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    Vrs 170bhp tdi FL + Shark helping
  1. 2013 Briskoda Scottish Meet/run dates

    ye ha cant wait till 27th Oct - Meet at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts :love: :love: :love: :love:
  2. Sorry can't make it have a nice 1
  3. RR day at extreme whitburn

    I am still going be there around 9am
  4. RR day at extreme whitburn

    Whats happening about sat ? Is it still on ?
  5. RR day at extreme whitburn

    1. Dazjenks mk1 fabia vrs 2. Stu_mcl mk2 fabia vrs 3. rjc mk2 octavia vrs tfsi 4. Farmer Martin Silver Tractor
  6. RR day at extreme whitburn

    I bring the old tractor along for a blast on the rr
  7. July Meet

    Hope she gets well big guy
  8. The Scottish Car Show

    When the rr day ?
  9. July Meet

    Sorry I am out this month
  10. Sunday 24th June Details of Run

    Cheers BIG G nice day out , I am glad we all stuck to the speed limit ! ! ! Nice pics Davie ! !
  11. 24th June Meet

    I go for it shove me down ! !
  12. End of the month meet Arbroath

    Running 10 mins late herindooors decided come so still getting ready
  13. End of the month meet Arbroath

    Turnkey shut up ! The only thing worth stealing is your shorts lol
  14. End of the month meet Arbroath

    I be at the showcase around 9.30 ..
  15. Alternative to Crail

    Sorry ladies I am going dog hunting at the footie ;-)

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