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  2. New Cupra Ibiza

    Because they have been growing the production and selling of the SEAT Brand, as with Skoda, because the VW name is dirt in some World Regions. They need Skoda into North America / Canada and elsewhere, that will be needing Cupra as well quite likely. Maybe come time VW Group will be selling them off anyway, well making it look like they are no longer the parent company. Organ Grinders.
  3. Engine Bay (Under Bonnet ) Insulation.

    Well. I've ordered one, I prefer a more finished look under the bonnet too and on a recent trip in the rain, the water, in a band accross the upper third of the bonnet evaporated off when sitting in traffic queues. Leaving the rest of the bonnet still beading. Maybe it will decrease the wax protection on the bonnet, getting hot enough to evaporate the rainwater. I don't know. You pay your money and take your chance. If it's slightly quieter. I'm happy, if it's not I'm happy. The car sounds like a Golf when you close the doors, but not when you close the bonnet. I have also ordered the new style tailgate wedges and buffers too.
  4. New Cupra Ibiza

    I guess what I find confusing still, is that Seat is the weakest performing VAG marque (to my understanding). I don’t understand how creating a sub brand of Seat strengthens the brand in anyway. To me it just causes confusion to the general public.
  5. I’m also going to pitch in with a thanks for the above procedure. Got it activated on my FL, although I have since turned it off as I didn’t like it haha.
  6. ACC operation with DSG

    Hi, No this was was a perfectly straight piece of 3 lane motorway - I have looked back at this on my dashcam and the car in front is a reasonable distance away and neither this or the cars either side slow at all. The only thing I did notice is that the car in front and the ones to both sides are all doing exactly the same speed - wonder of this could somehow have confused it. I use ACC regularly and this is the first time it happened so assuming it is not a common issue.
  7. Reverse camera

    Does your Columbus have a 26-pin connector on the back side?
  8. Tried a 1.0 TSi 95 PS

    TSI 110 PS has arrived.
  9. New Cupra Ibiza

    Love the leaks to the social media from a factory insider who's job in the past will have been leaking to Auto Express and others. So i expect SEAT / VW Group will not be carrying out any investigations into who leaked the pics or information. Not that the story is a bit off on accuracy. Autocar, owned by Haymarket Media Group along with What Car, Pistonheads and other Motoring Publication. Haymarket Media that have VW Group as a customer, and that do vehicles launches etc for VW Group. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haymarket_Media_Group That is some monstrosity that someone knocked up for the steering wheel air bag.
  10. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    So a £567 million deficit was acceptable then? Why don't these companies pay what they're supposed to? It's the workers who are generating the huge incomes for them yet their pensions that are shafted. I bet the shareholders got a good divi.
  11. VCDS codes for rear fog lights

    I had both rear fog lights switched on today at my local Skoda garage in Velez Malaga in southern Spain, definitely not a main dealer. He had to ask Skoda for the info for doing it on Vag-Com, for which Skoda charged him €15 + vat. Skoda told him to charge me €50! It took him about 5-10 minutes, not bad as he is Spanish and everything was in English, and appeared to be a tick box exercise as far as I could see. He only charged me the €15 for doing it. Now that is service!
  12. Trading down?

    Funnily enough, I’m trading up in the opposite direction after three years with an Octy SE 1.4 TSi DSG. Great engine & gearbox combination and the Octavia is remarkably spacious, but...there is a significant difference between the two in ride and refinement. The Superb uses the same platform as the Passat, which has independent rear suspension, mainstream versions of the Octavia use the Golf-level platform, which has non-independent torsion beam rear suspension. Some people are perfectly hapy with that, but my experience has been that it’s comparatively nisy & uncomfrtoable and doesn’t manage the UK’s pothole-rridden roads that well. If you do go for a mainstream yorsion-beam Octavia, don’t go with low profile tyres - they tend to make the ride even more brittle. All depends on your personal preferences and needs, though. Plenty are very happy with the Octy. Not sure I’d go with a Rapid, though - pretty noisy & VW’s other brands make better small cars than that.
  13. £3,000 Deposit Contribution

    Thanks both, great to hear. There's nothing added and the discounts plus deposit are correct so I'm good to go.
  14. Carillion will do it, with the assistance PwC accounting ,overseen by a Cons Chancellor and the treasury. Maybe even a helping hand of HMRC.
  15. vRS245 ordered club

    It's the lane keeping system. The car sees the white lines and drives itself a bit. You can turn it off.
  16. Buying a high mileage DSG 170bhp

    Hi gianthotdog, great handle by the way! Yeah it said it was S1B1, I’ve cleared the dtc’s this morning and so far no light, if it come back on I shall look on the forum for your “how to” and change it. Thank you. regards Scott
  17. Oil overfilled by dealer

    Much the same is not the same. & when a Dealership does overfill, you do not need to visit them. The Dealer Principal can send out a Technician or Skoda Assist to correct the Employees error. Or pay the customers travel time and a Skoda Workshop Hourly Rate to the customer for their trouble to return so the job can be done properly. Seeing as the 1.2 TSI early engines have timing chain tensioner issues, and later ones have a few starting to have excessive oil use issues, just Email the Dealer Principal if the oil level is too high, then they can record that and rectify that as well. Belt and braces, and shamed faces. Drain off or suction off engine oil.doc
  18. New Cupra Ibiza

    I disagree with you there, each to their own etc etc, but from someone that ran a late 2009 Ibiza for about 4 years while my daughter was working abroad, I always thought that that version was just a bit ugly, and that has changed, in my eyes with this one, looks more like a smaller version of the Leon, which is no bad thing?
  19. Oil overfilled by dealer

    Cold check on the flat - although the level was much the same when hot (about 4mm above Range A). I checked the manual, and it was the very clear warning in it that worried me - though I'm reasonably sure that there must be a tolerance, and that 4mm is likely to be within it. Belt and braces suggests removing a bit of oil via the dipstick hole if I can find a suitable device.
  20. New Cupra Ibiza

    That will be when "Cupra Line" turns up - shame about the badge though.
  21. What annoyed you today?

    Finding the tyre carcass from a lorry blowout right in-front of me on a piece of unlit A road. New bumper, undertray, AC condenser etc needed
  22. Oil overfilled by dealer

    PS Best check the tyre pressures if the service desk did not tell you what they were set at during the service, then reset the TPMS.
  23. H&R are a good choice, quality german made and a decent price. i have these fitted on my 2014 vRS estate. code is on the box label, cheapest price plus postage is ebay.de took three days to arrive, £140 all in.
  24. Drive Shaft Bolt

    Without knowing your vehicle specifics I think you are looking for p/n: N 90587602 It is a nut not a bolt. Please see the following link and verify: http://www.oemepc.com/skoda/part_single/catalog/sk/markt/CZ/modell/OCT/year/2009/drive_standart/252/hg_ug/407/subcategory/407020/part_id/2543661/lang/e#sec_14
  25. Oil overfilled by dealer

    ? On the Invoice what Quantity of oil were you charged for? I take it you did you not check the level as the car was collected. Is the coolant level correct? Was this check you did a cold dip after the car parked a few hours, or as it tells you in the Owners Manual for all engines other than 1.2 44 kW ones that are checked cold. Was this oil level with the Engine / Engine Oil at the 'Normal Operating Temperature', so at least above 50*oC after being driven a few miles, not after sitting ticking over a while, maybe best nearer 80 *oC, then parked on the flat and checked after a few Minutes. (Skoda do not say what a few are, but less than 5 would be a few.)
  26. don't let anyone baffle you with pseudo science... if its to get you home or to the tyre shop? its fine and it will fit but that tyre is done!
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