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Karoq or Ateca?

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@Fin69 I agree, but... octy scout is a known model, on a known range line, so it's on target lists. Metallic paint, if you went on PCH, was up to this year free on any model, some brokers dressed  this up, some dealers too as a 'discount'. The kodiaq stopped that and now I believe it's an extra regardless.


The broker only gets them off the dealer, plus fees charged either to you, as admin or to the dealer post sale [ book fees], typically at least £300 on the table compared to direct with a dealer.


You don't need to hit a broker for PCH deals, most dealers will go to low on PCH anyway as it's not a part of the target system, so 1 or 100 sales makes no odds, unless you can make a few ££ on options and service. Only retail sales cash & finance are target led, at the moment. That's why with the kodiaq, and not karoq being wholly new cars, no targets, demand was high, very few; I tried 30+, would offer anything off the retail list price for a cash sale.


For PCH almost all were willing to go low and lower, so long as it made some sense. One said if it fills a lot on a transporter it's worth doing. So it really depends on the type of purchase, contacts, luck and timing are also a huge factor. But day #1, I'd not expect any dealer to undermine their limited supply by discount retail sales, it's like christmas, all the fat type sales, people demand it, and will pay, no-one should discount.


The rest of the range in scope for a target, they need to be sold to hit target, bonus, that's why discounts are so plentiful, the bonus makes up for it all.


With the folly scrappage offer on the go a the moment, I'd be surprised if on a scout if anyone paid list price. Some do though through guilt or whatever.


So really it's more a heads up, maybe, if the karoq, repeats the kodiaq form, cash/finance offers might be thin initially. However I don't think it will, it's a far more difficult price point and market sector compared to the bigger suv proposal. MY sister thought about one, the kodiaq, but got a xc90 instead... I think she got a better deal too. Although I've not tested a kodiaq yet off road or on the school run :D I somehow think skoda would have a fit if I took it up to the highlands and used it off road :D Assuming I made it back from the single tracks north of Torridon.



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7 hours ago, ColinD said:

Informally, I'm told dealers have their showroom models in December 2017.


Given a likely 3 month wait from order to delivery for anything other than a stock car on past new model releases, I'd say May 2018 is a fair estimate.


However, the time you need to order, there might be only the models in the showrooms to base a choice off. So the vw/seat dealers might be doing a few test runs for skoda drivers ;)


Also worth thinking, as it's a new model, it won;t be discounted. The alternatives; seat/vw, will be on dealers monthly target sheets and thus trigger discounts. This makes the choice between marques, with the skoda likely being more at launch, harder to justify.


In the end I decided to go for an Octavia - on PCP It is over £100 per month cheaper than an Ateca or a Tiguan and I didn't want to be a "tester" for such a new Skoda model.  At least the Octavia is now tried and tested, faults and all!  New car should arrive in December...

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I've assumed that Karoq = Toureg, and Ateca = Tiguan. The Karoq is massive, the Ateca isn't. 


Edit. Karoq is not a Kodiak. Damn these obtuse names... D'oh. 

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Kodiak Biggish,  


Karoq & Ateca same wheelbase, same platform, even built in the same factory, mm's different in length..

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