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  1. dog guard, fabia estate 2015

    found these that are transparent. http://www.boot-buddy.com/all-products/safe-d-guard#tab-details-tab
  2. dog guard, fabia estate 2015

    hi guys, there doesnt seem to be a skoda dog guard for this model. any suggestions on one that fits nicely? also, anyone seen transparent ones? i have never really liked seeing them in my rear view mirror. you would think someone would do a clear one maybe? also looking at the child mirrors -the skoda ones seem pretty good. any others worth looking at? cheers!
  3. getting a new fabia MC estate in black... few questions

    bah, wrote a long reply and it didnt seem to post. this one will be more concise! got the car. looks great, better than i hoped drives great too. nippy and lovely gearbox. firm but grippy (esp on new tyres!) with the sports suspension. and the 17" look great old fella at work always waxes and washes his s-line black a5 on a friday, think i will join him. his cars look mint for their age. think i need a mr mayagi wax on lesson from him or coat the whole car in that water resistant stuff cool. an excuse to upgrade my phone the mrs had it all hooked up to her android. she nicked it all afternoon! yeah, good call man. its nippier than last car so will keep it as is. could do without dropping £400 more on that anyway xmas and all that cheers for all the replies guys, hope this posts this time!
  4. getting a new fabia MC estate in black... few questions

    i managed to bag the 17s and lowered suspension for a good deal. got satnav thrown in too the green led sounds cool. got any pics? red might look cool in mine.
  5. getting a new fabia MC estate in black... few questions

    cheers man, im not even sure whats possible from these tsi engines. cool that i can kind of do an all black theme. with a touch of red. always wanted to try this since i was a kid. every driving game i ever played i had black and red cars,
  6. getting a new fabia MC estate in black... few questions

    cheers mate, so nothing in terms of messing with engine then? ecu, remaps etc (im pretty ignorant about this lol, just know most of my mates tune theirs) would simple stuff like rebadging (say in black) void it too?
  7. hi guys, picking up the new motor tomorrow: 1.2 TSI 110 17" black twist wheels sports suspension monte carlo estate black pearl sat nav auto lights package im looking to make a few minor mods to it, keep with the red and black theme. but due to me purchasing on the personal care plan thing ive got to keep it pretty stock. would this mean things like a tune would /remap void my warranty? also looking for some inspiration on some little touches. rebadging with black/red or debadging back, some kind of overall theme i can take onto the wheel caps basically looking for you guys to post me some pics to inspire me. ive yet to see pics of the mc estate in black with 17" rims and sports suspension. kinda feel like a kid on xmas eve now. due to some tough times of late my current car is a proper piece of french poop also, will this one have the new smart link stuff? the brochures arent that clear. its a 65 plate.i currently have an old iphone 4 but think i might upgrade to android, how do people find the smartphone stuff?
  8. Just saying hi

    hi guys, just joined up today as i get my fabia estate monte carlo on monday going with the black pearl, 17" black twist wheels and sports suspension, 1.2 110 TSI. will be interesting to see how it drives as i only demoed the standard 1.2 110 and the ride is supposed to be much firmer on the 17s feel like a kid waiting for xmas. never bought a brand new car before! and like a kid playing a racing game, i fancy pimping it a little. nothing too much, im buying under their payment plan thing. as the car will be all black outside and red inside im thinking of either debadging, replacing with black/carbon fibre or maybe doing them red (since the monte carlo has a red interior) maybe even a pinstripe somehow, ive seen some grill pinstriping that looks cool. also maybe look at getting it tuned but not sure how that will affect warranty etc never tuned a car before so this is all new to me! btw, anyone got any pics of this model? i cant find a monte carlo estate in black, especially with 17" rims and sports suspension. can anyone recommend a website or something where i can have a play modding my car? a bit like in the old gran turismo games? or is it just old photoshop cheers guys

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