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  1. M27 J9 this morning

    I also use this junction every morning, work in Whiteley. Blue Mk II Hatch.
  2. Relay Loom for HID Kit

    The relay kit I have linked specifies 2 x 50W 8 ohm Load resistors
  3. Relay Loom for HID Kit

    Would the supplied resistors not be a safe way to fool the BCM? Isn't that their only job :peek:
  4. The Car

  5. Relay Loom for HID Kit

    Will the 50w resistors in the loom be enough to fool the car, or would you recommend some other way to do this? And where would you recommend mounting them? Which plugs would be needed? Or is spade terminals the only way to go?
  6. Relay Loom for HID Kit

    So essentially the wiring loom mimics the resistance produced by the halogen bulbs, fooling the car in to thinking the old bulbs are still in place? If it successfully does this, then I can't see a reason why this would not work, or why any coding would be needed. Someone please correct me if I am over simplifying however.
  7. As the previous thread went a little off topic, I thought I'd start a new one to try and get answers. I'm keen to get HID's (obviously) before winter kicks in, when headlights are needed for every journey As per this thread, and with help from softscoop, mikeholroyd, langers2k, paddypaws. It LOOKS like there may be a harmless way of fitting HID's without endangering the BCM. I would like someone with more electrical knowledge than me to advise whether using this Relay Kit would work, and with no risk to the BCM? Would I need anything other than this? Also, would anyone know whether any coding would need to be done to the car to let it know about the HID's, I wouldn't expect so? I have zero electrical knowledge so any help is appreciated, as ever. :beer:
  8. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if you will need to do any coding if using one of the BCM bypass kits?
  9. MkII Race Blue Octavia Hatch, Fareham

    Face Lift, in Portchester?
  10. Would the lights still need coding done if using one of those relay kits? I would assume not, as far as the car is concerned it still "see's" the halogens?
  11. Vrs price advice

    Paid just under £10k for mine, was around 18 months ago now though. 2010 DSG TDI, 50k, Sat Nav and Leather seats are the only extras. I feel I paid what it was worth, especially as I was able to trade in the Focus I managed to limp to the dealer
  12. Does anyone have HID's working with the relay kit? Going by your description, there wouldn't be any negative side affects or chance of breaking the BCM with one of those? If that's the case, why aren't more people using them?
  13. Thanks again Mike. Are there any other options other than an aftermarket HID kit. Is installing OEM doable, or just not worth the hassle?
  14. Thanks for the info Mike. I have read almost everything on this site regarding HID's on a FL, and I keep changing my mind on whether to fit them or not. I can see quite a few members who have not had any problems. Are they just the lucky ones? Or is it just the minority that have problems?

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