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  1. Fabia III picture thread

    My new 2018 Fabia Monte Carlo 1.0L 110 DSG in Rallye Green! Picked it up yesterday and I'm super happy with it.
  2. Mk3 Fabia Owners Register

    Picked up my new car today! Super happy and excited registered 22/09/17 2018 Fabia Monte Carlo 1.0L 110 DSG Couldn't be happier!!!
  3. Hello From Elmbridge

    Hi there how you all doing. its great to have found and amazing forum that people can come and share their passion of cars. so a bit about me, I'm 23 full time employment etc.... enough of that boring side. CARS, they are my favourite thing in the world (apart from my GF but she doesn't know that) I currently own a 2014 Citigo elegance 60PS, really really fun car and ive had some great times in it chucking the thing around like a car is supposed to do. Back end of 2016 I decided i needed an upgrade, so skoda was on my mind ( I looked around other dealers to see what i could get in my budget ) at the end of June 2017 i made my purchase, 2018 Skoda Fabia MK3 Monte Carlo 1.0L 110 DSG in Rallye Green. Keyless start/stop Climate control air conditioning Temporary space save spare wheel Light and rain assistant Sport suspension Cornering front fog lights Front armrest with storage box Black center console for Monte Carlo I hope it should be arriving next week and im super stoked, I cannot wait, iv been emailing the sales man every week just to check if i can get it sooner. I will post the car once it has finally arrived at the dealer. thank you very much for all your time guys and thank you for welcoming me into your community

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