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    • By terrapin
      I had a look at the Karoq today and really liked, apart from the foldable tables built into the backrests of the front seats. They really take away from the rear leg room, especially for any adults sat in the back. Long journeys aren't going to be much fun with knees knocking against hard plastic, it also renders the seat back pockets rather unusable. Unfortunately every version of the Karoq available in the UK comes with them as standard. The dealer's response of "well just leave them folded down" rather missed the point.
      It would be nice to be able to deselect them as an option. The German and Czech specification cars don't have the foldable tables as standard and so seats must be available without them. I have a suspicion that the early reviews which mentioned generous rear leg-room were based on European spec cars without the foldable tables.
      Has anyone else had a similar thought or any ideas?
    • By Woody37
      The SE version offers two choices of wheel style at no extra cost. Which one do you prefer and why?

    • By rail
      I'm very keen on buying a Karoq. I'm having an old Octavia Mk I and it's time to buy a new car.
      But I think it's a pity that Skoda didn't put the ambient light on the door trims in the back seat like on Kodiaq.
      I can't understand such a decision from Skoda not to have it in the back too.
      What do you think?
    • By jovan2cv
      Does anyone know why new Karoq does not have an option of 360 degree camera view like Seat Ateca ?
    • By ColinD
      Hi all,
      So you want to order a new Skoda Karoq, but want to make sure you get a good deal?
      We do too, and we've teamed up with really good dealers to get you deals without all the marketing/sales/coffee pitch. We're already having the chat with the manager to get you these prices, so you don't have to keep asking... Not quite one click ordering, but pretty darn close to zero hassle.
      Each order, not only saves you, it also supports the community, & the dealers in turn support us.
      On top, we offer a £20 amazon voucher too; funded from advertising, on delivery. A small token of thanks for ordering a new Skoda this way. It's not a price match service though.
      Well the new SKODA Karoq is available to order; October the 3rd, for cash, finance and PCH.
      As with the Kodiaq, there might not be great cash/finance deals initially. PCH deals are available from day #1 though.
      Email what you're looking for to quotes@briskoda.net
      Simply email me: quotes@briskoda.net the specifics of what you want, I'll contact our dealers. You'll get a reply from them.
      I've actually met them, shared coffee and talked to them. They get what we're trying to do as an owners community.
      No shadow/internet/basement brokers at all!   -- Real people at FULL UK SKODA dealerships --
      The information we entrust and share with the dealer is your name/email that's it! I only do this as it's easier to discuss Mr Jones Karoq, than that Karoq  quote from Monday. I'll also supply a rough location (if delivery needed). I'm not selling your details at all! 
      Here's a good template to begin with:
      Model: Karoq
      Trim:  SE
      Engine: 2.0TDI
      Transmission: Manual
      Colour: Red, Blue
      Options / Extras: Heated front seats
      Time to Deal: Today, next week, 3 months etc.
      Annual Mileage: 10k per year
      Term of the deal: For finance/PCH, 2 years, 3 years etc
      How you want to do the deal: Cash | Finance | PCH
      For the latter, we really do need you to specify annual mileage, preferred time, eg 2 years and if you have an initial payment in mind, that too.
      For more background, please see: 

      Below is the launch data pricing and specs as of the 21st of September.