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  1. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    I did try and take it off, after I got it stuck but that allen bolt was way too tight. Also I couldn't get the box back out or manoeuvre it after it got stuck on that dowel and between the subframe. Tight fit on these 1.9 tdis.
  2. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Also If anyone needs tips or help on changing the clutch on one of these just message me.
  3. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Thanks everyone who's contributed. Finally got all the parts toghether after many days of rain and struggle. I would advise anyone doing a clutch change on there drive too remove the subframe, makes life a lot easier so I learned as i got the gearbox stuck on one of the dowels that line up the gearbox when I was putting it on. In the end had to remove the subframe due to that. Have a look at these pictures and you will see what i mean.
  4. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Got the clutch on, next the gearbox but now its raining, checked the forecast and looks like its going to raining all day. AARGH FML.
  5. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Got the seal installed, going to leave it for an hour or two to let the RTV to dry and then install the flywheel and clutch kit. Also anyway to test this seal before I put everything back toghether? Ive read these have a tendency too leak after a new ones installed.
  6. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    I can only find them 3 locally that I linked above, anything else would have to be ordered in and would really like to get this finished today. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Hi guys, got all the parts here including rear seal, just wondering if its advisable to use a bit of sealant on the bottom of the flange. Also i cant find the official VW stuff locally so could I use one of these? 1) http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/car-maintenance-accessories/car-adhesives-tapes-sealants/quick-gasket/?553772420&0&cc5_139 2) http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/car-maintenance-accessories/car-adhesives-tapes-sealants/quick-gasket/?549773385&0&cc5_139 3) http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/car-maintenance-accessories/car-adhesives-tapes-sealants/quick-gasket/?549773375&0&cc5_139 Thanks
  8. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    when I was removing the flywheel it was on the really tight, i tried pulling it towards me and didn't notice any play, couldn't even get the flywheel off without using a crow bar. So pressure plate is faulty and could have caused the mark on the gearbox? I can see scrape marks on the fingers and its not all the way round only on some fingers, again don't know what this points to.
  9. Car leaking - gearbox wet

    Yeah still got all the old parts so can take more pictures if need be, just waiting on new clutch kit being delivered. I have also got my own thread about this problem if your interested in taking a look.
  10. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Ouch sounds expensive too fix, any ways that I could test this or fix it? Also I know these engines have to use vw 505.01 or equivalent could not using the correct oil cause this? Thanks sepulchrave and everyone else that's chimed in.
  11. Car leaking - gearbox wet

    Yep its a 5 speed box, I asked cause i noticed this inside my gearbox and have no clue what could cause it. Thanks for the info.
  12. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Also is this normal?
  13. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Year of the car is 2002. Thanks
  14. Fabia pd100 clutch slipping.

    Oh my bad haha, yeah the plan is to change the clutch but im worried something else caused it too slip as it didnt look too worn down however it was slipping like mad before i took it off. Just dont want to put it back together and find that the clutch starts slipping again.

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