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    • By Dirtydervvrs
      I am new to this forum but joined due to starting to give my mk1 Fabia vrs the love and attention it needs after be the shop car for a couple months. This is one project I really have been waiting to do it’s a custom spoiler for under the rear window. I am not 100% sure how it will look but hoping it look good not tacky. Started with a spare spoiler from a Audi a2 so still vag 

    • By Ekion
      Hi all!
      I’ve been lurking in these forums for a few months, but this is my first post here. I’ve ordered a vRS 230 in Candy White with KESSY and heated front seats (no black pack), which currently has a build week in Jan (excited is an understatement).
      Whilst out Christmas shopping with the Mrs, we parked next to a pre-FL version (Candy White also) without the black pack and I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Admittedly it was dark, but now I’m unsure I made the right decision. I pretty quickly dismissed the option when speccing the car because I thought it looked a bit tacky, but i’ve since realised that all of the photos I’ve been drooling over for the past month or so all have the black pack selected. I could change my order now to include it, but it would likely push the build week back.
      Without having both side by side to compare (in person), I’m struggling to make a decision. What’s people’s opinion/experiences with the black pack on the FL version?
    • By bullawayo
      Hi all, 
      I've just bought my first Skoda. My previous car, a 530d e60 with 300bhp, I sadly lost to the weather in the Yorkshire moores last weekend during a snow storm. Hit a 30 degree decline road which was ice and couldn't control the car.
      Anyway, this is my new car. I am new to Skoda's but my heart has always been with VAG cars. I have owned various Golfs/Boras/Polos etc including a G40 which was tremendous fun.
      Heres an overview:
      2012 Octavia vRS Blackline Estate
      42k miles
      Full skoda history
      Some pics from when I picked it up (oop North, i'm located in Basingstoke) on Friday evening:


      And then some from Saturday morning:






      I don't tend to hang about with cars, so got straight to it. On Saturday I removed various window stickers, gave her a proper interior clean and checked it over properly. I also fitted some LED number plate lights I had hanging around.
      On Sunday I took the car for window tinting:
      Rears 20% and a black sunstrip added

      Sunstrip/parked up next to one of my good friends Porkas:

      The car is going into Skoda tomorrow for a major service as it is due (I got the money off the sale to pay for it). I have insisted they replace everything they can do as part of a major service (even if it "passes" visual inspection)
      First impressions are good. It is not as quick as my 530d (unsuprisingly) but I have been impressed by how well it moves and the handling for an estate. 
      I have also ordered a microphone, and once fitted I will enable bluetooth via VCDS.
      Let me know what you guys think
    • By ash01
      Afternoon all.
      Details below of my Skoda fabia for sale. Sad to part with it, although company car forces me to get rid of it. I really like the car, its great on fuel (60mpg easy) and has a smooth engine that is great on the motorway and looks great when cleaned up too.
      Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2014 - First Registered May 2014.
      HPI Clear.
      Meteor Grey with black roof
      Interior is also black and grey with black roof lining. It looks really nice. Whole car matches which is why I bought it. 
      1.6tdi CR 105bhp
      35.3k miles
      Upgraded headlights - nightbreaker - and tinted rear lights. 
      I have a skoda grey touch up stick that it comes with also.
      MOT due 25/04/2018 and Tax of £20 at the same time. 
      Based in Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan - 15 mins outside Cardiff. 
      £7200 ono.
      Tel: 07590645935
      Many thanks

    • By LeeSta
      Hi guys!
      Just taken delivery of my Moon White Octavia VRS Estate. My first Skoda, and loving it so far. First impressions... its a lot of car for the money. Trying to stick to the point here and ramble on about this on the other relevant threads. However, Vinyl Wrapping the roof in Gloss Black was always on the cards, as it came with the Black Package Plus Extra, and Canton options . Unfortunately for me so far, the two Wrap guys I have gone to won't touch it, as the the car comes with roof bars which are apparently a major pain to mess with. They supposedly interfere with other (curtain airbag type) electricals on the car should one try to disassemble them. The one post I can find online on this very car just says this is a no go area.
      So... has anyone wrapped their Octavia Estate roof with bars, and how did they go about it? Would it have to be a disjointed wrap piece? I may now yet accept this option if offered. On the same point, does there exist a Gloss (Black) Plasti-Dip option? Am in S.E London, so any advise or recommendations welcome too. Can and will travel anywhere around M25 for a good Wrap job .  Kindly assist.