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  1. Two questions

    My wife is getting the Kodiaq and she carries our kids - My bad! That aside getting young kids in and out of a taller car is much easier on the back in an SUV rather than a saloon or estate also loading the boot of an SUV is a lot easier too. Oh and theres the driving position. Also the Kodiaq looks awesome, modern, chunky and different to most competition.
  2. DSG - 2nd gear

    Unless all of your driving is uphill I'm sure it won't be an issue. Running at one engine speed can be as bad as running it to the red line. My Mercedes was the same but let the auto box do its thing. Have you tried the ECO mode? That will have it shuffling about to reduce engine speed too.
  3. Now it's a skip truck

  4. LED lamps are good

    Has yours got the adaptive front lights? We haven't got ours yet but wasn't sure whether this is the beam that adjusts to the road types? If so how do you find it is it any good?
  5. Hello and thanks

    Hi, I just wanted to say hello and thank you all for such a knowledgeable forum. We put a deposit down yesterday on a Kodiaq SE-L 2.0Tdi DSG which we are really looking forward to taking delivery of in the coming months. In the past I have had numerous German cars and numerous VAG cars so it's no surprise the Kodiaq is built as well as it is and the spec is brilliant for the price. I have no doubt I will be dipping in and out of here doing research asking questions etc! Nick