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  1. Fabia vRS SE on M73 & CBarbour (again!)

    The SE may have been Davie from EK. He has an SE on anthracite wheels. Also Hello again!
  2. Scottish car show 2016

    Mine will be on show. On the Betapp'd stand inside the main hall
  3. grey mk1 Fabia vRS - Rutherglen

    My other half stays in Rutherglen so I'm through pretty often. Yeah it's been a long project car It's got Speedline Turini 17s fitted to it. Lowered on KW v2 coilovers and has ano Airtec FMIC and GT1756 turbo fitted to it. I've had it nearly 4 years now...it started off as a standard PD100 elegance!
  4. grey mk1 Fabia vRS - Rutherglen

    That was me! Thanks very much
  5. Andrew Memorial Meet #2

    As above. I would definitely be up for it
  6. Andrew Memorial Meet

    I'd definitely be up for a meet again
  7. Cruise Control Retrofit - Tech1e

    I travelled all the way from Glasgow to get Ross to fit it. Absolutely spot on bloke. Thanks again!
  8. Intercooler alloy top pipe

    Have you fitted the intercooler kit yet?
  9. Hi there,ill take the bonnet lifter. Pm me paypal details
  10. H&R Twin-Tube Coilovers Review

    Good to see someone going for something different. Hope they settle in nicely, remember and get the tracking checked once you've had the height reset, found it made a big difference on mine
  11. 'Dooka' Wash Pad Group Buy. CLOSED

    Hi Chris, i sorted my order out with Rob when he was up in Scotland. Thanks again
  12. Glasgow/ Ayrshire carbon wrapping, window tints?

    Dont use tlc detailing. Ive seen their work in the flesh, appalling. Cowboys who look good on Facebook but in reality do a terrible job
  13. Full set of clean door cards?
  14. 'Dooka' Wash Pad Group Buy. CLOSED

    1. alex_e3 2. sam83 3. ChrisRs 4. Littleade 5. Iain tb 6. Cactusjack 7. RichC 8.blueR36 , both if they can get em 9.barbourc1, both if possible 10 Reserves 1. 2. 3
  15. Parking sensor installation.Q

    There are a few torx screws in each rear arch and one below each tail light, you need to remove each light unit to get to these. 2 10mm nuts hold them in place. Abit fiddly but easy enough to do. Hope this helps

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