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  2. Reliability????

    The thing is, Skoda is reaching price parity with VW now. Like the Octavia and the Golf Kombi are only a few grand apart. Considering how much higher the VW is than Skoda on the residuals, at a certain point it doesn't make sense to get the Skoda.
  3. Delivery times

    Clearly some dealers are better than others. The process from first ordering right through to delivery really is quite straightforward and detailed by codes at the various stages, each such code being readily accessible by a dealer, and hopefully is conveyed to you as the customer to keep you informed. Thus: Code 00 = Order sent from Dealer to SUK, accepted and registered with Škoda CZ Code10 = Factory Ordered – Production Week Unconfirmed Code 20 = Production Week Confirmed Code 30 = Vehicle Built & In Transit from Factory to Port – usually Emden Code 40 = Vehicle on Ship Code 50 = Arrived at UK Port of Entry Code 60 = Vehicle awaiting/being transported to Dealer Code 70 = Vehicle arrived at Dealer
  4. I changed a year ago from CR170 VRS estate to facelift TSI VRS estate. Overall the petrol is significantly quieter and a lot more torque spread evenly across the rev range and more power at the top. Both were DSG, found it works better with the petrol as there's more available power in that rev range... With the diesel, in D it was too low in the rev range, with S it was too high. DSG with adaptive cruise (ACC) and adaptive dampers (DCC) makes it a great long distance car. It does use more fuel, but I'm getting around 33mpg on the 10 mile commute and 40ish on longer A road/motorway runs with car full of family and luggage, without really compromising my driving style or creature comforts. I'd only consider a diesel if doing bigger miles (15k+ per annum) to offset the higher fuel costs and when local govs have decided what to do with pollution charge across the country. London is known, but Manchester, Brum, Nottingham etc are not yet.
  5. Reliability????

    I don't disagree with you. I know people don't all have the same experience. I pick up my 2018 Superb Mk3 on Saturday, and I'm hoping it will be worry free also. I suppose if I'd had a bad experience then I would tend to stay away from a marque for a little while. Had to convince my wife to get a Skoda - because of their old rep. Almost the same as my wife not letting me use the DSG sport mode if she's in the car...
  6. Reliability????

    I should point out that I got that car because I needed to buy something immediately and my wife said if I bought the Mitsubishi L200 I was also considering, she would punch me in the face while I was sleeping.
  7. Skoda connect ap

    I think my oneApp has flipped it's lid Tried it again last night and all of a sudden it's turned my Karoq into a Nitrous rocket Karoq 532 Miles in 17 minutes !! 1858 MPH and the 1.5TSi revs well, just over 11,500 rpm
  8. Reliability????

    It's actually close to 2 weeks at Grimsby. I know the dealer said the hold up was a final settlement from VWFS on my current car but they've had that this week, as I got the same email. I'll give it until tomorrow and chase up. Try and get them to commit to next Friday for a collection.
  9. Tyres Speed rating

    If doing those speeds the tyre will be up to maximum temperature after about 10 miles so that 800 miles is a meaningless figure.
  10. Best wax for Rallye Green

    @malcster this is awesome thank you! I will do everything by hand - I don't have any experience using a machine so would not like to try my hand at it! I must say I'm not as anal as a lot of people when it comes to cleaning but I do enjoy getting a good shine and seal on it so that when I give it a blast with water between polishes that it still has a coat on. If you have any tips on how an amateur detail could be done then it would be much appreciated - I usually do a decent wash but not sure how up to scratch my technique is in comparison to others, usually do snow foam, shampoo, tar remove any bits that need (wheel clean in there somewhere as well) then polish and two coats wax - but any tips on how I could improve would be much appreciated. The paint on the car is still good as I've only washed it once to get bird poo and other nonsense off but not done a proper clean yet as waiting to do it properly with new equipment
  11. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    Thank goodness for the HOL - they clearly saw something in what the Gov were trying to do that the HOC didn't see. Namely the government trying to give itself more powers than it had EVER had. Its one thing to want powers back to parliament, but a very different one trying it on and getting all the power in the hands of the cabinet alone - no discussion with the house at all!! If the Tories were to get a free hand on whatever laws they wanted to change without any oversight or discussion and transparency, we would be in a hell of a mess.
  12. Reliability????

    It amazing me how personally some folks tend to take things when they have purchased a particular thing. Like iPhone folks being blind to any of the anti-consumer / anti-competition stuff that Apple does. Normally the first retort is... well, so and so is worse. I don't portent to claim that Skoda is a bad mark. I had a yeti and it was a dream to own. Not a single issue. My wife had an Octavia as a company car for a few months until her Audi arrived. Also a lovely car. My personal experience with this Superb has been bad. I find it has very little redeeming qualities. The new one... Different story. My 2013 4x4? I like the looks and and the space and... well.. that's about it. When I got it, I had it checked over by a specialist. Service records were all on the money. 3 or 4 months later... everything started. It is not common here in Germany to get a warranty on a 2nd had car. It's possible, but very expensive and never covers anything like sun roof leaks, rattles and the like. That's great you have had a good experience. I hope it stays that way. Not everyone has the same luck. Again, not to say Skoda is crap, but from time to time, every brand has some QA issues. but hey... it's never left me stranded.
  13. Fabia 1.4 Classic Newbie Questions

    Ps if it is the liners I think I have to strip all the engine down so might be cheaper to get new engine
  14. Columbus now tells me I'm driving in Holland!!

    Watch out for the dykes!if they leak apparently you have to put your finger in the hole.
  15. Reliability????

    That is odd...I'd be asking them to get it to the dealer ASAP if it's been a month. My SEL was at docks for 2 days before shipped to dealer. I guess yours would have come into Grimsby like mine?
  16. Rear differential destroyed - help please

    It all appears to be about LUCK ,a modern well built car i would expect most cars to go 150000 with no trouble,cars have achieved high milage for many years BUT where engines emissions are being strangled it’s not helping so I would like to think that most get away trouble free and a few are very very unlucky
  17. Try applying 12V again but with this polarity: +12V to pin 2 (where the green/red wire would connect), 0V to pin 1 (where the brown earth wire would connect), if that is not what you have already done.
  18. Reliability????

    Unfortunately, still not 'got' and the dealer is now being unresponsive. Car is still at the docks and I'm starting to be suspicious that it may have an issue of sorts. I'm probably over thinking it but you'd think a dealer would be interested in getting a collection arranged ASAP, especially with month end fast approaching.
  19. Fabia 1.4 Classic Newbie Questions

    Hi it was done in Leeds by a place that do exchange engines yes to skimming but what are the liners how would you be able to tell us how do I start a new topic
  20. Flicking down the DSG stick to "Sport"

    My wife has been my pillion passenger for the past 39 years. When we were travelling 120 mph in the Sportline, she didn't even notice. (Her helmet would have been buffeting about on the bike.) I just got a "Wow" when I floored it to pass a coach. I don't use that DSG flick back to get Sport much any more. Mainly, I use it on a downhill grade to hold my speed. But, I do have my PedalBox set to City+3 now. It shifts pretty well.
  21. Hello Octavia people, from a Superb owner... :-) Later this year I'm looking to replace my 11-plate Superb Estate (Elegance CR 170 2.0 TDi) with probably an Octavia Estate with the 1.5TSi engine - I no longer do the miles to warrant getting another diesel. I've been playing with the car configurator for the SE L estate on the Skoda website and wanted to include Bi-Xenon headlights as an option - I've found them to be excellent on the Superb - but they no longer seem to be available. Instead, the option (or maybe standard fit on the SE L?) seems to be full LED headlights. This got me wondering about how the two different types of headlight compare, so I'll be very interested to hear from anyone who's got experience of both types, I'm especially interested in learning which type has been found to be "better" (whatever that might mean!). Thanks in advance, -- Martin
  22. Finally car collected

    I always said I would NEVER have a manual (so did all my friends), but after driving my Fabia vRS back in 2012 I could never go back to a manual, and now all my mates have autos and so does the wife !
  23. Reliability????

    Yeah...I wish I could have done a @penguin17 and got a 280 Sportline - it might have excited me a little more. But I only cruise up and down the motorway with a few country roads so I can't complain about comfort etc.
  24. Octavia 245 Owners Club

    Wasn't the 245 a "limited run" model anyway - with the 230 being the standard?
  25. Gap insurance

    Fingers crossed, pics please when it arrives !!!
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