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  1. Rear wheel arch liners?

    I fitted them to my 64 plate after a weeks onwer ship and it was easy and I presume they have not changed the design since then. Replace the front bottom moulded plastic part and fix the liner to this and hold it in place and mark the holes with a marker pen. Remove and poke with a csrew driver until you find the soft spots where the holes are. I too a knited and cut a small square and used a screwdriver to remove the cover. Remember that there is one on the outer wing too, (just one from memory). I then sprayed all holed liberally with vaxoil nd fitted the plastic lugs, sprayed more in top and then fitted the liners and sprayed more onto the bols inside the new liners. The rear fixing is not great but there is a small bit you attach the back bottom to but DO NOT over tighten this. The liners will show about 5-10mm at the bak which is fine by me, I did not fit rear mud guards. Have had them in for 2.5years and have had no issues. Deffo makes the car quieter.
  2. Looking at buying

    Get one with heated seats as they are really fast unlike heating itself, a must IMO. Also go for a 5 door as more practical for access for all including if u fold seats n carry a load. Add boot load shelf too if not fitted. I have a 75bhp and drive mainly shorter (fast :-) ) trips and get 47-50mpg but more on long runs. A great little car to own.
  3. Citigo 2014

    More than likely possible but at what cost? Dread to think what they will charge for it. I have a 14 too n like new look radio too but think I rather spend money elsewhere. I have the 6 speaker setup so am quite happy overall.
  4. I have a company car ( 5dr SE-L 75bhp) and plan to buy it off Skoda shortly. Am planning some changes to it and first is to upgrade the speakers in all 4 doors for something a bit better. Might also do the tweeters. Anyone been at it already. What is the beat plan? - rip our old and replace with a same fitting design or cut out a new hole for the new spakers to breathe better through its own mesh? Also re tweeter, suppose best is to surface mount it for better spread than to hide it behind current A-pillar panel. ANyone got any speakers to recommend and any pics? I do not want to spend hundreds on this, something reasonable to improve the sound will do me fine.
  5. Garmin PID on 64 plate

    Hi, Got PID on my car and use a 32GB card for music. Have had some issues with uneven volume which seems to relate to music from the SD card, had it in to be looked at but was told no problems could be identified. Have since got used to it but of late I have had issues where the display freezes, tend to have it in car info mode most of the time. Screen goes dim with no data showing. Also have times when music (SD card) just stop, gain seems ot freeze. Also have had speed warning from sat nav even with the program shut down (real pain, only solved htis by opening nav, set volume to mute and then shut it down again). Downloaded latest software so its up to date. Contact points (x 2) on cradle are clean too. Car is under warranty so should have no real issue there, just want to hear if anyone else have had problems before I make a call to Skoda.
  6. Codes

    Hi, someone posted codes some time ago that were to enable things like 'locks on over 9mph'. 'Fog lights on when turning' and so on. Car in for first service so told em to switch it all on, in particular having rear lights on with DRL's. Picked up car and only the first one was possible on the car which surprised me. Got a 64 5dr 75bhp. Anyone else had any luck?
  7. Lowering my Citigo

    yes, and chuck in some 17" rims and it will look even lower
  8. I want this for my Citigo

    details from Auto Express today re new 1L engine: 'The 1.0-litre unit promises 270bhp and 270Nm of torque. The secret to this is the VW Group's latest electric 'e-booster' compressors. - I want one of them in my car !! 75bhp is not enough.
  9. Stereo issue , a case of bad balance

    Adjusting balance 'the opposite way' to any normal car stereo is obviously not an issue but its not right and I have had a short period when it worked ok, it affects radio and PID so is in the AMP itself or a wiring issue. Had it at the dealer on Wed's, no fault codes shown up so they will discuss wityh SKoda and get back to me. BTW, the mechanic (tecnician???) agreed with me that its not correct. Will keep u posted.
  10. up boot floor

    I like the variable floor (have dogs) and keep fishing gear below the upper level. Upper fine for general shopping BUT the upper level is designed to drop down if you ever need the full boot space, its clever. And as mentioned already, it creates a level floor when folding the seats, a no brainer IMO.
  11. Stereo issue , a case of bad balance

    Thanks. I think the PID is OK, although its sluggish and Sat Nav has a poor interface, the touch screen is not any good at all compared to a normal phone ie being too sluggish, compare it to Sygic Nav on my iphone (or an adroid based phone) and you know what I mean. Speaker connection issue is quite possible as I have the problem with the Radio too and its intermittent, only other issue is the right amp being duff on the main unit. Will bring it in to have it checked, will report when I know whats up. Car otherwise brilliant!
  12. Hi, One month old Elegance. Stereo OK-ish with extra speaker pack but found it weird that I had to set balance of the sound to be HIGHER on the right (ie drivers) side and not the usual higher to the left, initially put this down to being a poorly designed system and direction of the speakers in the doors. MP3 music (ripped to highest setting is NOT good IMO, very tinny and clarity is lacking). Anyway just been on a 500 mile trip and had the SD card properly loaded with MP3 music and had the odd situation (ie intermittent) where suddenly to sound on the right hand side increased in volume. I put it down to the MP3 file being dodgy but it happened a few times so I checked the balance and could adjust the sound to the left (as in any other car system) ie IMO being normal. It then reverted back after a 5-10 minute period so I had to go back to the 'backward' setting again . Initialy thought it to be the MP3 but followed it up by testing the radio and same weird thing here. Looks like I have a wiring issue or the right amplifier section is not working as it should ie the output level go up and down. Has anyone else had this issue with their units? I have also seen some posts re the PID being a bit daft, mine had the odd blink during this trip but I have now decided that the sat nav is useless (ie interface is no good, too cumbersome) and will use my Sygic on the phone instead. As a info/MP3 player and phone module its about bearable (btw, why only 4 quick dial memories?).
  13. Dash Colour

    Thanks, looks like a no-no then.......
  14. Dash Colour

    The VW is supplied with various colours on the dash ie the shiny surface, can this be bought separatetly and added to the Citigo. Fancy a white one for my white car. I imagine its a 'stick-on' job over the excisting black one as I can not see VW having a completely separete design for their cars. Anyone got an idea of cost of the 2 bits that would be required. Suppose price is the only issue........ ;-(
  15. Any Elegance owners?

    My elegance light switch is shiny black but heater controls are, as you say, silver.

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