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  1. Auto lights

    Had one of those installed and one day, it decided to stay on and killed my battery. Won't be putting it back in!
  2. Citigo Wind deflectors and mud guards

    That’s fair, thanks for getting back to me. If only I was closer....
  3. Citigo Wind deflectors and mud guards

    Hi Mike Would you consider Posting? Happy to pay what it takes for the mud guards
  4. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Check eBay Item number 332528063318 The seller had two sets for sale. They’re an absolute steal for the price.
  5. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Not a bad way to spend £80.... Brand new from the Mii Sport. Just need tyres and on they go
  6. Citigo nbJubilee

    I picked up replacement discs and pads from https://www.buycarparts.co.uk before paying a mobile mechanic to fit them. Cost me just over £100 for the parts and work. Much cheaper than a dealer or private garage.
  7. Citigo rear lights

    They would fit but they don't have a rear fog light as that's built in to the VW Up rear bumper. You can get these as an after market alternative
  8. Skoda Citigo Radio options help please

    I've completed a DAB Adaptor installation in my Citigo and it's been flawless since install. The kit I picked up only needed some very easy work. After removing the A PIllar trim, the aerial needs to be stuck to the metal, then to the windscreen before running the cable inside the refitted trim and through the dashboard. The excess wire is the most annoying part but some careful adhesives around the dashboard and it's as well hidden as it could be.
  9. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Couple of little bits updated on my Citigo. Some Brembo brake pads installed, alongside new vented discs. Installed a DAB Adapter with a Brodit dashboard mount.
  10. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    Plenty to keep you busy with the Octavia then! There's always something to buy here http://www.superskoda.com/Skoda/OCTAVIA-III/Lightning/ but doesn't seem there are smoked rear clusters available. Super Skoda have some lovely 18 inch Neptune Alloys but they're expensive!
  11. LED DRL's not working as side lights....

    I took them out in early October and put standard bulbs back in. Sorry Max, haven't got any other information to add at present.
  12. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    Everytime I see the smoked clusters on your Citigo, it makes me more determined to locate a set! Both are cracking cars
  13. Citigo PID unit

    No issues with mine at all, it's worked since day one and been easy to use Download the Garmin Fresh application for Windows too.
  14. LED DRL's not working as side lights....

    I'll give the pins a check on Saturday and see if that helps with things. Checking the packaging, you're right. Damn & blast.
  15. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    There is this one on eBay for £36 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Auto-Headlight-Sensor-Chrome-Switch-Module-for-VW-Golf-Bora-Passat-B5-New-/282011483673?hash=item41a931be19:g:0~8AAOSwjDZYZNcn I ordered this one on eBay for £45 and it arrived surprisingly quickly - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Auto-Headlight-Head-Light-Sensor-Switch-for-VW-Bora-Golf-4-Lavida-Passat-B5-/121947033090?fits=Car+Make%3AVW|Model%3ABora&epid=1264809056&hash=item1c649c0e02:g:vaIAAOSwmNlZYvOp

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