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Skoda India recalls produced 2009 Laura sedan

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Skoda is planning to recall the 2009-10 produced premium sedans, Skoda Laura to India. It has issued a recall for the small fraction of the model, which comprise of 663 units. Under the recall, the sedan receives a software update for the ABS/ESC control unit of the braking system to provide safer riding experience for the rider. 

Skoda Auto India has introduced the second-generation of the Skoda Octavia as the Skoda Laura in 2005, which received a major update in 2009 and was discontinued in 2013 in the Indian market. Now, with the software update, it is going to make a comeback in the country.

Under the service action alerts, the said update has been first showcased at the Skoda India’s website and now Skoda has also informed that it will conduct service campaign for the software update in the Laura range models. The affected products were manufactured between September 5 to November 19 in 2017.



Source: Autoportal

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Taken them long enough from the Service Campaign Recall Actions that were needed in Europe.

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