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  1. These https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ring-RW464-12v-100w-H7-Rally-Sport-Halogen-Headlight-Bulbs-x2-499/272573567981?epid=594463509&hash=item3f76a693ed:g:rHoAAOSwuxFYttDF
  2. I have just uprated the bulbs in the headlights and it has made a huge difference. I do quite a bit of driving on country roads with no street lights etc. What where poor to average lights are now quite good. Not as good as xenon lights but £40 for 4 new bulbs is a fraction of the price.
  3. I wouldn't say that the ride is harsh or even that firm on the scout but when going over speed bumps you can feel that the back end is much firmer than the front. Great at towing and putting big heavy loads in the boot.

    The Scout isn't permanent 4x4 though. I had a Volvo XC70 before the scout and that was far bigger, heavier, bigger 5 cylinder engine, older, 110K more miles on it, knackered turbo and EGR valve and permanent 4x4 and I got 37 MPG average out of that. Hence why I'm NOT ecstatic about 40 to 45 MPG out of the Scout when being driven like miss daisy on a long run.

    I was getting better or equal MPG from my remapped BMW 530d that was much quicker than the Octavia as it had over 100bhp more and roughly twice the torque and I drove it much faster too. Just think the 2.0d unit in the Octavia is quite thirsty for its power output. It is fairly quiet and smooth so a fair trade off. Now if I could get a BMW 3 or 5 series estate in 4x4 with raised ride height and the 3.0d engine in that would tick lots of boxes.

    I have the same car and am getting very similar MPG out of mine, both the OBC and brim to brim tank calculations confirm this to within 1 or 2 mpg of each other. If I drive normally I get sub 40 mpg every time and that includes motorway trip sat at 85 with the CC on and AC off, drive like an old lady and I can get it to 45 and 50 at a push but that is at speeds below 55, drive it hard and its below 30mpg. I don't find it a quick car either but then again I don't find many cars that feel quick when I am used to riding bikes. I bought it as a reliable work horse for when I'm fishing and shooting and ferrying my dogs about and so far I can't complain about it's reliability, build quality or the way it drives apart from not very good MPG and being a bit slow.
  7. Small interior lights

    I see very well in the dark which is maybe why they distract me more than others. Other than the gear lever and handbrake I have no need to mess with anything else in the centre console area when driving or stationary as the multi function steering wheel allows me to change most things.
  8. Small interior lights

    I will give that a try later when its home time. If I can't do that then a marker pen will be doing some colouring in. I've had BMW's in the past that had the centre console / cockpit illuminated but it was a dim orange glow which didn't bother me as there was no glare off it. I find the white lights on the Octavia are in my field of vision and can be distracting at times. As I have the DSG box the illumination from the gear selector already provides enough light to see everything plus if the ergonomics are right I shouldn't have to look to see any of the controls (I don') so see no benefit of the lights.
  9. I have only had the car (15 plate) 4 weeks and in that time it has pretty much rained every day. Each time after rain that I open the drivers door quite a lot of water splashes out on to the floor. Not sure if the front passenger or rear doors do the same as I never open them myself and forget to check. I have never had a car do this before and have had quite a few.
  10. So having recently bought a 2 year old scout I am starting to familiarise myself with all its functions. There are 2 very small but very annoying down lights that sit between the 2 "reading lights". is it possible to turn these off as at night the glare from them is right in the corner of my vision and is both annoying and distracting. I have no need to see my left hand like its day light or the centre console as I know where the controls are. If these can't be switched off is it an easy job to remove them?
  11. Hello from lancashire

    I purchased a 2 year old MK3 Octavia Scout with the 185bhp diesel engine and DSG box about 3 weeks ago. So far so good. Rides well and is quite good off road too. Not the fastest car I have ever owned but it has enough poke for safe overtaking and returns 40 to 45 mpg. I was expecting a bit more as my BMW 530d M sport that was remapped to 280bhp got about the same. Anyway looking forward to picking your brains for a good few years as I intend to keep it for quite a while.