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  1. Scammed!

    I've got a part refund today after many contacts. But it came after I'd reported him to Action Fraud.
  2. WTD: Superb II FL 16" or 17" alloys

    Have you got your wheels yet? Didn't think so. But I bet you have paid for them? Tvrs90 scammed me as well. Message me for details.
  3. Scammed!

    It seems I am another to fall foul of Tvrs90. I was after a set of Felicia Fun wheels and, surprise, surprise, he had a set! Paid by bank transfer like the others. 6 months later, no wheels, no refund. Same MO. Wheels sent, never arrived. 3 times this happened. Then he was going to be working in this area and would bring the wheels. Never happened. All kind of excuses including gran dying. I will be pursuing this so if anyone has any further details of this scammer, please message me.
  4. Stuck dust caps

    The hot water usually works. If all else fails, take a junior hacksaw to the caps, cutting at an angle through one side taking care not to go through to the thread on the valve. Once you have a decent slot, twist a screwdriver into the cap. This should split the cap enabling removal.
  5. Mk1 Fabia vRS - Steel Wheels?

    I don't see any reason not to go down this route. Not sure which wheels you would use? Octavia etc. are different stud pattern. Probably early VW Golf wheels would be suitable? Another option is to get your existing wheels refurbished and white powder coated.
  6. 1986 Estelle 120LX Brake Hose Query

    Goodridge do plenty of different sets for the Estelle, so they would be the people to ask. Around £75 a set though. Check out eBay for contact details. I would have thought that the 130 ones for the rear and 120 for the front should fit.
  7. Favorit boot light / torch

    Thanks for that. I'll check that out.
  8. I love the extra torque of diesel. With only £20 a year road tax, and regular 60mpg from my 1.6 TDI, I won't be changing anytime soon. And I've always got the Favorit for a bit of petrol power.
  9. My Favorit

  10. My Favorit

  11. My Skoda Octavia automatic

    Not sure about the specific fault codes, but it is unusual to get three different faults and a loss of selection. If you have detected the codes I presume you have a code reader? Have you tried to clear the codes? Disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes can sometimes reset the ECU, but you may have reset radio codes etc.
  12. Skoda Octavia, 2013, Race blue. 1.6 TDI, Elegance. DSG. Love it. Full spec. Wouldn't want for any more.
  13. Going to start on my engine bay shortly. I've painted the rocker cover and ordered a K&N filter. I am going to be looking at buying a Felicia engine to rebuild. Otherwise, still making progress.
  14. Felicia fun alloys

    I know it's a long shot, but has anyone got a set of fun alloys for sale? Or does anyone have the Estelle minilite style wheels, and will they fit a Favorit? I sold a set many years ago and can't find any more. Anything similar in 4 X 100 pcd let me know.
  15. My Favorit is now looking a bit different.....

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