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  1. JBL bass tube as new amp sub in one

    Why o why do these things come up for sale when I'm skint or too far away to collect!?!?!? AAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!! :-(
  2. Dtuk cr170 tuning box

    I've pm'd ya matey ;-)
  3. Anyone have any experience with this? To be honest, I've not used tuning boxes as I've always went for a remap. However, my vrs ecu is typically locked and I know they can be unlocked but, swimbo has done her "unlocking research" and isn't too keen on the cage removal lol tried telling her it'll be fine, but she's for none of it! [emoji13] So, any help regarding this would be mucho appreciated guys! Cheers
  4. Idling question....

    Cheers mannyo! I had a sneaky feeling it was that. Car drives spot on and it's now back down to where it should be ;-)
  5. Hey folks, Just noticed today the car idles at around 1k rpm then drops down a bit then goes back up again. At the moment it seems to be around 800rpm........ Question is, is this normal? Lol I've a tdi CR FL vRS Cheers :-D
  6. Vrs spoiler blade cover...?

    Was thinking about either the smooth black or the one with the fins. The carbon one looks a bit gash imo lol
  7. Vrs spoiler blade cover...?

    Any idea who it was wagonwheels?
  8. Hey folks, I remember seeing a "cover" for the blade of a vrs rear spoiler, but for the life of me can't remember where!?!? Lol Any ideas or know anyone that has one or any pics? Cheers [emoji6]
  9. Scottish Forum : Which part, Which car..? List / Poll

    Davie Kilmarnock 2010 FL tdi octy vrs in race blue K&n 57s induction airbox....
  10. well, I'm baaaaaaaccccccckkkk!

    Defo sir! Been a while mate, dunno when the next meet etc is lol
  11. well, I'm baaaaaaaccccccckkkk!

    Lol got an offer I couldn't refuse on the vrs, Davie ;-)
  12. well, I'm baaaaaaaccccccckkkk!

    DGW, I've been Erm.....well......busy? Lol mainly occupied with a now nearly 5 year old, work n other general guff lol but I'm back with a bang! Lol
  13. well, I'm baaaaaaaccccccckkkk!

    Hey folks! Been a while since I've been on the site. The fabia is no more....... I've bought myself a nice wee race blue 2010 octy vRS tdi :-D Happy days lol
  14. Stainless top boost pipe Fabia Vrs

    The CDA won't fit unless u hack down the intake pipe. As for prices, I am still trying to sort that out plus my freedom membership Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Stainless top boost pipe Fabia Vrs

    Awwwwww miss me did ya big chap? Lol

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