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    120l 1988 volvo pv544 1960 mazda 5 2008
  1. 120l will not start after headgasket

    all sorted now after doing valve clearances and the ignition timing and a bit of fuel, slight oil from filter but just a quick tighten and all will be good thanks for the help
  2. 120l will not start after headgasket

    I did however we got it put back in the right place it does have the thing down the bottom so you can't put it in unless it either 180 out or correct I don't know whether or not its free to move on its own or it's attached to crank as of now I am positive that the dizzy is in the right place but I will check on Wednesday, pretty shure it's the valve timing/clearances actually stopping the car running and the ignition is relatively easy for us to do thanks for all the help
  3. 120l will not start after headgasket

    yes posted on fb and someone pointed out about the valve clearance I completely forgot that the head bolts hold the rocker arm shaft so the valve clearances will be out of whack so will get to work on Wednesday and get it sorted out. cheers
  4. Hello I recently did the head gasket on my 1988 120l as far as I can tell everything is back in place and should start... its getting spark its getting fuel and air (fitted with webber21/24? I think) all wiring seems ok it turns over and have got some sort of life out of it. not too sure on ignition timing but as far as I am aware that wasn't changed quite stumped any help would be appreciated cheers james
  5. felicia head swap ??

    thanks for the advice will check when I get round to replacing the other stuff for peace of mind cheers
  6. felicia head swap ??

    thanks for the info most useful for me as a new owner I think mine the hg is on its way out possibly how ever it doses keep over heating bought a new rad and other stuff to go with it like thomostat and water pump and a oil cooler so hopefully won't keep over heating
  7. felicia head swap ??

    hi all first post on here just bought a 120l i know the felicia 1.3 has an alu head was wondering whether that could be put onto my 1.2 block without too much of a headache, and would that make a big difference to the head gasket problem if both head and block were alu, i know i would need the manifolds but apart from that not too shure will get some photos and a thread up about mine

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