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Apprentices build their dream car: Sporty Convertible Sko...

News and Announcements 15 Apr 2014
‘Skoda Apprentice Car’: Two-seater sports convertible based on Skoda Citigo Project undertaken by 16 apprentices from Skoda Vocational School in close partnership with Skoda design department Premiere at the 33rd GTI Fan Meet at Wörthersee at the end of May Skoda Vocational School of Mechan...
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Consultation into changes to the styling and car care forum

News and Announcements 12 Apr 2014
We're looking into changes to the styling and car care forum and would like to hear from members what's good or bad. Do you enjoy looking at what members can do or would you prefer the forum to show specific guides on methods you could follow yourself to resolve issues on your own car? Whilst w...
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Site not out of woods yet - Please read

News and Announcements 25 Mar 2014
Hi, Following a server failure earlier, the site is temporarily closed while I continue to build out the new servers and test. I hope to open the site shortly to test for load again. Colin.   There is still some risk on this new datacentre setup. It's new. Like anything thats new it's not h...
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Forum moving - Regional enhancements

News and Announcements 08 Feb 2014
All,   Part of my early 2014 plans are to enhance the local aspects of the site.    This mainly centres around meets & events and other local resources to the region.   In the coming hours there will be some forum moving happening.    On the other side you will f...
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New Tread Wear Markers?

Tyres Today, 14:35
I was peering at the tread pattern on my new Barum Bravuris 3 HN tyres. I note that there appears to be little square bits of tread with an X on them at around half depth -in addition to the 2mm markers at the base of the grooves. Is this a common design to give an earlier indication of trea...
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Boot light fuse?

Skoda Fabia II Today, 14:33
Hi I was putting bright lights in everything earlier, all went well until the boot light. It came on and went straight off, I'm assuming blowing a fuse. Anybody know which fuse this would be? Or any other ideas?
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Seat Covers

Skoda Superb II Today, 14:33
Hello all, just a flying visit from the Octy2 forum. I have been tasked with sorting out a decent set of seat covers for a new Superb estate (3.6 4x4) that we have bought for work. It has a nice leather interior at the moment.   We need to find a set of hard wearing covers for the front...
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removing petrol tank?

Skoda Fabia I Today, 14:08
Is it a beam off job to get out?
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Radiator failed again, known issue or am I just unlucky?

Skoda Superb II Today, 13:54
Six months ago I had a leaky radiator in my Superb, new radiator was fitted under warranty.  Last week, the new radiator sprang a leak so I'm now on my third radiator!   I'm concious that the car will be out of warranty in another six months time.  Have I just been unlucky or...
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Rattling Noise

Skoda Fabia I Today, 13:39
Hi everyone   My Fabia has been making an intermittent rattling noise for the past couple of months. It's present idle and at low speeds... it disappears when the revs get high. Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be? I've attached a recording!   Many thanks Dom
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Model Year 2015 changes

Skoda Rapid Today, 13:29
For Rapid and Rapid Spaceback   - Rain sensor (auto wipers) - Light sensor (auto lights) - New colours (Laser white and Topaz Brown) - New three spoke wheel with perforated leather for StylePlus (which we don't get in UK) - Liftback Styleplus to get smoked foglights and rear lights
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Excessive Oil consumption 1.9Tdi

Skoda Octavia II (2004 - 2013) Today, 13:26
Hi all, Im a bit new to this but hope someone can point be in the right direction.  I have a 2006 1.9tdi Octavia. BKC engine with 450,000KM. ( motorway driving) Its driving like a dream and I do most of my own maintenance. However it is progressively using far too much oil. I have been...
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New baby Hyundai iX25 (Yeti competitor for lower versions)

Skoda Yeti Today, 13:23
I think it looks very tasty. It's supposedly a concept only but this looks 99% production ready. I think it looks miles better than the weird Mokka and peculiar Juke. Not to mention the hideously ugly Ford Eco-Sport. Some supposed production models at the bottom:        ...
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Yeti Wins Driver Power Again!

Skoda Yeti Today, 13:02
http://www.autoexpre...-to-own-in-2014   Hooray.   Always helps the resale value!
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