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  1. Service interval reset

    Just a bit !! Nige
  2. Service interval reset

    Resolved Hold down the odometer trip. turn on ignition. "Reset service, are you sure" select with thumbwheel and ok. Thanks for all the input Nige
  3. Service interval reset

    Thank you. but yet again it seems I have already tried this. In the service menu I have no option to reset it. The only thing I have not tried yet is the trip reset and the article seems a little confusing on that score. I'll take a look at that in the morning, I do feel a little less of a numpty though as it seems I tried all the usual methods and routes before posting for help. Nige
  4. Service interval reset

    Yes, ignition on, engine off. This is what I get. I've checked guide after guide and still can't find a way to reset it. I did find one thread on here that seemed to suggest it may need vcds to reset it. Nige
  5. Service interval reset

    Thank you. I've seen this one. I don't seem to have "setup" on my display. I have "service" but that only gives me the option of it's current status or "back" no reset or any other options Nige
  6. I am sure it must be staring me in the face but I can't find it in the book, on here or anywhere else for that matter. Those methods I have found online don't seem to relate to my car. 2013 facelift elegance. I have "Service Due" on the maxidot when I start up. If I go into service there is no option to reset it, just gives me the miles "0" now overdue 1 day. Can any kind soul point me in the right direction? Ah, having done more delving looks like it may be time for me to invest in ross-tech gear Nige
  7. Oh that's fine. Didn't take it personally at all. The reason I posted it ? All is not quite as it seems. I'll let the dust settle a bit unless anyone can guess what's missing just after the vid ends. Nige
  8. I would not consider 27 mph too fast and considering I was well into view when they continued on. If you look closely you should see that she was not looking at all in my direction. That is not a difficult junction to come out from and she should have been able to see me before I saw her and yet she continued out and her head was turned toward the passenger. She could clearly see the road was clear from oncoming traffic. Sorry, but in my book that is pure lack of observation. Nige
  9. Not a great lover of horn use but considering she didn't even even look, no choice really. Not sure if I have inserted this the best way. Still working out how to do this. Nige
  10. Superb II 16" advice

    Thank you and yes, your comment has merit. Since making this post I have decided to stick with the 18s for now. My original reason for considering the change was in main due to my wife who suffers with major back issues. Although she rarely travels in the car I thought the harder ride would be more difficult for her but in fact the opposite is true and after a trip out, some discussion and a little logical reasoning it made sense. My Rover was a very soft floaty ride and ate potholes very well, however this did mean a fair amount of bounce. Although the Superb has a harder ride the bounce is less, so the shock is over quickly with no recoil/double whammy from the bounce effect. I hope that makes sense. When it comes to renew the 18 tyres I'll have a chat with my expert tyre guy but for now I'll stick with what I have and save myself a fair amount of money as well. Nige
  11. It would be interesting to know exactly what this "damage" is and how it has been caused. Mechanical abrasion, water ingress, heat damage? Very easy to throw that comment out, they really should be defining how it has happened and what action is required to stop it happening again. Nige
  12. I am new to Skoda and it's this sort of thing that gives me cause for concern and makes me so angry. Being at the mercy of a service department. What does strike me here is that old familiar story of taking the customer for a fool. They diagnosed turbo sensor, replaced it then it turns out to be wiring to the sensor. Are they saying it was wiring AND sensor, surely not. They also "felt" the sensor was not covered. Hm, could this be because the sensor was fine and need someone else to pay for their mistake. Maybe you should tell them you "feel" they should just sort it. I'm sorry I can't be of any help to you but I do have experience of people being taken to the cleaners for garage mistakes and it makes my blood boil. Nige
  13. Superb II 16" advice

    Although I was determined not to start spending large amounts on the new car I am seriously looking at replacing the 18" alloys down to 16" to improve ride. I'm considering Calibra Vintage 16" that are stated as having a 35 offset and supplied with spigot rings. Thanks to Chimaera who was kind enough to post up the specs for my car, they should be a ET 45. Is there a down side to fitting the 35s with spigot rings. Any comments regarding this issue, the wheels or other suggestions would be most welcome. Nige
  14. Thank you for the photos,They look ok. I have time to source alloys and tyres to suit. and run the 18"s in the meantime as they have almost new tyres fitted. The wheel change size will make very little difference to insurance. I doubt there is anyone foolish to make such changes to a car and NOT inform their insurance company is there ? Nige
  15. Yes, looks are a consideration of course. Don't really want to spoil the look but I find the ride a little too harsh. I need to do some trawling and see what Superbs look like with 16" on board with various alloys. Tyre wear as you say, is also something to take into account. Nige

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