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  1. Traffic Programme

    Morning All, I've been in my office a lot lately, this is a 50 mile trip from my house near Chester to my office in Farnworth, Bolton. I have the TP on during my journey to get the latest traffic reports from BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Merseyside as it's very helpful. However I keep getting reports from BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Sheffield even though I have the navigation on and I'm not going anywhere near these areas. On the way home I get both Leeds and Sheffield reports even though I'm driving the opposite way. Is there any way to remove certain radio stations from the TP programme? Thanks - Rob
  2. 3.6 V6 vs TSi

    Thank you but doesn't seem to be. There are a couple of options I want, so it's just a question of waiting for the right one comes up. One of them is the Panoramic Sunroof!
  3. 3.6 V6 vs TSi

    Unfortunately they have sold it.....................
  4. 3.6 V6 vs TSi

    I also prefer the Mk2 over the Mk3. With my annual mileage at 22,000 I think I'd need to buy my own petrol station!
  5. Michelin Crossclimate tyres

    I took the plunge last year and bought four for my Superb (225/40/18), noticed a slight increase in noise level but put that down to the tread pattern, anyway it's quietened down or I've got used to it. Overall, the performance of the tyre seems to be very good, even in the awful rain we have been having they perform really well. Fuel economy hasn't decreased overall and the wear rates are impressive. Still lots of life left in the fronts after 18,000 miles. It was a bit of a catch your breath moment when they were fitted, I seem to remember a bill for £560 including a 4 wheel alignment.
  6. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    At the bottom of your post you should see Quote and then next to it is Edit, click that...
  7. Annoying Creaking/Ticking Noise

    Luckily it was repairable with the help of what was described as a "Mushroom Plug"
  8. It's the button to the left of the A/C button as seen here:
  9. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    I will be interested to hear how you get on with it. Did you get a manual or DSG?
  10. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    No gulp needed Nige, you'll really enjoy the car. Which engine did you get in the end?
  11. Annoying Creaking/Ticking Noise

    That's pretty poor show from the garage concerned and I agree with the person who dropped the stuff in the first place - very annoying. This is the second one, it's the O/S/R, I had one in the O/S/F and it looked remarkably similar to this one. Some people down my road are having some building work done and there's a skip outside their house, maybe worth a walk tonight!
  12. 3.6 V6 vs TSi

    Hi All, Did the Mk2 L&K Estate model have the TSi engine fitted. I can only seem to find diesels and a reference to the 3.6 V6 petrol. Is the V6 horribly expensive to run verses the TSi? Thanks - Rob
  13. Noticed a really annoying creaking/ticking noise this morning on the way to work. Checked the storage lockers on each side of the boot when I filled up with petrol, back on the road I turned down Mr Evans Breakfast Show, opened the window and there was a much louder ticking sound. When I got into my office car park I found a big lump of metal embedded in my finest Michelin Cross Climate............I apologise for the quality of the picture....
  14. Wiper Blades

    Personally I picked up a set of Michelin Stealth Hybrid blades from Costco, have the right adapters for the Mk 2 Superb and cost £7.59 each including VAT. No issues with the fitting and they work really well
  15. 4x4 or Not

    Were they "locking!" ;-)

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