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Apprentices build their dream car: Sporty Convertible Sko...

News and Announcements 15 Apr 2014
‘Skoda Apprentice Car’: Two-seater sports convertible based on Skoda Citigo Project undertaken by 16 apprentices from Skoda Vocational School in close partnership with Skoda design department Premiere at the 33rd GTI Fan Meet at Wörthersee at the end of May Skoda Vocational School of Mechan...
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Consultation into changes to the styling and car care forum

News and Announcements 12 Apr 2014
We're looking into changes to the styling and car care forum and would like to hear from members what's good or bad. Do you enjoy looking at what members can do or would you prefer the forum to show specific guides on methods you could follow yourself to resolve issues on your own car? Whilst w...
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Site not out of woods yet - Please read

News and Announcements 25 Mar 2014
Hi, Following a server failure earlier, the site is temporarily closed while I continue to build out the new servers and test. I hope to open the site shortly to test for load again. Colin.   There is still some risk on this new datacentre setup. It's new. Like anything thats new it's not h...
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Forum moving - Regional enhancements

News and Announcements 08 Feb 2014
All,   Part of my early 2014 plans are to enhance the local aspects of the site.    This mainly centres around meets & events and other local resources to the region.   In the coming hours there will be some forum moving happening.    On the other side you will f...
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ST suspension kits available from Awsome GTI

Skoda Fabia II Today, 12:28
Has anyone used these instead of Bilsteins yet?     Im currently using coilovers but for the mileage i do atm its a tad impractical so considering maybe trying these whats everyone's opinion?    Cheers Folks    Matt    
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Beeps and warning light for no reason - what gives?

Skoda Fabia I Today, 12:26
I pulled out of my street this morning & all of a sudden the dash let out three long evenly spaced apart beeps (the same one you get when low on Diesel or screen wash) & the hand brake warning light flashed up on the dash at the same time as the beeps. After that, the car seemed fine...
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Combi LED number plate light ...

Skoda Superb II Today, 12:23
Fitted these yesterday .. Amazingly bright white light, totally transforms the look of the rear. They'll also make the car much more visible from behind at night. One thing I found was the resistors rattled around a bit inside the tailgate so I stuck a double sided sticky pad (about 3/4" square)...
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1.2 TSi (86) MPG

Skoda Roomster Today, 12:19
Hi, Can owners of the 1.2TSi let me know what MPG to expect? Little motorway driving, mostly single A roads at 50/60MPH? Thanks.
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Skoda Octavia (2000) lock assembly replacement

Skoda Octavia I Today, 12:08
Hello,   New to this forum, but hoping someone can help.  I have a Skoda Octavia X reg (2000) and the off side front door (drivers) central locking has stopped working.  It only effects this one door and it can be manually opened by pulling the door handle from inside and locked by...
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Best of the 80mm tips

Skoda Octavia I Today, 12:05
Right lads, I can't find much information on Google about this, so I'm asking it here. What is the best 80mm tip? I've looked at creation motorsport, badger5, and sfs. What are yer opinions? I'm waiting to order my one, I'm jitsu not sure which one.
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set of octavia vrs mk1 brake calipers

Car Parts For Sale Today, 12:00
hiya guys have a set of octavia vrs mk1 rear brake calipers one is good one has a sticky piston but can be fixed easily with the caliper repair kit if there any good to anyone after   50 pound collected   pics to follow
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Seat Leon 1.4 mk1

General Maintenance Today, 11:35
Hi all.   Looking to do a service on my wife's Leon. Not worth enough or complicated enough to get it in to a garage so i'm going to get the bits and do it myself.   Does anyone have any experience of these engines? 1.4 16v, think it's the same as was fitted to various golf4/fabias/etc....
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Alloy paint colour

Skoda Octavia II (2004 - 2013) Today, 11:00
Just about to put the summer tyres back on and have noticed that one of the Pyxis alloys has now got a scrape on it, it doesn't look like it's been curbed as the damage is on one of the spokes. I thought I might have an attempted at fixing it myself as it quite small and nowhere near the rim. Doe...
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WANTED - Dension Gateway Pro BT GWP1V21 or other Columbus...

Items Wanted Today, 10:32
As per title - Wanted Dension Gateway Pro BT GWP1V21 or other Bluetooth Unit to fit Columbus in a Yeti. Full kit prefered including microphone for headlining area. For use with iPhone 4.
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