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  1. I have only had the car (15 plate) 4 weeks and in that time it has pretty much rained every day. Each time after rain that I open the drivers door quite a lot of water splashes out on to the floor. Not sure if the front passenger or rear doors do the same as I never open them myself and forget to check. I have never had a car do this before and have had quite a few.
  2. So having recently bought a 2 year old scout I am starting to familiarise myself with all its functions. There are 2 very small but very annoying down lights that sit between the 2 "reading lights". is it possible to turn these off as at night the glare from them is right in the corner of my vision and is both annoying and distracting. I have no need to see my left hand like its day light or the centre console as I know where the controls are. If these can't be switched off is it an easy job to remove them?
  3. Hello from lancashire

    I purchased a 2 year old MK3 Octavia Scout with the 185bhp diesel engine and DSG box about 3 weeks ago. So far so good. Rides well and is quite good off road too. Not the fastest car I have ever owned but it has enough poke for safe overtaking and returns 40 to 45 mpg. I was expecting a bit more as my BMW 530d M sport that was remapped to 280bhp got about the same. Anyway looking forward to picking your brains for a good few years as I intend to keep it for quite a while.