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  1. Kodiaq vRS in development

    put a V8 Tdi with 435bhp and I think they'd be onto a winner! Where do I sign?
  2. Initial annoyances - Do you have the same ?

    two months in and the only very slight bug bear with ours is the engine start stop kicks in a touch too early when you pull up to a junction so if its clear theres a a delay as the engine kicks in again.
  3. Trade-in with new car

    Our dealer predicted what the car would be worth at the point of delivery and that was what the deal was based on. I ended up selling our trade in to Evans Halshaw for £1200 more and £1000 more than we buy any car.
  4. Skoda Connect - Speed Limit Exceeded

    Also why can't you track a moving vehicle you can with the Mercedes Me app
  5. Initial annoyances - Do you have the same ?

    Thats strange the Columbus system doesn't seem to do that in ours
  6. Falling out of love with ECO Mode

    Our new one has just 300miles on the clock achieved well over 45mpg over a weekend trip to Wales with it mostly in Normal and the odd flick to sport mode (150ps diesel DSG). mixed motorway and fast A-roads. since the first fill up it achieved 39mpg which is with 6 miles to and from work for the wife. For such a new engine which will be as tight as a drum I'm pleasantly surprised. Her Kuga AWD only achieved 38-39 over the same journey with 22000 on the clock. I've always found ECO mode hard work (same on my Merc) it just affects the urgency too much for me
  7. Skoda Connect?

    I got a Three 12Gb 12 month prepay data sim from Amazon for £30
  8. Falling out of love with ECO Mode

    ECO mode AKA the fun police!
  9. Colours and spec changes - Oct onwards

    Very popular but the mrs wanted something different and in the process dropped lucky I guess!
  10. Colours and spec changes - Oct onwards

    We ordered our factory build on 20th August and its coming on Monday or Tuesday next week. Though I think we may have dropped lucky and the spec we ordered was in the queue already they quoted 3 months when we ordered it.
  11. Delivery time

    She didn't quite get free rein she chose the Triglav wheels, leather, beige interior and petrol blue exterior and the ambient light pack. She still hasn't actually seen one on the road apart from at the dealers!
  12. Delivery time

    That’s what I keep telling her!
  13. Delivery time

    Received a phone call on Friday, apparently its in the country just waiting for transport to the dealer so expected within the next 8-10 working days at the dealer. Can't Wait!
  14. Interior alarm monitoring button gone !

    For the rare time I'd leave the dog in the car its perhaps not such a bad thing
  15. Delivery time

    Received an emailed video from Warrington Skoda today to say that the wife's car is built and waiting for transport from the factory onto the boat etc! How long does this normally take before we can expect to collect it from the dealer? She's bristling with excitement and i need to think about what to do with her Kuga!

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