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  2. Android Auto - what's the point?

    You can also listen to podcasts as well, I use Pocket Casts to save various genres of Podcasts to listen to when I fancy something different.
  3. Below the waistline operations.

    Aspman- it's a case of "Donald, where's your trousers/ kilt"
  4. Smoke on startup

    clarendon- HTH. Problem on here is knowing the electrical level /equipment of the poster. There are several approaches to finding an electrical fault. The guess approach- it could be this /that or the other. Then the engineer's way -- Start at one end and work through TO FIND NO VOLTS Start at end looking for place where there is a voltage Me- I go to the end, and if nothing half the circuit and work either way. Works on circuits of many thousands of miles, so it should work on a bit of car wiring. ( I've been there done it and got the T shirt after working on overseas circuits). HENCE my advice to check on the glow plugs for voltage, then see if current is passing, using a bulb as most cheap meters won't handle 8 Amps. That test eliminates a bad earth, as with a bad earth, lamp would not glow/ be not so bright as the others, and it could be seen for the period of glow plug activity from the car.
  5. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    Just a quickie..... Are these the DRLs you have gone for? https://www.amazon.co.uk/OSRAM-7915CW-02B-LED-Premium-Retrofit/dp/B01LZ6X9O7/ref=pd_sim_263_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DBSTCT7638ZFZA5548HF#Ask
  6. The New Arrival

    lol..... To be honest I wanted the mrs to get a Monte in red or white but she wanted the colour edition and in black or possibly white..... This one was the only one readily available before the offer she had finished a week or two later so she went for it. Obviously meant she also fell on it having all the options included for free too.
  7. KEN- there's also a white bike on the exit from the council works road( just north of the A830 junction) to show that at least one very experienced cyclist got it wrong.
  8. Sums it up really......

    Something needs to be done. Yonks ago some politicians came up with a great idea - a lower level of Police to deal with dog & cycle problems =PCSO. Sadly due to cutbacks, most PCSO are now doing Police duties. Flash back to today- side street cluttered with parked cars on both sides. I'd noticed this bloke on bike earlier on pavement ,texting with no hands on handlebars, and as I turned left, made sure he /it was not close. As I drove down a congested street, I stopped as a car was parking. I'd moved on a bit and then another appeared, so I stopped, with little room on both sides. Bloke on bike sailed by on my offside giving me a finger, knowing there's little that could/would be done to pick him up. But had he had some ID on the bike, I'd have a dashcam of the individual.
  9. extended warranties , worth it or not

    Thanks Redboy I've looked at the list of exclusions on the quotes I've had and I'm not impressed, as pointed out there is an extended warranty on the fuel system component since the software fix. So far the main dealer I've used have been very good, with no attempt to inflated bills. The question is on longevity of engine, gearbox and haldex, I hope the clutch has a good life, most of my driving is motorways etc. If the clutch plate could be changed without dropping the engine & gearbox down, that would make a big difference , ie is there enough room to split the engine & gearbox in situ , I've done that on petrol engined Fiats when they said the engine & gearbox need to be lowered, but diesel engines are a lot heavier, and I'm a lot older now . The cost of warranties is the same as two holidays worth of diesel, I'm thinking holiday fuel may be a better bet
  10. Snobbery

    I was driving the mrs around in my new Sportline 190 dsg in quartz grey. The Mrs noticed I was getting loving looks from an audi driver beside me. He looked rather perplexed as to what brand this car was . He smiled ( unusual I know) , glared approvingly ,,, until he seen the badge. Its as if someone made him swallow a large bar of carbolic soap. Ha ha I say to myself. Your A6 entry level exec saloon has F all kit compared to this and he paid substantially more Any you guys still seeing brand and badge snobbery. When people ask me what my new car is , they often look for me to apologise and say " I know its a Skoda but its got big wheels and tech coming out its tits". F-all apologies , the best car I have driven. Better than my 2013 3 series.
  11. Launch control

    I found I had launch control the other day by messing about in my 2018 sportline 190 dsg. Wasn't very good , took a 1000 miles off the tyres. Why does the manual not mention this? Is there any good reason to use it. I found it quite difficult to manually change up on the stick. Love the car , soo much tech ,
  12. Will my spare wheel fit?

    I have a 16" spare in the well , if yours is the same size and tyre diameter , then all is good
  13. coolant system

    No manual bleed valves. When I had to refill the coolant up on mine after the rad had been out I just filled the header tank and ran the engine with the heater set to high on both sides. Kept topping it up as the level dropped as the air was pumped out. Just make sure you leave it to get hot enough for the thermostat to open. just a thought, have you tried replacing the header tank cap?
  14. Huge play in steering

    Thanks for the confirmation. Got a quote for alignment for around £35 so I'm happy to pay that to make sure it's right.
  15. Map Upgrade Issues

    Ok that's interesting. Yes it is an sel exec estate with Columbus and the drive and two sd card slots in the glove box. When I took delivery of the car the sd card was already in slot 1 with an empty DVD type box that it came in, in the glove box. Assuming they were left in from the PDI before I picked it up. Thanks for the clarification.
  16. noise cold start mk3 engine

    My considered opinion is yes it's normal & nothing to worry about! If the injectors weren't clicking the engine simply wouldn't run! Pumpe duese & later injectors are electrically operated (the ecu determines when & how long they phase ( open & close to determine how much fuel is injected)). No clicking simply means that they are NOT operational!
  17. The New Arrival

    You've got me checking my centre caps as well haha, got the start of some white worm coming in on the front 2 so will mention it when the first service is due. Pointless throwing new caps on over the winter IMO so will keep them as is for now. Am always a little jealous when I visit this thread because this is what I had in mind when looking for a Citigo, a black on black one with the small leather pack and dynamic dash, wasn't really out to get a white one so it's a good thing yours isn't a 5 door haha, could swap then
  18. Posted previous pics of this before (page 110 or something) added the Grill and discs since, it's for sale on Irish donedeal (upgrading to a 2017 one of these black again hopefully) Just said I'd post some pics before it goes for anyone idea hunting, I got all the bits from Superskoda, all easy to fit and minor jobs that do make a difference to the standard I think
  19. Karoq or Ateca?

    Realised that after I posted, I confused Karoq with Kodiak.
  20. Yeti SEL Drive - The Final Curtain?

    Interesting, I was concerned about whether the 1.2 l engine could cope as I have been used to bigger engines. Sounds encouraging.
  21. NC500 - Scotland's answer to Route 66

    So did you finish the route? Pics? I'm thinking of going this, but not sure when and how. The stupid part of me says non stop but at a time when the camper vans have gone home.
  22. Lease ends in 7 weeks...

    Yes there is usually the option for a third party to purchase but not for the lessor to purchase, that's the difference here.
  23. Karoq or Ateca?

    Kodiak Biggish, Karoq & Ateca same wheelbase, same platform, even built in the same factory, mm's different in length..
  24. Map Upgrade Issues

    You shouldn't have got a maps SD Card if you have Columbus, only if you have Amundsen. Columbus comes with the maps already pre-installed on its hard drive. If you do have Columbus (if it's got a DVD drive then it's Columbus) then you can format the maps SD Card to give you an extra blank 32GB card that you can use for map updating, audio or video. FORMAT it, don't just delete the files on it. It will initially appear smaller than 32GB but after formatting you will get the full 32GB.
  25. Karoq or Ateca?

    I've assumed that Karoq = Toureg, and Ateca = Tiguan. The Karoq is massive, the Ateca isn't. Edit. Karoq is not a Kodiak. Damn these obtuse names... D'oh.
  26. coolant system

    He didnt bleed the system. It ran a program from the laptop which switch the valves inside the cooling system and then topped up the header tank. In short I don't know were or how you would do it manually.
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