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  1. Fixing Bumper Damage.

    Cheers Wardy. Ill look into smart repair then. If its going to cost £££ to get fixed i may just leave it - worst comes to the worst VWFS only charge £139 max for bumper damage requiring paint - im guessing a smart repair may be more than that anyway!.
  2. Not a skoda, but still worth a post. So some utter toolbag has side-swiped the front of my Leon while parked in a public carpark. of course no note left.. Does anyone know if the damage is something that can be smart-repaired.. or is it a bodyshop job? Its a lease car - so it would need to be to a good standard to avoid charges when it goes back.
  3. Full suspension ~ £1000ish worth it?

    Well to update this thread after I got myself a Beastnut. A lot of money to spend on a (hopefully) part-time hobby but my man-maths kicked in and justified it in the end. Just need to learn to ride it now!
  4. Fish & Chips 06th May 2017............

    Nice to have a good natter and some tasty food. See you all again soon!
  5. So after my brief foray back into mountain biking last year (had a Voodoo Bizango for a month, then it got nicked from my shed) im looking at getting a new bike for trail riding (llandegla, macc forest, cannock, Lee quarry are all local ish) Most my MTB friends have got full suspension bikes, and sing their praises, and i did have trouble keeping up with them on the decents. So - given i am thinking of spending around 1k on a bike, if its worth going straight for a full suspension model?... My research has pointed me towards the below as providing the best options: Boardman FS Pro (can be had for close to 1k with various discounts) Bossnut Beastnut (limited ed of the new bossnut with better components) Does anyone have any experience of these? Ta
  6. Fish & Chips 06th May 2017............

    I'm going to try and make it over as I'm free today now..
  7. Just to draw conclusion to my "issue" - I had a call from their customer resolution dept today - they had listened to the calls and agreed it had not been made clear to me that the final payment had to be made before the car was collected, So they have removed the marks on my credit report.. so good stuff! As far as customer service goes i cannot fault them for the whole experience!
  8. Well i called vwfs today and asked what the deal was - they said it will have been because i didn't pay the settlement until after the car was collected. I questioned why this was not pointed out to me when the guy i spoke to previously said it was ok to hold off paying the settlement until after the following months payment was due to come out to ensure that payment wasnt taken... he didnt have an answer to that. They have opened a complaint record and will get back to me soon.
  9. True - but ive been bitten before when cancelling a DD which is why i didnt want to go down that road. Ill give them a ring tomorrow.
  10. There was a settlement to pay, which was paid two days after the monthly DD would have come out. The reason i didnt pay it instantly is they couldn't tell me on the phone if monthly DD was going to come out, which would have cancelled out the settlement amount. It was all delt with quite quickly as the car tax and MOT was due to expire within a couple of weeks of ordering the VT.
  11. Hi.. Just a quick question. Have you/Are you aware of the effect of VT'ing the car has had on your credit score? Reason i ask is i recently VT'ed my citigo, and now my credit report has updated, it shows the agreement has been VT'ed but also has a amber mark showing "payment was up to one month late" - just wondering if this is normal. Up until this, my credit score was exemplary and now its taken quite a knock, dropping from "excellent" to "fair"
  12. Leon Cupra: Talk me out of it (if you can)

    Well given the epic lease deal that ran from Jul-Sept (Cupra Black for £132 a month with a £2400 deposit) and Seats inability to meet the high demand it generated with people having orders cancelled and colours changed. It works out at £5400 for two years motoring in a 300bhp 30k car.. Loads of PH'ers jumped on it to replace their Golf Rs the lease thread on there is approaching 40 pages long already. I am slightly biased though, as i picked mine up a couple of weeks ago
  13. Leon Cupra: Talk me out of it (if you can)

    Give it 2 years and there will be LOAAADS as all the recent leased ones go back on the market!
  14. Planet coaster anyone?

    I bought it last week. However it doesnt work right on the latest two Windows insider builds so i cant play it :( They have acknowledged it and are working on a fix though.

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