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  1. Advice on citigo styling

    Ok guys, i currently have a 2014 citigo monte carlo but i want to add some more style. Does anyone know if you can get the fabia monte carlo style head lights for the citigo?? Also where is the best place to buy styling kits for the citigo? Thanks
  2. tweenster's very red Monte Carlo

    Hi again, ok got myself a monte in black yesterday , love it! I traded it in for my citigo se. As you have a monte how many miles would you say that you're getting from half a tank? My se would get about 100 miles and that was from £10 worth of fuel. Just want to see if my monte will get the same. Thanks
  3. tweenster's very red Monte Carlo

    How much did the boot cover cost you? looks smart
  4. How much is this body kit? As I'm very tempted to do this to my citigo, be cheaper than buying a sport or monte carlo
  5. how can i modify my citigo?

    Cheers for all your replies! I would mind getting multispoke white alloys, anyone no any for sale?
  6. how can i modify my citigo?

    Hi guys!, I've got the citigo SE model in black, but wish I had a sport now :(, apart from obviously buying a sport model ( which I cant really afford) can anyone recommend any decent modifications to the body work? I was tempted to get the alloys sprayed black. Doe's anyone on here have any bits they are selling? Thanks Jodie
  7. Freezing windscreen in the inside!?

    But won't that cost much more on fuel? I still don't think it's normal for a modern car to do this, a/c on or not.
  8. Freezing windscreen in the inside!?

    Hi guys, I have a citigo 2012 and have noticed on those very cold days the windscreen freezes in the inside, there isn't any excess moisture inside the car, so I don't really get it? I would understand if it was an old car but it's not. Does anyone else get this issue? Thanks Jodie :sun:

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