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  1. Traffic Jam Assist

    Interesting enough, I had a chance to drive the new Audi A4 for the weekend and it also have traffic jam assist along with lane assist. However, thinking that it was the same as Skoda was a big mistake. It seems like the Audi system behaves very differently, the TJA is very inconsistent and only appears when there are multiple cars around you (like in a traffic jam situation) also the lane assit is hopeless in comparison to the skoda. It doesn't really keep you in the lane (like the skoda lane guidance). Instead it only passively respond when you go near the line. I also find the system go active and de-active relatively quickly and inconsistently. The Skoda Superb system is far superior imo.
  2. Kia Stinger

    The Kia Stinger is quite an amazing car for the money. 0-100km in 4.8s and 1/4 mile in 12.8s. loads of tech and looks fabulous. Definitely an alternative to the 280 Skoda. The down side is that the boot is rather small in comparison.
  3. The 280PS Thread

    Just did a 1000km trip in the outback Australia. The average fuel consumption was surprisingly good at 6.9L / 100km. This was mainly going at 100-110km/h highway.
  4. Sportline tyres - need input please

    Yes, I have the same issue. The P7 Centurato is very underwelming, very loud on anything that is not perfectly smooth. I have done nearly 10k on them and couldn't wait to swap them out for either Michelin Pilot Super Sport / Pirelli P Zero / Good Year F1 Assym 2.
  5. The 280PS Thread

    Drove my car (280PS sportline) to the outback of Australia (Flinders Ranges) on the weekend. The car handled the task exceptionally well, put on comfort setting when the road gets bumby and it irons out all the bumps even on the 19" wheel. The 4WD really helped during the gravel road, although I had to put it in "Eco" mode to be a bit safer as the normal mode tends to be a bit too adventurous especially when your whole family is on board. Plenty of power on tap which enables you to overtake long road-train easily. The semi-autonomous driving (ACC + TJA) is perfect for the 1000km journey, The drive was 6-7 hours and I still felt fresh after it. The most surprising part is even with a full load (5 people + a whole boot of luggage) the car managed the trip with an average fuel consumption of 6.9L / 100km (well over 40MPG). Very happy indeed.
  6. windscreen wiper

    Just found out that my windscreen wiper goes down 95% of the way and not 100% when the auto-wiper is "engaged" or "standby" mode. Then when it does not detect rain, it will go down 100% in the resting position. Bit bizarre, didn't realise it until raining recently here in Australia. The 95% down is about 2-3cm above the normal resting position. Can someone confirm that is normal behaviour?
  7. The 280PS Thread

    Interesting Billy, no wonder when I tried Launch control on the 280PS (with throttle response installed) it wasn't working as well as I thought. The car won't hold RPM even though the dash display "Launch Control Activated". Will give this a try next time when suitable.
  8. The 280PS Thread

    What is the real difference between JB1 and JB4? I am currently using the JB1 on the 280ps and you're right, It is a nice upgrade. It makes the car a lot more gutsy than stock, not sure if JB4 is much better.
  9. 245 tyres

    Good point, I make sure I'll ask the tyre fitter too.
  10. 245 tyres

    Looks like the consensus responses suggest there'll be minimum impact to the car's ride/handling. I am not too fuss regarding the speedo's accuracy, but will have to contact insurance to make sure that they are happy to cover the car with the new tyre size.
  11. 245 tyres

    Getting a bit sick of the P7 Cintaruto tyres. Very noisy on coarse road, thinking of swapping it out for a Michelin Super Sport. The tyre size (235/40/R19) that came with the Superb's 19" rims is pretty expensive here in Australia (Around $400AUD each). However, the 245/40/R19 size tyres are nearly half the price ($230-$250 AUD each) since they're much more common here due to them being used by other manufacturers' large cars. Just seeing if anyone have tried using the 245/40/R19 tyres instead of the OEM size (235/40/R19) with good results. Just seeing if it will affect handling / ride quality. Also see if there'll be rubbing on wheel arches? Unfortunately, in Australia you can't try out the tyres before you buy. So I will need to purely rely on other people's experiences.
  12. Turbo lag on 280ps auto

    Andrew, I highly recommends you look into burgertuning JB1. Got it installed and it is pretty awesome. You can use it straight out of the box and it'll pull really strong. The car becomes a beast unleashed, the push in the back sensation is pretty dramatic. I believe the 0-100km/h time will be around the 5s mark. It definitely felt a lot quicker than the stock 206. Else you can switch it to a more linear increase (map6 mode) and it felt the car feels a lot more responsive, like it has shed a lot of the weight. Great combo with the racechip throttle response. I know a lot of Golf R / Golf GTI users uses it without any issues.
  13. Race chip throttle response

    I agree the racechip throttle response is the best upgrade (mod) you can get for your superb 280. The car feels a lot more peppy with it, seems like it has shed hundreds of kilos of weight. Currently using sport 1 and sport 2 mode for everyday driving. Installation was a breeze, takes about 5 minutes. It is a no brainer. The fact people say "Push your pedal harder" to get the same effect is definitely not really applicable in practical sense. Sure you can mash the pedal like a nut job to get faster acceleration, but it is definitely not very practical and certainly wont get rid of the throttle response lag.
  14. Traffic Jam Assist

    Should be "Lane Guidance Functionality" :-)
  15. Oil Consumption

    I do understand that VAG petrol engine burns oil due to the high pressure. However, having owned an Audi A4 (2007) previously it was having really oil consumption issues. Pretty much uses up 1L of oil every 2000km. So I pretty much have to leave a 4L bottle of oil in the trunk incase it ran out. Both my friends that used to have the VW Tiguans (2.0L Petrol Turbo) have oil consumption issue. (approx 1L every 3000-4000km). Having done some research online regarding the oil consumption of the EA888 engines, it seems so far that it does not have the same issues as the previous generation engines. So would like some real users to chime in their experience. I've so far driven the car only 3500km. So still very early in the ownership to see any oil issues thus far.