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  1. Hi there, I had this same problem for quite some time and I even had it in the garage and they said that I needed a new Wiper Motor, I decided to get a good second hand one and inserted it in and there was no change. I met a mechanic after some more time and he said that it was the Relay Switch and I had it replaced and it did the trick and it is still working perfect, so perhaps this will be of some addition to your problem.
  2. Sounds (Engine, suspension)

    Hi there, I have a Skoda Octavia Automatic that I am very fond of. It is not a young car and I suppose it will have an odd rattle or two. I have checked the Bushes in the front and I have had new Suspensions fitted on the front and also new wishbone rubbers fitted not too long ago. I also had a pair of drop links fitted and as far as I can remember the only thing not replaced is the Anti Roll Bar Bushes, they seem very sound ??. The roller bar bushes seem to be very tight with no movement, so why am I still getting noise coming from the front of the car that seems like a rattle and it has no affect on the steering, it is very tight and like the car is on tracks going around a corner it stays on course and no movement felt at the steering wheel. I am very baffled by this noise and would like to hear if anybody else has a similar problem and how it was cured, please.
  3. Hi there Skoda Drivers, I have a Skoda 1.6 saloon and I am getting noise that seems to be coming from the front of the car and when I hit bumpy roads I can hear knocking noise and a little shudder in the steering wheel. I have replaced the Drop Links X 2 and the Track Rods X 2 and the Wishbone Rubber Bushes X 2 and the Front Suspension Shocks X 2 and I am still getting a rattle when I drive over rough surfaces and when I have to corner fairly hard. Otherwise the steering is really nice while driving and the only thing that I have not replaced so far are the Anti Roll Bar bushes, so any ides out there please. Regads, Péadáir.
  4. I have a similar problem on my Skoda Octavia Automatic 1.6i 2002 model. The wipers work fine until I want to turn them off and they wont stop, so I put it on the intermittent mode. Sometimes if I stop and turn off the engine for about 10 seconds, the wipers go for about 3 or 4 seconds and stops as it should. I seen an earlier post mention about the Park mode, is this difficult to repair or replace a switch or something. Bugger it.
  5. Possible Skoda Meet up

    Hi Andy, Just to rattle your cage, what neck of the forest do you reside in at this time. I live in the South East and work in the West, so perhaps you live somewhere in between. Peadair.
  6. Octavia vRS (May 2010)

    That's my kind of car for the future, in Silver.
  7. Electric Windows

    Hi there Skoda people, I have a problem with my left hand side passenger window. It makes a noise when I push the button and nothing happens. A friend said that the wire cable must have broken, if this is the case, can I repair the cable or do I have to buy a whole new part or can I buy a new part without the motor and use the one from my existing window. Any ideas folks. Peadair.

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