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  1. Yep! Mine looks like that one. I'll order and report back on Wed or so when it gets repaired. Thanks guys!
  2. I can't find these codes on the sticker. For reference: https://imgur.com/a/zxBZy Thanks, I'll order this one tomorrow or on Monday.
  3. Right, I've checked. The brake calipers are incredibly difficult to read but all I saw was 'FR' and 'BB6'. I might've misread those but it's all I've got to go by since I couldn't even remove the tyre because wheel nuts are locked down tight. To clarify, the 54 term refers to bhp, not its reg plate. The reg plate is 55. I guess it's worth buying one of the two sizes on a coin flip chance I've got it right. Any ideas as to which one is likely? 239 or 256?
  4. Thanks! To clarify, those reliability issues are only limited to early engines? Will newer engines still have the same issues? I plan to buy it from a dealer - too much risk buying from a private seller.
  5. Thanks guys. That's unfortunate thing to hear :( I just wanted a car that's quick off the mark and is yet still young and affordable. Would those reliability issues soon become evident after buying? I'm asking because it might be worth it to buy Skoda warranty to iron out any issues within a year.
  6. It's difficult to search since most posts are about VRS or 1.4 MPI/TDI. I'm not sure if brake discs and pads from those cars are suitable for my car. Anyway, what I've found so far: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-MINTEX-FRONT-BRAKE-DISCS-AND-PAD-SET-BRAKE-BOX-MDK0152-/362022507556?fits=Car+Make%3ASkoda|Model%3AFabia|Cars+Year%3A2005|Plat_Gen%3A6Y2&epid=1405404624&hash=item544a391424:g:7TkAAOSwPXdZd6Lt and https://www.amazon.co.uk/Castrol-Response-DOT4-Synthetic-CAS-1773-7238-2/dp/B009QYBXAW Are those two links suitable for my car? Can anyone suggest better? I'm going to take these to a local garage to fit them.
  7. I may buy another Skoda as I've had good experiences with my current skoda (1.2, mk1 classic). My search for a used car narrowed down to Skoda Fabia VRS, Honda Civic, and Alfa Romeo. I'm trying to limit the age of the car to 7 years old. My priority is speed and features at low cost which Skoda obviously provides however I'm worried about reliability issues. Is this true? Or is it overblown issue?
  8. I meant if there was cheaper way to do this, getting one directly from Skoda isn't cheap. Although I'll bite the bullet this time. Thanks!
  9. :( Sounds expensive - is there another way to do this?
  10. After a long absence due to personal reasons, I've decided it's time to fix this now. I went to a mechanic and they said I'd have to order a part myself. They also warned me that I'd have to carry two keys, one for the door, and another for the ignition. I'm not too expert in this area but I think it's easier to replace key barrels on both doors instead and get a set of new keys. Would something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SKODA-FABIA-MK1-99-07-COMPLETE-DOOR-LOCK-SET-2-KEYS-FRONT-RIGHT-and-LEFT-/221782645709?fits=Model%3AFabia&hash=item33a3469bcd:g:xD4AAOSwv0tVYxOS work? Is there a way to make the new key to work with ignition? I don't like carrying two keys at once. I've read guides, and I got confused with the information about programming a key to the car. Are those guides for cars with central/remote locking system which I don't have?
  11. Thanks, that's disappointing. I was hoping that it was well-known issue so I could find some instructions to fix it myself.
  12. This car doesn't have central locking system, so I have to unlock doors individually, but one of the doors doesn't unlock any more. When I insert key and turn, it allows me to turn either anti-clockwise and clockwise all way around clicking. However, unlocking from inside does work. Is this a fixable problem or do I have to replace the key mechanism?
  13. Overheating when in slow-moving traffic problem

    Thanks for that. I'll be sure to use search function every time an issue comes up.
  14. Overheating when in slow-moving traffic problem

    Which fuse should I buy for this? I assume it's cheap enough to replace without needing to check whether it's working or not.
  15. Overheating when in slow-moving traffic problem

    Thanks for the thermostat suggestion. I'll check whether the fan comes on if the car is revved up. What does it mean if it does/doesn't come on? Coolant level didn't drop.