag-com that you recommend for this ?


thanks !

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