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  1. Citigo PID unit

    No issues with mine at all, it's worked since day one and been easy to use Download the Garmin Fresh application for Windows too.
  2. LED DRL's not working as side lights....

    I'll give the pins a check on Saturday and see if that helps with things. Checking the packaging, you're right. Damn & blast.
  3. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    There is this one on eBay for £36 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Auto-Headlight-Sensor-Chrome-Switch-Module-for-VW-Golf-Bora-Passat-B5-New-/282011483673?hash=item41a931be19:g:0~8AAOSwjDZYZNcn I ordered this one on eBay for £45 and it arrived surprisingly quickly - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Auto-Headlight-Head-Light-Sensor-Switch-for-VW-Bora-Golf-4-Lavida-Passat-B5-/121947033090?fits=Car+Make%3AVW|Model%3ABora&epid=1264809056&hash=item1c649c0e02:g:vaIAAOSwmNlZYvOp
  4. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    Go straight for LED's whilst you're doing the change. It's well worth it.
  5. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Silver vision swap has been done today. Front cluster looks much better for it.
  6. LED DRL's not working as side lights....

    I've tried turning them through 180 degrees and no joy. Same with the fuse, checked and all ok with no breaks. They've been swapped out a the moment for some cheap Halfords bulbs which came on, no problems. I'll get back in contact with the seller and see what they can do...
  7. The New Arrival

    Thanks WaveyDavey! Did the swap this morning and it was very straight forward.
  8. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    The black interior light sounds tasty and £28.50 is a cracking price! Cheapest on eBay is £40! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-Mk4-GTI-Anniversary-Interior-Light-Black-Bora-Leon-Cupra-Octavia-VRS-/263219609526?epid=644911950&hash=item3d491c7fb6:g:brwAAOSwbihZwrCR The LED Interior lights are great, did a swap on my light this morning and put LED's in.
  9. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Time off work so been playing with the Citigo. New interior light has been fitted today with LED Bulbs. Part from an early 2000 Seat Toledo and only cost £9.
  10. Considering A Citigo

    I don't think you can go far wrong with an Up, Citigo or Mii but you'll probably find the Citigo is the cheapest. I've had my 2013/63 Sport Version for a while now and cannot fault it. Cheap to run, cheap to insure and cheap to make my own. I went from owning two VW Fox's to an MG3 before coming back to the Citigo and haven't looked back. Despite being vertically gifted at 6ft5, it's incredibly comfortable and easy to find a good driving position. It's well worth taking one for a test drive and look at late 2016/17 models as some come with the 2017 dash at a much cheaper price... http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201708128267171
  11. So, I went for a DRL LED Upgrade from Osram but there is a problem They work brilliantly as DRL's but when I turn on side lights and headlights, they stay off. I presume I've bought bad bulbs but does anyone have any advice on what LED DRL's would work??
  12. The New Arrival

    One would presume it's a few screws and clips under the perspex panel?? Looking at doing this myself in the coming weeks.
  13. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    Cracking job on your Citigo! What headlights are these? I've got a DRL out and I'm going to use replacing it as an excuse to update the headlights?
  14. Silver 3 door decal kit - free to a good home

    Afternoon I'd be interested in this kit for my Citigo. If they're no good to the earlier posters, could you keep me informed? I'm in South Wales. Thanking you.
  15. Bargain grille for sale for someone

    Check this one out too. http://www.superskoda.com/Skoda/CITIGO/Citigo-original-Skoda-Autoas-front-grille-V2-with-INTEGRATED-FRAME Good if you want to remove the Chrome look.