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  1. LED headlight adjustment

    You might have checked this already, but is the light switch in the Auto position as opposed to you switching it to the dipped headlight position? This used to be a "thing" with the Xenons in the Pre-FL Mk3.
  2. It doesn't really matter to the OP now as his Octy has moved on but this info might be useful, as others have suggested it's down to it not being coded correctly. I fitted, wired & coded in a Westphalia towbar kit to my parent's Golf mk7 and they've had no issues with HBA or ACC.
  3. No affiliation with the website at all. I'd seen it recommended somewhere before, can't remember where though: Lichtex.de
  4. There are cheaper places to buy the xenons from (and I don't mean flea-bay). One place also sells the 2nd generation Philips Xtreme vision and White vision. Not sure if site rules allow me to mention the place I'm thinking of.
  5. Anyone fitted their own towbar?

    I retrofitted a detachable Westfalia to my parent's Golf 7 and coded it with VCDS. All the parts were included in the kit. The hardest part was getting at the fuse box behind the glovebox. The VCDS coding info I found on the web. It's all working perfectly and was a lot cheaper than a factory fit option. Our Octavia Combi has the cutout in the bumper for the towbar but I haven't fitted one to that, yet. It doesn't have the towbar preparation as I didn't spec it when ordering the car but having done it once I'd be pretty confident doing it again on the Octavia.
  6. O3 silver door sill protector set (front & rear): 5E0071303A
  7. Rubber combi boot liner is: 5E9061160
  8. IMO I think the Bangle designed 5-series have aged very well and still look smart. The newer designs are not so ground breaking.
  9. Rear bumper Protector VRS Estate

    A pic of the Milotec protector fitted on a not so clean car. I carefully heated up the bumper (to about 30DegC) and the adhesive strips on the protector after cleaning the surface down and prior to fitting. The Milotec protector is ABS plastic and to be honest I was a bit disappointed with it initially but now that it's installed and doing the job I'm not too worried about it. Fit and finish is good on it but it'd be nicer if it had some metal on it to match with the chrome on the car.
  10. Auto lights, ILA and HBA?

    Thanks for the reply Pipsyp. I have neither type so I was mistaken when I quoted you above in post #2 - sorry about that. What I have can be seen here http://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/374815-annoying-wiper-issue/?p=4411384 and what I was wondering about is the sensor on the right hand side of the mirror body itself, not those attached to the windscreen. I guess though from your reply I won't be able to code HBA given the lack of hardware.
  11. Hopefully there is a picture of the Car system LEDs installed on our Style Combi. Excuse the dirt on the rear, it hasn't been washed in over a week.
  12. Auto lights, ILA and HBA?

    I'm slightly confused by this. Our style combi has auto lights/wipers (light assist as it's been referred to) but doesn't have Lane Assist (LA) and the associated camera and from my understanding then it doesn't have High Beam Assist (HBA). There is some diode, as Pipsysreturn said above, in the forward facing part of the rear view mirror so can HBA (albeit a slightly primitive version) be enabled via VCDS or is this diode used solely for the auto lights?
  13. I have them installed in our style combi. Yes they need recoding. I'll get a photo and post it later. Happy St. Patrick's day to the Irish contingent on here.
  14. Post your Mk3 Octavia photos!

    The 17" Teron wheels that came on our Style combi don't have security lock nuts, pretty poor I thought.
  15. Mud flaps

    I got the dealer to fit mudflaps to ours on delivery. They're selling them for €28 for the set.

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