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  1. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    Perhaps if you can't take the odd bloody nose, you should crawl back under your stone, I don't do the "PC" crap, if you can't take some politically incorrect remarks you'd better retire from the internet. Or are you going to come & lecture me about going to Sickipedia too?
  2. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    It is. It's spot on. Maybe it's also aimed at those who like to fiddle the blue badges as well.
  3. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    Fabia's yes... Small cars for small minded & simple people...
  4. Laptops

    Nor would I, I would find it very underpowered compared to mine.
  5. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    Fine but I would prefer it if you amended your post so not to provide a direct linkage to my profile. Thank you. Besides I won't be here much longer anyway, the new one has arrived in the UK, so I will be leaving shortly.
  6. Laptops

    Think very carefully about buying from Comet, as they're in administration, whilst the prices are going to be keen especially if they're having a "Fire Sale", just remember that if something goes wrong with it, you will have no redress or support. I bought a power laptop about 16 months ago (£1500 monster) from Sony, however you can look for other less powerful ones at Dell, Currys Digital, Acer etc. You may also want to change the hard drive for an SSD drive to improve battery life.
  7. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    And your point in including a link to my profile? Unless of course you're a trouble maker.
  8. Current Octavia drivers looking at the Rapid?

    Well Skoda aren't able to offer anything to me at the moment that matches the Octavia 2, so I dug deep into my savings + medium sized loan to get a car that is right for me. As I have stated, the engines & trim levels are all wrong and so is the pricing. SUK balls it up big time.
  9. Current Octavia drivers looking at the Rapid?

    No. Not a chance. Bought a Kia Sportage KX-4 as the Rapid isn't any cop & the Octavia 3 launch is too far away.
  10. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    Nope. Why would I?
  11. Does no one want to sell me a car

    Don't worry your secret's safe with everyone here..
  12. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    If you have a look more closely, you will find that they tend to go for levels of specification a bit more closely, so if you want a Sat-Nav you have to go to the higher levels of specification, whereas you can specify individual components on VAG cars. So if I wanted a hatchback I would have chosen a Tech 4 'Ceed and I wouldn't have to add anything to it, because it comes with everything I'd want anyway, so nothing to add & the cost would be only slightly more than a fully specced up Rapid, I don't see the point of paying a whacking great £1500 extra for a Sat-Nav, another load extra for heated seats & so forth, when it comes as standard.
  13. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    I won't deny that it's not well "screwed" together, however the seats were horrid & of low grade fabric, the interior felt extremely cheap and horrid. The doors & boot all felt nicely weighted and closed with a nice satisfying Germanic thud, however a lot of people will be severely disappointed with it, especially as I have previously stated you can get better VFM with the new SEAT Toledo which is essentially the same car with bodywork tweaks. Oh BTW, the Sportage will keep going in snow & in water that will stop your vRS & of course it has AWD, which makes it more practical and it has a bigger boot to boot, the floor is flat & level with the boot lip, it comes with a FULL SIZE ALLOY spare & it has a 180bhp engine in it too, so next time I'm in the SW and the weather is completely inclement with either heavy rain or snow and I see a vRS stuck, I'll of course forward your details to the rescue services.
  14. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    Golf Mk7 GT 5 door: The diesel is a 2.0CR 150bhp unit; The 6 spd manual is £23,465 before options & DSG version £24,880 before options.
  15. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    I had a look at a Golf Mk7 and the price is exorbitant & the boot is tiny, I configured one and it cost £27,800 for a 5dr 1,4 GT TSi (140) DSG with Sat Nav, Xenons, Winter Pack, Park Assist, Bluetooth & Metallic Paint. OK that's nicely loaded & a high spec machine, but the car is just living on the cache of a badge as far as I can see. A basic Golf Mk 7 is still a better bet than a basic Rapid @ £17k. If you want to spend around about £19-21k then try SEAT's new Toledo SE which when fully specced up will give you full Sat-Nav etc for £21k + the 1,4 (122) DSG engine.
  16. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    According to the sales guy I spoke to the new Octavia is more or less the size of the current Superb & new Superb is about 10% bigger than the existing models!
  17. Rapid bonnet badge size?

    About 5-6cm in size (overly large).
  18. Is today 'Rapid' Day?

    Sat in one today at Garland Skoda. Disappointed with a capital D! A salesman asked if I was interested and I said I would have been if they'd been bothered to spec it properly with the 1,4 DSG engine in the Elegance and that I thought it would be severely & readily trounced by SEAT who have put the 1,4 DSG in the new Toledo, which is exactly the same a the Rapid apart from some body tweeks & it will cost less than the Rapid Elegance too even when fully specced up. His face was a picture, especially as I told him that I just negotiated a deal on a AWD Kia for £2800 less than list, got a cracking deal on the Octavia too, which would beat the Yeti as well.
  19. L&G. I'm planning on buying a new car, don't know whether it'll be a Skoda or something else yet. However I am now starting to work out what finance I will roughly require, I was wondering what the benefits of doing a PCP over a straight loan + savings and I'm also a little confused about how I stand with insurance etc. Any advice would (as always) be appreciated.
  20. Octavia III Photos - no disguise

    It's not unpleasantness at all, I'm just a Hampshire man who likes to speak his mind & if you don't like it, well that's tough. There just spoken my mind again. Perhaps if you can't stand the criticism & the occasional bit of bluntness, you should go back & crawl under your stone, it's a harsh world out there. I have no patience for softies or the woeful & pathetic PC brigade. I don't want to see crappy mockups, bodges etc, I'm not interested, perhaps there should be a section for that sort of thing to please those who like mock ups & bodges. And if those at SUK don't like the shots I've had well maybe they should keep their efforts under wraps.
  21. TV Advert

    And a proper MFSW, not the bleedin' bodge it & scarper affair that Skoda have put on it. This ad is a bloody disgrace & embarrassment I just turn if off as soon as it appears.. Cringeworthy is about the mark.
  22. Octavia III Photos - no disguise

    And I am starting to give serious consideration that you are actually a member of SUK, who doesn't like the fact that a customer is dissatisfied with the current and forthcoming range of vehicles & has got the hump about it. It also seems very strange how you get increasingly easy access to press photos & other stuff that's not readily available to the general public.Odd that... And before you start saying I'm jealous, blah blah blah... I am anything but. I might become interested again if Skoda can to be quite blunt pull it's corporate finger out of it's backside and give use its customers more information & a better range of cars, stop tinkering with the choices available until such time as the new model is actually available.
  23. TV Advert

    It needs more than that, it needs a rethink.
  24. Octavia III Photos - no disguise

    I don't like that dashboard, it looks very cold & aesthetically displeasing on the eye, whilst it may be an early preproduction model, things like this should be at the final production stage by now. I still don't like the front end either, where the top of the headlight meets the bonnet, doesn't look right at all, in fact it looks like an origami reject, just awful.
  25. Octavia III Photos - no disguise

    A Superb Estate? No thanks I don't have the need for that monster!

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