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  2. Lift off oversteer - tyres or suspension

    Audi had 225/35 R 18 on Audi A1 with all of 122ps, and 215/40 R 17 on ibiza, Polo & A1 with 105ps, 205 /40 R 17 on Fabia mk2 with 78,86 or 105 ps, and now on the Mk3 Fabia. The 17" rims are not an issue just what rubber go on them.
  3. Ive always left cars in gear regardless of weather ive parked on a hill or not.
  4. 1.9TDI Turbo Issue? (Oil in inter-cooler pipe)

    I'd actually seen that thread (spent about 4 hours yesterday going through Google before posting). The consensus seemed to be that a little oil was normal, but "lots" wasn't (with little qualification of "lots"). Thanks, though! My recollection of the PD100's were that you'd have to be fairly unlucky for it to break, and that turbos generally don't break (although the turbo in my parent's PD140 Octavia did misbehave about 3 months after they bought it, and the dealers replaced it under the Approved Used Warranty ... think the actuator was stuck). Mine had a cam belt change at 60,000 miles (based on time - probably not needed, but hey), so I'd assume the 1/4l of oil had built up from at most then? (I'm assuming all mechanics approach it in the same manner, so it'd have been drained then). From reading around, I found an Audi tech saying that there's up to a litre of oil in the exhaust re-circulation system, but that a pooled accumulation of 1/4l or more should be checked out..? Just to be clear, this was sitting in the pipe running between the turbo and inter-cooler, rather than having been drained out of the inter-cooler itself (I know they're linked, etc). So, I assume, drain it out of the pipe (and inter-cooler, as I'm assuming there's some in there), and monitor it. If not much builds up, look for another garage. :(
  5. unfortunately Briskoda has its fair share of 'victor meldrews' who think anyone with a private plate is a boy racer... we need a separate vRS forum where we can block the fun police.
  6. Has anybody successfully activated HBA?

    I don't know, why there is Byte 3 in this list. This is wrong @Gizmo. You have to code Byte 2 Bits 0-2 Byte 3 Bit 2 is something else
  7. Apple play?

    Will mt new montecarlo come with standard plug in I phone to car screen connection or do I need to chamge my order?
  8. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    Turty tree days now. Dunno what im gonna do, cancelled the turkey order because of Nibiru. Going to have to sneak into my mothers I think for dinner!
  9. Rear mounted cycle carrier

    I have a saris bones 3... Best rack I've ever put on any car!
  10. the cruise error is an orange triangle with "!" inside it. The green tick mark on the dash is cruise on... in the pic, it'sthe one at the bottom. No error here. - Bret
  11. headlights/ignition

    DRLs can be turned off, probably on the dash itself. There's *always* a way to turn them off without the use of a tool as it's a legal requirement. DRL will only run if there's no sidelights on. Sidelights replace and they are not as bright. I'm also 99%+ sure that all 2016 Octavias have auto lights. - Bret
  12. Thinking of a 1.4tsi

    Ha, yes, the gear change selection suggestions will be duly ignored now I'm getting used to it. At first though they were very useful, it was like learning to drive again! 'You want me in 4th, at this slow speed, we'll stall and.. Ooooh'
  13. New owner here

    Hi thanks for reply. My dealership is Walthamstow. I am going to check out auto express satisfaction survey now.
  14. Today
  15. Has anybody successfully activated HBA?

    Hi djduese, my car is late 2015 build (16 plate) with A5 I think - it has the lane assist camera etc. The problem is that I've applied all the suggested changes but couldn't find 07 - Coding Byte 3
  16. New owner here

    Thankyou to you all for your kind words and putting my mind at ease.
  17. vRS 245 on track

    yeah that's the feeling I got. You've just got to let the diff work. At first it felt like it was the TC/ESC working away, but then I realised the light wasn't on and there was a mechanical sound coming from the front. next time ill have it in 'ESC sport mode' and just keep the throttle pinned
  18. Reporting Bad Drivers

    Yes, deliberately to make another point.
  19. Lift off oversteer - tyres or suspension

    Just stating the obvious. FWD cars suffer from lift off oversteer. The op seemed surprised at this though admits to having ditch finders on the rear that would exacerbate this problem. If you are going to drive into a wet round about at speed you need to expect the unexpected and have experience in handling a car when grip lets go. Skid pans and advanced driving courses are a great place (and fun) to get this experience safely. 17" rims on a Fabia or any small low powered car are overkill especially on current UK roads. 185/195 profile good rubber gives more than enough grip in these cars and gives a better ride so your not crashing about over bumps and potholes. Just sayin' like
  20. Plugin Hybrid Superb

    I was hoping for something better than current Passat (which seems to get little love from critics*), but it would seem sensible to share tech. Goodness knows about price if it's launched around Brexit time, though! *Actually that's perhaps no longer the case...
  21. Cabin fan works but often no air comes our

    I did a long journey yesterday and as expected fans worked for a bit but then the air flow reduced to a trickle. wheni changed the temperature the air flow would sometimes increase for a while. if I used ‘Econ’ then the blowers worked prettty much normally
  22. I'm coming from a volvo v40 and most the people on the Volvo v40 club site are far from the typical volvo owner of old, most drive way faster than they should. It seems volvo created something odd with the V40 mines driven like I stole it most of the time. The amount of illegal reg plates on them is unbelievable.
  23. They do not steer. They have additional bulbs for cornering lights they do have left and right hand traffic modes
  24. Hi everyone

    Thanks Jed, my misses still cry over the yellow one , lol . I ve just but the black mirror and black grill on , also looking for some 19” wheel for it
  25. Has anybody successfully activated HBA?

    How old is your car and what is the problem. If you have controller A5, HBA is no problem. If your car is MY 2017 or higher, coding in 09 is different
  26. Traffic Jam Assist

    Interesting enough, I had a chance to drive the new Audi A4 for the weekend and it also have traffic jam assist along with lane assist. However, thinking that it was the same as Skoda was a big mistake. It seems like the Audi system behaves very differently, the TJA is very inconsistent and only appears when there are multiple cars around you (like in a traffic jam situation) also the lane assit is hopeless in comparison to the skoda. It doesn't really keep you in the lane (like the skoda lane guidance). Instead it only passively respond when you go near the line. I also find the system go active and de-active relatively quickly and inconsistently. The Skoda Superb system is far superior imo.
  27. Kia Stinger

    The Kia Stinger is quite an amazing car for the money. 0-100km in 4.8s and 1/4 mile in 12.8s. loads of tech and looks fabulous. Definitely an alternative to the 280 Skoda. The down side is that the boot is rather small in comparison.
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