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  1. Gone Electric... Xav's Tesla thread

    Great write up Xav, Congratulations, you've really gone for it with optioning Ludicrous mode! Pictures needed!
  2. Koni FSD reliability

    I had the same problem with Koni's on my Fabia They were second hand, so no massive surprise. I've got KW's now and they ride much better
  3. Back window white original glue stains

    No easy fix that I know of. However a couple of folks (Coskev and Lofty) have just had new lightly tinted SE rear screens fitted to cure this. Cost them about £150 afaik Coskev and Lofty will be here soon hopefully.
  4. You won't get anywhere near 300hp on a stock head Richard! How would anyone know if you had a ported head and bored the block out to 2.0?!
  5. Good luck! The only one is Jasons Mongrel isn't it?
  6. Hit and run

    Going through insurance will put a non fault claim on your insurance. This is likely to increase your premium. In my case it DOUBLED! Take the cash and don't involve insurance IMO, will be less hassle for all involved. Fingers crossed the old chap is genuine
  7. Top end rebuild... Shopping list

    So you're re-using your cambelt? Not worth it! Also what's the rationale behind doing this? Is the head lifting?
  8. Warning for GTB owners...

    It's my car that was the latest to go.... BLT engined Fabia with GTB1756vk turbo running 2.3 bar of boost for the last 40k miles. Milage is 121'000. I'm not changing the Pistons, the cracked one (number 2) is just being replaced with one of Alex's spare ones. That saves a bit of money which is going towards the ceramic coating (£200) The car hasn't been running quite right for some time. It was intermittently producing lots of white/grey smoke under boost. It will be interesting to see if that persists after the re-build. Thankfully Alex caught this one before it damaged the block...
  9. Who's fitted a GTB1756 ?

    When I was running stock paper filter we did some logs and found that it was restricting air flow. So I fitted a pipercross panel filter. No idea if that has improved anything tho lol That was on a gtb1756vk with 2.3bar of boost
  10. BLT Ticking at Cold/Sporadic

    I had something very similar, Turned out to be the wheel that the aux belt runs off, It eventually disintegrated and the aux belt came off.
  11. Replacing Fabia

    Sounds like torque steer to me!
  12. Replacing Fabia

    Have you done anything to the suspension to reduce the vagueness? Ie coilovers or bushes etc
  13. Maybe it could return to its first owner... Buy it Ross!
  14. Hi Xav, I was wondering what would become of this beast with you ordering a Tesla, you're not the only one! Sadly worth more in bits I suspect.... What's the mileage? I'd say it's worth £4K if it's in good nick.
  15. Wheel Arch Liner Deflectors

    Not with me no, car is not low

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