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  1. A quick thank you

    Yes, just to the left of the rear-view is usually the best place in most vehicles. My previous experience of such installations has resulted in a large amount of dismantling of trim, dash etc. Finding a suitable ignition only feed can also be problematic as most modern cars do not respond favorably to extra loads being tagged on the existing systems. Sometimes it can be more straightforward than it seems at first, particularly if there are redundant loom connectors. For example my car does not have a sunroof but if the loom is up there (wishful thinking I know) that may be a good candidate. I agree that youtube can be a good source of information and guides but not always the best and I have seen some real howlers on there and my heart goes out to anyone who tries to use them. For the most part, the tools they are (or are not) using is a good indicator of the degree of knowledge and professionalism. A slightly bent, lighted rusted screwdriver and pair of workshop pliers is not a good start. I shall commence my investigations next week but will have a good look around this forum first for any hints on trim removal and any guides from those who have already done the job. Nige
  2. A quick thank you

    It will be hardwired for mine once I have worked out the best way to do it. I cannot abide plug-ins and dangling cables. Nige
  3. A quick thank you

    Would just like to say thank you to those members who offered me advice on the Superb when I first started to consider it as my next vehicle. I completed a very long and arduous round trip to Sheffield yesterday and my Elegance is sitting outside looking rather nice. I'm still recovering from only three hours sleep in almost three days (getting a bit old for that) but then I need to start familiarising myself with all the functions as did little more than drive it home and listen to the satnav constantly telling me it was recalculating the route due to traffic although there wasn't a problem. As the dealer managed to reset the head unit to factory settings whilst trying to pair my phone to the hands free I have managed to get the TPMS light to go out. Just a button press but unless you know that and where it is, can be a little annoying , particularly when you can see the tyres are fine. The Stop/Start was a heart stopping moment in the filling station until I saw it on the display ! First job for me is to get my dashcam fitted, as after ten years of using one I feel vulnerable without it so that's first job in the coming week. Once again, thanks to all those that helped me make the choice. Nige
  4. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    Ah, that makes me feel a little better. There is no edit button showing on my posts, Quote button but no edit. I did have a good look before posting. I am logged in maybe because I am a new member ? Oh, that's interesting. Edit button has suddenly appeared on my last two posts. No edit on my other posts. Looks like I am sorted. Nige
  5. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    Maybe someone can advise me how to edit a post once one realises that they have made a silly typo' due to being old and tired but mainly old. Whole new forum to get familiar with. Nige
  6. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    2.00 Tdi (168) Nige
  7. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    Well, The deed is done and I have taken the plunge. Thank you for all the good advice. Off on the long haul to Sheffield on Thursday to collect my Supreb Elegance Estate. Gulp !! Nige
  8. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    I too have looked at the V70 and XC70 and volvo or audi was going to be my first choice, but somehow (and this may sound silly) they have taken more and more of a back seat, the more I have researched the Superb. They certainly (to me) seem to have more character I have found myself drawn more and more toward that as my choice and although the odd decent Volvo has reared its head online they have not really been in the running against the Superb. Nice cars but somehow missing something. Another major factor for me is decent Forum support. This forum is the only one I have joined in my car search and the response here has been great and I thank you for that. I have been part of a fantastic forum for five years and at different times when helping sort out friends with other makes of vehicle have visited forums that, to all intents and purposes couldn't care less are really had no in-depth knowledge of the cars they drive. The response here has been great and knowing that as a new owner (hopefully soon) I can come here and start myself on a learning curve and maybe even ask the odd silly question with a very good chance of a helpful answer is reassuring. Nige
  9. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    Well, having done a 100 mile round trip to take a look at a Superb Estate at a Skoda main dealer, I arrived to find it sold. None-the-less I did get to sit in a hatch model and was fairly impressed. Also had a look/sit in an Octavia. Looking at some online reviews on the Superb I did find mention of failing belt tensioners. Was there a particular engine this related to? I think it will be a Superb estate for me with DSG so time to relax and look for the right spec and price to come along. Nige
  10. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    Many thanks for the pointers guys. I think my nect step will be to go and find one to check out for feel. Nige
  11. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    Thank you, bigjohn and chimaera. I checked out the DPF prices and they seemed pretty reasonable, Certainly no shock factor there. The 75 doesn't really suffer too much in the DMF area but clutches and master/slaves can certainly be an issue. Mine is an auto so that's not a problem. Of course there are those who would say you can't do an auto fluid change yourself on a 75 but that is not true. Taking on board the comment regarding the DSG it would be sensible for me to check out the cost of that at a service centre. It is recurring costs that I am trying to avoid as much as possible and I have a fairly solid mistrust of garages. If I head the superb route I'd be hoping for solid history with no urgent need for gearbox or belt surgery. Nige
  12. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    Thank you. This is a slow learning curve for me. moving from a vehicle I know every nut and bolt about to one I know zero about. DSG is the autobox, I get that. When you say serviced, can that be owner serviced? I did manage to find a post that mentioned a buyers guide but I've been unable to find it. Please do excuse my complete lack of knowledge of the Superb. I'm trying to do my research before starting my search for real. Rule it in or rule it out. I've done a few searches for the common spares, pads, discs etc and the prices seem fine so it's past the first post, the next is what it demands from Main dealer Only as opposed to home mechanic. I dislike garages. Nige
  13. Hello everyone. If I am posting in the wrong place I apologise. I am new here, having just signed up and it feels a little like walking into a room full of strangers having been a member of another forum for the past five years, I am leaving familier surroundings and venturing into the unknown. I am looking to replace my current vehicle which I love but feel it's time to move on. Having scoured makes and models of all shapes and sizes the only thing that has come close to stirring me is the Superb Elegance Estate 2008- onwards. It would need to be an auto and diesel. I know my present car inside out but nothing about the Superb. Reliability issues, common problems, things to look out for, things to avoid. Experience has taught me the best information comes from owners. If there is a guide please point me there or offer me any advice. I will hide in the corner now. Nige