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  1. Elite: Dangerous

    I'm pottering about on the fringes at Eravate doing some bounty hunting and saving up to kit out my Diamondback Explorer for a good long trip way out there. Three ships in my stable at the mo, a Cobra which I don't think I'll ever get rid of, and the two Diamondbacks. I think I'll stick to the smaller, cheaper ships TBH, I'm having a ball with them. CMDR Patrecleus
  2. Annual Lakes camping do.... 15th - 16th August

    Hi all Put me down as a maybe. I won't be camping, but if I get one (or both) of the days off, I'll pop down for a drive. See if the Rapid keeps up.
  3. Parking Sensors failed to register a post behind Citigo

    Thin objects like posts may not always be detected by parking sensors. Take care.
  4. Joining the Rapid gang.

    Better than my Mk1 First Skoda I had was a red Octavia GLXi 1.6 petrol with 100bhp. It was very nice, went quite well, good gutsy engine, loads of boot space. On motorway runs (like the one I just did today) you got 36 - 38mpg. The best I ever got out of it was 43mpg driving like a Nun during the fuel blockades. I loved that car, it was bulletproof. Absolutely nothing failed on it, traded it in after 3 years at 59000 miles and I still saw it driving around 5 years later. The Rapid, despite having less than 200 miles on it, brought me back up that same motorway run at 48mpg, and I'm expecting that to improve as some miles go on. My Dads Octy TSI is impressive though, he's topping 50mpg with it on a run now. Well, as long as he restrains himself from using sport mode
  5. Joining the Rapid gang.

    After a few more days use... I'd gladly swap the TPM for parking sensors. Damn, it has a big ar$e! I'm also not quite sure why people seem to be so down on the Rapid. It's a car with all the size and boot space of the first Octavia, but with miles more rear legroom and way better economy! Dad was well impressed with the space it has and he has an Octy III Estate!
  6. Joining the Rapid gang.

    Yes, Corrida Red. I had a test drive of a Rio Red one, that was a nice colour. That one was an 85bhp TSI and it was still plenty pokey One thing I don't have is a spare wheel, just the can of goo, but that's what was in stock at the time. I do like that it has tyre pressure monitoring, which I didn't realise it had.
  7. Joining the Rapid gang.

    And here he is Took a long drive last night to burn off the free fuel from the dealer and really see how it goes. Very nice, steers well, grips well and that 6-speed is lovely. Seats are much nicer with no backache after an hour. Very happy with it.
  8. Tyres

    Dunlop Sport MAXX tyres are just crap. Noisy, hard ride and a hard compound which means poor grip in the colder and wetter UK. On a hot dry day when you can lean on them and get them hot, they grip well. At any other time, they are rubbish. Sadly they also take ages to wear out :( I was hoping my Rapid wouldn't have them on, and joy-of-joys, it has a very nice set of Bridgestones on. So far they seem to be quiet and grip well. Lets see how long they last. If you're changing from Dunlops, try Goodyear F1's or Toyo T1-R. Both massively better grip and a hell of a lot quieter.
  9. Joining the Rapid gang.

    Picked it up today Feels absolutely lovely and has the red stitching in the seats, which is nice. I'll get a photo up soon.
  10. Help required please.

    Same instrument cluster as the Fabia. My Fabias fuel gauge didn't fluctuate. My Rapids fuel gauge isn't fluctuating. Nor did the Citigos. Nor does my Dad's Octy. My Sisters Citigo doesn't do it either. Even my first two Octys didn't do it and my Fabia vRS didn't do it. They are talking ******.
  11. Pics of modded Rapid

    I doubt Octy wheels are a direct fit. The Rapid is effectively a Roomster with a new body after all, which is based on a Fabia.
  12. Joining the Rapid gang.

    Heh, the seats in my very first Octavia were very firm. However, once adjusted correctly, they were extremely comfortable. To be fair, the Citigo is far better on the motorway long-distance than it has any right to be. It's pretty quiet when cruising at 70 and manages to feel bigger than it actually is. The only let-down is that the seats aren't supportive enough for such use. I start to get back ache after an hour, though maybe I'm just getting old...... Another 200 miles to go on the Citigo yet this saturday as I'm off for a bike ride on the isle of Bute.
  13. Joining the Rapid gang.

    I will admit, I will miss this kind of economy. (Edinburgh to Carlisle via A702) But I reckon the Rapid would have been a bit comfier
  14. Joining the Rapid gang.

    Paperwork done, number plate chosen, insurance sorted. Pick it up next tuesday
  15. Joining the Rapid gang.

    Blimey! It's at the dealer already Now to arrange a collection day...

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