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  1. No sound coming from my COLUMBUS???

    Mine does this occasionally, just turning the power off and back on fixes it, I've never got to the bottom of it.
  2. Limp mode

    Cheers it's always good to be optimistic, if the turbo needs replacing I can't complain, it's done 80k and hasn't needed any engine work in the 70k I've had it, just the front brake callipers have let me down.
  3. Limp mode

    Cheers for the info I've ordered a couple of bottles of the turbo cleaner worth a try, shame no fault codes ever show up to at least give me a clue.
  4. Limp mode

    Cheers, there is never any codes up before or after, how is Turbo cleaner applied? Is it added to the oil?
  5. Hi Chaps, I have a 2.0tdi (Pdi) and every time I go over 4000k rpm in the lower gears it goes into limp mode, its not very often I'm that high in the revs so its only occasional, its perfect again if I turn it off and back on, also there is never any fault codes show up so no help there. Anybody have anything I can try other than getting a recon turbo when it may not be that. Cheers.
  6. Hi chaps, I've had a problem with my Octavia for a few years with the engine turning over slow when hot and struggling to start, i fitted a new higher amp battery last year which didn't help so I'm going to try changing the water temp sensor, does anybody know where to get one from and are they all the same? Mines the BKD code will I need that to get the correct one? Cheers.
  7. Engine throttle cable.

    Well you know what I mean, I want simply to rev the engine while I'm under the bonnet, there must be a throttle control valve or something I can use to raise the engine rev's.
  8. Engine throttle cable.

    hi just a tiny bit of advice if possible, I have a vibration coming from the general engine area and i want to rev the motor while i'm under the bonnet to see if i can locate it, the problem is i can't find where the throttle cable goes into the engine, it's usually obvious but with the Octavia i'm stumped. Thanks Chaps. it's an 08 2.0 tdi
  9. Heated seat cover.

    http://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/265343-dash-cam-12v-multi-adaptor-hidden-install-driver-storage-compartment/ Found this which is the way to go I think, thanks to Fubar for the excellent advice (if he's still on here)
  10. Heated seat cover.

    Hi Chaps, I have a heated seat cover which is great for my dodgy back on a winter morning, it fits into the cigarette lighter which is fine if I always remember to unplug when I get to work!!! I want to wire it into a switched live that goes of with the ignition any ideas for the best place? Thanks.
  11. Slow turning over

    Thanks for the advice, it only really happens when it's hot its fine when it's cold (I should have said that in the first place) and there seems to be quite a few posts with the same problem.
  12. Slow turning over

    Cheers I've done a couple of searches on here and it's not uncommon with the tdi's, I have a couple of things to look at Inc the crank speed sensor and a temperature sensor.
  13. My Octy is running great but for the last few months it really struggles to crank just for the first couple of seconds then spins fine and always starts great after that, I naturally suspected the battery which I changed for a spanking new one but it's still the same. Should I be looking at starter motor or is there a voltage regulator (type thing) I should be looking at as starter motors are not cheap and as it spins great after the first seconds it could be something different (and cheaper) thanks guys.
  14. Fuel filter

    I did try to explain to the person serving that I ordered it in good faith and they should charge the web price he just kept quoting ECP directive one from the corporate hand book sadly and I was getting irate so took it on the chin.
  15. Fuel filter

    Cheers Chaps, I'm pretty sure it's the original filter, if anyone does want to change theirs be aware of Euro Car parts, despite me putting my reg in on their site they still gave me the wrong filter then charged me 20% more when I took it back as I hadn't ordered the replacement on the website even though it was their mistake! I would have told them to shove it but I had the car in bits.