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  1. Cleaning Inside of Windscreen?

    I used to have problems with a smeary screen and I managed to get rid of it after I received the following advice 1. Get a dedicated glass cleaning cloth e.g. a fishscale type microfibre. These have more bite than a traditional microfiber and don't leave any fibres behind. I used to use kitchen towel until it was explained the often have chemicals to aid absorbtion which can smear on glass. 2. Use a glass polish in the first instance e.g Autoglym glass Polish to get rid of whatever is on your screen. These generally have a better cleaning ability than a glass cleaner. Subsequent cleaning can then be done with a normal glass cleaner. 3. When removing the residue only wipe in one direction. If you go backwards and forwards there is the risk of pushing the dirt around back over the area you have just cleaned. This works for me and there's nothing too expensive to buy. You may also,want to have a look at this
  2. Which wash mitt and drying towel

    I also like the Adams wash mitt. Being synthetic a little easier to care for than the true lambswool ones. I got a WoWo wheel wash mitt a few months back when it was on a cheap offer and that's worn really well
  3. Wowos nanocoat

    Haven't used it but have you considered something like Bilt Hamber Finis wax. Much much cheaper and long lasting
  4. EZ Car Care

    Thanks for that I prefer a satin look. Always great to have real world advice
  5. EZ Car Care

    What sort to finish does slick give to the tyres please
  6. EZ Car Care

    Thanks for the heads up. I think it is an indication of the level of competition between the smallet suppliers with new companies coming to the market all the time.
  7. clean your car discount codes

    Is there something specific you need as Polished Bliss offer free p&p plus have a price guarantee
  8. Styling discounts & seasonal offers

    Auto Allure seem to have constant offers on their Web site http://www.autoallure.co.uk. The 3 products 500ml for £12 seems pretty good value. I have no affiliation with them but early reviews of products on Detailing World seem positive.
  9. Alloy wheels

    .You've done exactly the right thing by sealing your wheels, although as you've discovered it can take time initially. The idea is that once they've been sealed you won't need to keep using harsh chemical's on them each time you clean them and the brake dust should come off using just car shampoo. It is recommended to use a specialist product as normal wax for the body is not designed for the high temperatures the wheels are subjected to. However if you want something that can go both on your wheels and paintwork then Finish Kare 1000P .seems to get good reviews and is not too expensi
  10. Water beading versus sheeting

    I think it's really down to personal preference. I do know that with a beading wax although it looks lovely you can end up with the dust spotting effect as the water evaporates
  11. Car Wash

    To avoid water spots take the end off your hose and let the water sheet off. You will find it will leave very little in the way of water drops to dry
  12. Styling discounts & seasonal offers

    Monza Car Care have Dodo Juice Black Widow at £39.99 with BOGOF from their eBay store. Might help if you want to split the order with a mate
  13. best spray on paint protection??

    I've done a bit more surfing and according to their official thread on Detailing World it is suitable for bird poo
  14. best spray on paint protection??

    Currently using ezcarcare qd mainly for removing bird splats. Is the infinity wax suitable for this or more like bsd and chrome
  15. best spray on paint protection??

    When you say best is that in terms of gloss water behaviour or longevity

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