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  1. Alloy Paint Code

    I took car to Skoda Dealership and they did it themselves for £50.00 a wheel good result.
  2. Squeaking Suspension (I think)

    Will do as soon as they are open again, I get all my work done in Aylsford.
  3. Squeaking Suspension (I think)

    Yeah that's what I will do, I will book it in and ask them to check all my bushes and lubricate them see how much it will cost, doubt it is under warrenty. I will report back here when it's done and mark this solved if it stops the noise. I think this may definatly be the issue however, just done a run in it and when the road is saturated from rain it is not as bad and towards the end of journey stopped a little? Thanks again Kieran.
  4. Squeaking Suspension (I think)

    I am not sure I even know what an Anti-Roll bar is, problem is the sound is more from the Front right rather than in the center? I could give it a shot though what is best to spray on, WD40? Are bushes the ribbled rubber bits? Sorry for being thick Thanks again Kieran.
  5. Squeaking Suspension (I think)

    Problem is a wouldn't know how to do it. I am guessing it is not a job complicated enough to take to a garage?
  6. Squeaking Suspension (I think)

    Thanks mate, I am after the easter holiday going to call up and ask for it to be investigated again, I will mention these things to them.
  7. Hello everyone, I have an issue with my car recently. It is a 64 plate Skoda Fabia Monte-Carlo Black Edition 1.2TSI Engine. I have noticed recently that when I go over any bumps etc I get a horrible creaking/squeaking noise coming from what I am sure is the front passenger side area. It wasn't too bad at first but is now very loud at times. I took it to my Skoda dealership who investigated and replaced the top mount to my suspension, they were sure this was the issue as it has a lot of play; but upon getting it back a couple days a go I am already starting to hear it again? Any idea what this could be? Is it normal? Should I take it back for another investiagtion? Any help is much appriciated. Thanks everyone, Kieran Harvey.
  8. Alloy Paint Code

    So really is it worth all the bother or just leave it, does it go down as standard wear and tear when part /x a car? It is the 1st one i've financed, thanks for your responses.
  9. Alloy Paint Code

    Hiya, New here, but have an issue. I have a Monte Carlo black edition 64 plate skoda fabia. I have scuffed a rim quite badly and really want it repaired but I am having a really terrible time trying to find out the colour of the paint. The repair men say they need a RAL code for it. I cannot find it, I have called the parts guys at Skoda they say it's not on file. It is black but seems to have a bit of grey in there it's not a normal colour. Any help would be greatly appreiciated, it's really doing my head in :(. If required, can upload some photos. Has anyone else had the same issue and what was your soloution it looks terrible and skoda really have left me hanging on this one. It's on finance so really needs to be spot on colour wise as I plan to part exchange. Thanks, Kieran.

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